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Welcome to Monthly Shipfics!

This group is to inspire people to write more shipfics! The first of every month will feature a new ship, and you'll have until the end of the month to get it published. It can be any length and any rating. When each new month rolls in, you'll have a full month to write that ship.

Please read the Rules of the Group!

Luna x Discord!

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409241 You'll only get a notification in your feed if you keep the stock settings. If you have a story, publish it on the website and when it goes up, add it to the appropriate folder. If you have trouble, send me a private message.

Ok so this is the first group I have joined so I am a little raw on this. Will I be getting a notification or something about what the ship of the month is, and how do I go about properly submitting it? Do I just publish it like usual or what?

I hope you do soarindash again soon!

408021 Heh, thanks for the reminder! I made the folders.

Apologies for pestering. I have a story finished and approved with this month's couple, but there does not seem to be a folder for them yet.

407220 Alright, thanks. It's still taking shape in my head, and it's sort of in between since there's definitely a Twiluna romantic relationship/interest involved, just as mentioned not necessarily one that works out.

I'll post it if it ends up close enough to qualify, but most likely it won't. Oh well.

407218 That won't fit here, sorry. It has to be only TwiLuna, and it has to be actual romantic shipping.

407207 Ah, okay.

How strict is the romance requirement, as opposed to friend shipping? The story I have in mind is sort of a love triangle thing. It's focused on the relationship between Luna and Twilight, but they won't necessarily get together in the end.

407189 You simply put your story into the correct folder.

So, how do we go about submitting them?

Woot TwiLuna this gonna be good!

Comment posted by Shakespearicles deleted Feb 2nd, 2016

I love the group banner...

406456 Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi. (EQG Twilight)

Any chance of Sci-Shimmer months?

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