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Leave your headcanons at the door.


Upon being banished to the moon, Nightmare Moon found that she was able to communicate with Discord, also sealed away as a statue.

The two despise one another, but compared to an endless monotony, even two hated foes would rather talk with one another. Over time, Discord and Nightmare Moon begin to fall in love, right up until tragedy strikes.

Day 5 of my Self-Imposed 31 Fics in 31 Days Challenge. Also written for Monthly Shipfics.

Art by LunacordLover, used with permission.

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Okay, I never thought of this as a possible pairing, but with your expert use of emotions you made it work so well. Still may be a Celesticord shipper, but this was a excellent tale.:moustache:

Yeesh. If i didn't ship Fluttercord with all my heart, I think you almost might have turned me over to Lunacord.

If I didn't ship Twicord, man. Lunacord would be next on my list.

Damn, this was so cute.

There's a very strange feeling of glee and annoyance when you read someone who had the same exact idea you did. I had that the moment I read the description.

Albeit, mine was going to be AU as oppose to "Could be canon" scenario. Still, very well done. Lunacord and....NightmareCord? NightCord? Either way, they're both massive entertaining to think about.

Wow you should do more please :twilightsmile:

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh why is this so goooooddd

Fucking needs a sequel 10/10 IGN

I like how this entire comments section is, "I ship [InsertPonyNameHere] with Discord."


How amusing the first three comments were basically 'If I didn't ship Discord with some other pony already, this would be my favorite Discord pairing now!' Thanks for the (sort-of) compliment :moustache:

7458396 Well, this is technically AU, insofar as Make New Friends and Keep Discord and What About Discord? obviously wouldn't happen now, but up to the end of Season 4 there's nothing that necessarily contradicts this from having happened.

Great fic. Nice reasonning on why the elements worked the 2nd time on discord

noice. So glad there was a happy ending.

Wouldn't want to be sad now, would we?


‘Woah, not so fast their, Luna,’ Discord said. ‘Break me out first, then we’ll talk about m-marriage.’

Nightmare Moon rolled her eyes. ‘Stallions.’

:rainbowlaugh: This entire story has been funny in a weird way so far, but that part made me laugh out loud. Discord actually getting flustered over something is always funny somehow.

That was a neat read, for being so short. Honestly, this is a story I could see work well in long form. It would take a bit of refactoring - Discord and Luna simply interact too little until the very end - but I think this is a good rough outline to a proper romantic story. You could really do something with this.

Heh. No one ever thinks to ship Discord and Luna/Nightmare Moon. This is a really good fanfic! Wish there were more chapters...

And here I was playing with the idea of Luna being shipped with Discord before I stumble onto this little gem of a story. Not a shipper by nature but the story was enjoyable nonetheless.

I won't just consider an upvote. I will favourite, save and treasure it because it was a beautiful story about a unique ship I didn't see before and wich worked perfectly while giving some moments in the show a new meaning. It was cute. It was glorious and I loved it. Looking forward to your other challenge stories. :twilightsmile:

Sequel, please? :fluttercry:

When I opened this tab the up‐vote–to–down‐vote ratio was 19:4. Having finally gotten around to reading this in its entirety and having added my own it’s now 101:6. I can’t help but think that a lot of those initial down‐votes were more than a little knee jerk‐y because this was incredibly heartwarming. Maybe they got to the part where the Elements suppressed Luna’s memories of Nightmare Moon’s interactions with Discord and felt the same despair I did but didn’t soldier on and get the happy ending?

Best ending

You actually wrote it. Crap. Now I have to read it. How dare you.

-Sanity is Overrated

The idea is nice but the writing could have been better.
Condensing so many scenes into a single chapter isn't really that good an idea. It makes the story feel rushed and unfilled. Most turning points in the story just simply passed by without much depiction, the emotions and changes occurred to the characters are told but not described. Midway through the story I did feel a little bit touched, but the poorly paced narration abruptly ruined it. The characterizations have room for improvement too.
All in all, the idea is really nice, but right now it looks more like a draft than a completed story. I believe that reducing some scenes or extending the whole story will certainly make it better. That said, it is still a nice piece, good work.

*reads title* ...No. Pretty much the opposite.

10/10, would ship again.

I loved this story:pinkiehappy: I honestly would of been mad if Luna never remembered :ajbemused: I hope there's a sequel

Feels like it needs a short epilogue where Celestia walks in on Luna and Discord making out.

Thank you sir. Of all -cord shippings I have seen, this is the best.

Headcanon Accepted.

I really don't understand why this comment received so many downvotes, because it sums up neatly what weaknesses I also see with this story: it is a fun and cute outline for a romantic story that would work much better in a less constrained format. What issues it has come mostly from trying to fit so much into so little space and covering so much time in not really enough words.

‘Woah, not so fast their, Luna,’


returned home from the soon.


it had decided now to weaken of all times

added a word

scold him some more fur his escapades


Neigh, I did not inform my sister.


My OTP is in this story! X3



That's one I've not encountered before. I like it!!

Hardcore Fluttercord shipper here, but I really liked this. I can totally see how Nightmare Moon and Discord might relate. Both are trapped, motionless and forced to watch Celestia's doings without being able to influence it, and both were hurt by her. Even after being redeemed, and finally remembering, I can certainly see Luna still loving Discord. After all, he was her only comfort for over a thousand years, and she formed something more than friendship with him. Still, FLUTTERCORD! However, I place this fic BEFORE he fell in love with Flutters.


Simple: people have a right to disagree or agree with an opinion. So instead of commenting, they vote on the opinion.

Thanks, wlam. Your comment was much deeper though.

That was heartbreaking, yet so freaking adorable of an ending. i loved it!

I think this chapter is very interesting to read keep up a good work question will there be a sequel to the story just wanted to know update more soon :twilightsmile:

4321 #37 · Aug 8th, 2016 · · 1 ·

this fic made me a Lunacord shipper... God damn it.

Oh god.... Another shipping between former sworn enemies..... Oh goody. :ajbemused:

Some people say it's a good idea. It maybe somewhat competently written. But I don't like it. It's not the sort of thing I like.

Hmmm... I ship to many ponies with Discord. Fluttershy, Celestia, and Luna... Which is the best ship?

This story was AMAZING!! It had be squeeing and jumping up and down.


If you don't like the concept, then why are you even commenting here?

I've never read a Lunacord story, so I was quiet surprised when this came up in featured. But wow, you did a terrific job. I loved how you went from different times during the show, from how NM got banished, to how Discord got reformed. I think I might become a Lunacord shipper after this story. It was so adorable and they make a great pairing, considering that they both have something in common with both of their pasts.


...Then what the hell's the point of this story if he just falls in love with Fluttershy anyway?

7460729 After taking a bit of time to consider what you said, I have to agree whole heartily. The only thing that should be remembered however, is this is a draft. I know for a fact that Empy posted it as it was finished, and that it never received any refinement.

Didn't Discord hide the elements? He didn't seem to know in this story.

7465342 No no no, you just don't understand. This guy wants a harem with Discord, Luna, and Fluttershy. And maybe Celestia too. How about the entire mane 6, for good measure!

Man I really hate harems.

I think at that point, it's really just an orgy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

7465304 Because I needed to get it out. Don't get me wrong, it's well done if a bit rushed. It's just that I this is getting more popular and than the concept demands people are insane shippers. This whole concept kinda depends on the whole them only being able to communicate with each other, basically being forced to fall in love through a factor of them being so alone.... This is actually well done with the well established use of emotions, but this ship is somewhat on the far fetched side without the long distance telepathy.....

And in any case, it's called the "comment" section, not the "gushing praise" section. Just because a comment is critical of the story concept doesn't mean it doesn't belong here.

Shipping isn't really for me at all and never has been in MLP, but I really enjoyed this. Was so well written.

Well done, my dear author. :moustache:

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