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Celestia is worried about her sister; Luna talks to herself constantly and refuses to go beyond the palace walls if she can help it. Thinking a kindred spirit will help, Celestia (with much additional persuasion from Fluttershy) asks Discord to spend an evening with Luna to get her to open up, even if just a little.

And much like anything involving Discord, almost none of it goes well.

Co-written by: Marcibel

Proofread by: Moldyshishkabob

Cover art by DuskyAmore

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 17 )

I could see this becoming a story...


This story was very well written. The way you portrayed the two characters was great. I could see this becoming an actual episode.

Congrats on the feature!

You got featured, Arctic! Congratulations!

And the story is good, the characters were well writtten and enjoyable. Great job. :twilightsmile:

Thank you, glad that you enjoyed it^^ Marcibel and I had lots of fun writing it.

Alondro #6 · May 22nd, 2017 · · 1 ·

A Celestia that NOTICES her sister is having some trouble?

Absurd! The show has CLEARLY demonstrated that Celly is about as perceptive as the typical teenage twit complaining about how hard her life is!

(It may be subtle, but there are hints in this comment that indicated Alondro found the recent episode on the Royal Sisters... just slightly a whole lot unsatisfactory.)


Like, but, damn, it's too short! Some people write millions of words to get one like...

Joe is like the bartender. Everybody passes through his establishment at some point, so he gets rather blase about royalty, gods, and escaped Tartarus convicts.

That picture makes me want to ship them, even if it's just a "buddy cop" ship. :twilightsmile:

Corrections offered without malice.


publicly is the usual spelling.

on Discords shoulders,


your sisters every word,


Living as a statute


Thank you^^ Seems like we missed a few

Not bad, but I think it can continue as Discord and Luna get more friendly.

If it's a buddy cop ship would that make it a patrol boat?

“I have my secrets, strange as that may seem. And as the word ‘blackmail’ entails, it's something I would rather keep private.” Discord retorted, taking a more serious tone.

Discord wanted nopony to know he'd once had his flank handed to him by a bald, pale ape wearing a yellow jumpsuit and white cape.


Slowly but surely, a bubbly laugh started growing from deep within his chest. Soon everypony nearby could hear the laughter that emanated from the small park, hidden between two apartment buildings.

Discord's fiendish Master Plan was proceeding exactly as he had foreseen!

 out was spend terrorizing


it on my anyway


This was adorable. I love it.

Wow, this was a fantastic read!

The flow felt super smooth and the characters are written perfectly. I hadn't read a Discord and Luna fic in my years of being here and after this, the bar for others is super high! Great work!

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