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  • TThe Most Chaotic Date Ever!!!
    It's been years since Celestia and Discord's first Grand Galloping Gala together after the chaos master's reform (and his confession of love). Their friendship has blossomed. But now Celestia has something to confess. How will Discord respond?
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Featured! :yay:

Note: Story takes place between seasons 4 and 5 (and was drafted prior to knowledge of "Make New Friends but Keep Discord".)

Discord’s miffed that Princess Celestia doesn’t seem to have extended him a ticket to the Gala—he thought they were friends! (Though maybe he understands a little, considering his recent betrayal, even if he did make things right in the end). However, when she shows up to not only give him his ticket in person but to ask him to be her personal escort for the evening, Discord is surprised (and then smugly satisfied) to say the least…that is until Rarity decides that Celestia’s invitation was clearly her asking Discord out on a date.

Discord dismisses the idea however as he has plenty of other things on his mind at the moment—ponies at the Gala will certainly be talking about Tirek, and how can he face their questions when guilt about what he did is bothering him so much that he can’t even talk about his mistake with his friends? And what is he supposed to do now with his life since he’s finally fully reformed?

Pretty soon Discord’s worries spill over into his dreams—many random dreams…and many random dreams specifically about Celestia. What is his subconscious trying to tell him? And why does Celestia keep trying to get closer to him? It’s all leading up to the most chaotic night ever when Discord will show up at the Gala arm in arm with Celestia and ready to face the world as the ‘REFORMED reformed’ Discord!

(Featured fall 2015, and spring & summer 2016 :raritystarry:)

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I like this. Most current-Dislestia fics fall flat for me because they either jump right over the whole "we spent thousands of years trying to kill each other" and go right to the snugglebunnies, or they come across as extremely childish. This one is a lot of fun because you have the Mane 6 being extremely childish, which they are (yes, they're adult mares, but they are very, very teenage sometimes), and Discord and Celestia trying to be grownups, but the fact that Discord is himself emotionally stunted from centuries without so much as having had a friend isn't helping, and ponykind in general being teenage gossips (which they are -- that's quite realistic for how we've observed ordinary ponies behaving)... and you're doing a gradual buildup of the whole Dislestia thing, while remaining in character. That's a nice change from what I usually see.

What a beautiful piece! You portray the struggles Discord has to overcome well, especially after his involvement with Tirek but true reformation. The interactions with the mane six were also a delight to read! This feels like an episode to me, or at least a comic.

5556636 Thank you so much, I'm glad you like how I'm presenting things :) I really want this story to be almost a character study of Discord post-season 4 considering everything he went through and how it must have affected him, so I hope you'll like everything to come. Thanks again for the review!

5556600 Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying the story :) I understand what you mean--most of the fics I've found either assume that they had a full blown romantic relationship in the past and so they have them picking up right where they left off, or they just suddenly have them decide to come together in the present, which lets you get to the romance quickly but doesn't always feel believable. But I want this story to mostly focus on Discord's reform issues and, like you said, gradually build up into anything romantic between him and Celestia. I really want to write out how I think they might be as two adults with an awkward past just trying to be friends before the thought of anything else occurs to them. So I hope you'll continue to like where things go from here :) Thanks again for the review!

5557120 Of course! Discord is a fun character to explore (and it makes me kind of wonder what they plan to do with him in the actual show)--although I would imagine he might go through similar thought processes to the ones you are bringing up here.

5557594 Yeah, I've been wondering about what they'll do with Discord from here on out myself. He's my favorite character, and even though I know it'll never be like last season where we got five episodes with him in it, I'm hoping we'll at least get an ep or two to see how he handles things now :twilightsmile: There's just so much there to work with when it comes to him after all.

5557620 Same here! Discord as a character has a lot of heart to him, especially nowadays. He kind of reminds me of one version of Coyote from folklore, where he gets into mischief of various kinds (many times coming out on top, but sometimes winding up on the wrong end of a prank or learning a lesson in the process) but has friends and a nice spirit.

Finally a fic that portrays a potential relationship with these in character and realistically. You handle everyone's character pretty well here. And I'm loving how you're detailing out Discord's struggles post-reform.

5557780 That sounds like a really good comparison for him. I really do hope they continue to address his character in future episodes. Even if he's completely reformed now, there still have to be a few more bumps and interesting lessons for him to experience as he finally settles into Equestrian society.

5560690 Thank you so much, I'm very glad you're enjoying the story and Discord's portrayal :twilightsmile: I'll do my best to keep things as realistic and in character as possible for the future updates.

5561758 Definitely! Discord is far from perfect, though now he'll probably be far more open to learning friendship lessons and similar from his pony friends. They can explore more territory involving what magic or skills he has to lend them. In the comics, he took Fluttershy and the CMC on a trip through space and time! So I can only imagine the crazy adventures that might ensue when he gets involved from this point onwards.

5562601 Exactly! Rather than his final reform being the end of his journey, it's kind of just the start :) And you make a good point about the comics at least attempting to show a side adventure with him. Even if we don't get too many more Discord episodes, I'd love to see a few more comics dedicated to him. Have you ever read the Friends Forever one with Fluttershy and Zecora? He makes a cameo in there, and it's really well done, I'd definitely recommend it :twilightsmile:

5562809 Oh, yes! I've been mostly keeping up with all the MLP: FIM comics so far, especially the ones where Discord shows up (they're my favorites, actually). His discussion with Zecora was also telling, although Zecora is another character I'd love to see them explore more as well. :pinkiehappy:

wow this story is very cool :D
im so looking forward into it :P

5564411 The Discord comics are my favorites too! I hope they do more of them. And I'd like to see Zecora more as well. She's such an interesting character, but we know almost nothing about her past. And I liked how they paired her and Fluttershy together for Friends Forever--the two of them really do seem like they'd have a lot to relate about since they both have a special connection with nature. And I'd also love to learn a little more about why there's so much static between Discord and Zecora. There's definitely a story there too :raritywink:

5564980 Thanks, I hope you like what's to come! And thank you so much for favoriting :twilightsmile:

5568276 That's very true. Hopefully, there will be more on Zecora in Season 5. In truth, I kind of wonder if Applebloom might not help her out more in the near future, given their interactions in the past and the possibility that Applebloom might have a talent for potion-making (or, at least, if she gets better at the type of concoctions brewed in "Twilight Time").

But there is definitely a lot of territory they could cover, especially regarding the Everfree Forest. We'll have to see. ^_^

5569065 Yeah, hopefully we'll at least get some kind of Zecora ep next season. And you're right, it would be nice to see her helping Apple Bloom or even the CMC in general :)

5569606 Definitely. Did you happen to see the recipe poster released by Hasbro that showed the CMC with cutie marks?

5571570 No, but I remember a while back there were some images of a few toys floating around where the CMC had cutie marks, but I don't think anyone was really sure whether that meant they were going to get their Cutie Marks soon or if it was just the toyline wanting to make them look like the other characters that have cutie marks. I wonder if it's something they're going to be addressing in season 5?

5580357 Yeah. I'm also not too sure what they plan to do on that point. Getting their Cutie Marks was kind of the end goal for the CMC, so if the creative team went in this direction they would have to give them something new to do. Of course, the series seems to be showing the slow progression of how the characters are developing into stronger individuals--so maybe the CMC receiving their Cutie Marks would become a way to show how time has passed and they are growing up.

5580403 What I think might be a good compromise is maybe Babs coming to visit and having her cutie mark. I just think it would be interesting to see how they'd deal with the change, and it might get them to thinking about how actually getting their cutie marks (one or all three of them) might change the dynamic of their own friendship. And also, I'd just like another Babs appearance at some point, cutie mark or no cutie mark :twilightsmile:

5586030 That would be an awesome episode idea! I mean, even if the CMC do get their cuties marks during Season 5, it is probably unlikely they would get them at the same time. So that would be an interesting way to show their progression and how such a thing would affect their friendships. And, I also agree that another Babs Seed episode is much-needed. :heart:

5587474 Aw, thanks, I'm glad you like the idea :twilightsmile: Even if we just get the same old Babs Seed to come around again though, that's perfectly fine with me. I haven't gotten around to reading her recent "Friends Forever" comic but I'm dying to check it out!

5587540 Me too! It's one of the few I haven't gotten to read, but it looks so promising!

I couldn't agree more with both of you. This fic has instantly made it upon my favourite Discord fics!
Though I normally prefer the more mysterious and wise version of him and generally am more of a FlutterCord fan I find to be written wonderfully.

It's going so smooth and the characters don't feel off at all. Discord is absolutely believable and I have rarely seen his inner monologue being so well balanced. Either it was far too orderly or far to nonsensical (which always made it tiresome to read to some extend).

I will admit, that I find him to be bordering on being too tame very strongly but I guess that's okay, as it is this close after the Tirek incident.
As for his interactions with Celestia, I can only praise it. I have to agree with Alarajrogers here that it is very well balanced and I do like it very much, that you let it come off as so natural and not forced at all. They are truly feeling comfortable around each other and do like each others personalities.
As for Celestia's character I have special praise, since I find her character even more complex to write then Discords.
Whereas for Discord the line is pretty clear, I have seen many different versions of Celly. Everyone of that good in it's own way. But they differ greatly which is hurting my (and likely others, as well) ability to form a consistent headcanon for her.

I have seen her as manipulator, as ignorant but benevolent motherly-ruler, as wise and mildly impish but far too stiff diarch, and finally as close to god-like super ruler.

Personally I like those versions most in which she is shown to actually be a real person and to possess her own wants and needs, where she is shown to not be as calm because of her decorum but rather because she really is relaxed and knows what really is important and what not.
Shortly I like those versions most in which she's less of a ruler and more of a mother, but not a matriarch, those versions where she is shown to be vulnerable but at the same time shown to possess the strength of character to overcome possible hurt instead of just being a wall of stone.

Even shorter: I like well balanced versions.
Okay I may have digressed a little bit now, since we haven't seen that much of her in your fic yet but what I have seen I do like very much. It shows her not to be ignorant towards change and stuck in her mask but having humour and actually liking Discord's antics for the fresh air he's bringing into her life. Your version of her reflects this favourite headcanon of mine exceptionally good and for this I want to thank you.

On another account concerning Discord. What always make me wary of how to judge a version of him is whenever he's shown to be in emotional turmoil. That might seem paradox as it is the very thing I do like to see in Celestia but for Discord it easily twists one his core character traits (at least in my headcanon) into nothingness. Namely his millenia of experience as manipulator and his wisdom.
Old as he is, it is believable for him to never have had any social interactions and therefore having been perceived as evil, although he never really was. But adjusting to this (if though big) addition to his life should not make him a total beginner in understanding himself and/or others. So far you have shown him to be very perceptive of himself and of others. I like that.

Okay, end of overly long comment^^

I'm looking forward to the next chapters and am very positively surprised to have found a DisLestia Fic this good. :twilightsmile:

Liked, fav'd and put into 'Outstanding' for the fantastic character dynamic between Discord and Celly.

5591810 I’m apologizing in advance for the length of this comment. :twilightsheepish:I swear, this is just me and how I respond to things—I once got a half a letter grade taken off in high school on a story because I made it three times the length it was supposed to be. ^^

Anyway, thank you so much Ozymandias42, I’m so happy you’re finding my fic enjoyable. :twilightsmile: I’m especially glad to hear you think I’m capturing Discord’s character well—to me he is possibly the most complex figure that the show has created, and the most mysterious in many ways. And if I’ve even come close to staying true to a version of his character, I’m very happy and grateful.

I’m also glad that you’re finding the character interactions believable as well. I really want to use this story to explore how Discord might relate to the people in his life following the Tirek incident and how much that clearly impacted him. I was very stuck by the sincere degree of remorse that the writers gave him toward the end of the last season finale—how he didn’t just seem annoyed that he had gotten double crossed or like he was apologetic but in a cheeky ‘Hey, everyone makes mistakes right?’ kind of way. There actually seemed to be shame there, which is an emotion we had never seen in him before and one that up until that point had seemed unable to mesh with his usual confident, arrogant, somewhat cocky character. That experience for him and how he learns to process it is a very big part of what I want to explore with this fic as well.

I’m glad you’ve found him perceptive so far, and I agree—even if he’s never been close with anyone before, just having been alive for centuries (if not millennia—pre-stone, of course) and being a cunning and experienced manipulator would make him able to adapt to social situations quickly. There are a few subtler conventions of things that I’m planning to have him stumble over a little, but since a large point of this fic is exploring how Discord will adapt to fully integrating into Equestrian society, I hope those moments will add to the story instead of taking away from the presentation of his character at all.

If you’re looking for Celestia as a real person, I can’t be sure of course, but I think you’ll like overall what’s to come with her in this story (I’ve got about 80% of it written out in draft form, so most of the major character development is already set). I want to use her friendship with Discord to show a more down to earth side of who she is since he’s in the position of being one of the few friends she has who doesn’t automatically call her princess and bow to her every time they see each other. He’s also not afraid to see her flaws, even if in the past he’s only pointed them out sarcastically or exaggerated them a little. And he’s ‘immortal’ and very powerful as well, which further levels the playing field between them. I think even if these two don’t get together romantically, they could still develop a very close and personal friendship that would be good for both of them in a lot of ways.

As for Discord potentially being too tame…I can’t say for certain how you’ll react to the rest of his actions throughout this story. Without giving too much away, basically I think the Tirek experience and that deep moment of shame (or at least regret) it gave him would make him a little ‘gun shy’, at least at first, regarding how far he’s willing to spread his chaos around Equestria (for most of the duration of this fic, at least, which ends up being about a month between chapter one and when the Gala’s finally over).

That being said, Discord will be confronting his natural desires not just to spread chaos and manipulate situations around him, but also some darker compulsions as well. I don’t think Discord was ever a one hundred percent, pure ‘evil’ villain, but I do think his obnoxiousness and selfishness went beyond merely amusing himself sometimes. I think he took a certain twisted pleasure from the strife and anguish he caused. Also, when he first returned, the way he spoke to Celestia and the girls seemed disturbing in a way. Honestly, John de Lancie’s performance and Discord’s words still give me weird chills when I watch that scene. Underneath the jokes, he seemed angry in a kind of frightening way. Idk, I could always be reading too much into it, but still something about that first Discord scene always sticks with me. Anyway, thinking over his quick willingness to join Tirek, Discord’s going to be confronting/denying that darker shade of who he is as he attempts to reconcile being a good person now with just how bad he could be as a villain. There are some dreams, there’s a lot of Luna involvement… It does get emotional, but I try to express/explain it in a realistic way and I’ll try to keep as close to Discord’s true nature as possible of course. I figure he’s going through a major personal change, and with a large social event looming where potentially every guest is going to have something to say (good, bad, or in between) about his recent behavior, it’s going to be a source of concern for him and something that dramatic (and still slightly self-absorbed) Discord builds up a lot in his mind.

I hope all of that was helpful/interesting to you, and thank you again for your thoughtful and engaging comment :pinkiehappy:

And I have to thank you the same for your enlightening and exhaustive reply.
Also, I agree with you an the first scene. He really had a very angry undertone when he said he does not turn ponies into stone.
I personally thought that to be one of the most important scenes to the introduction of his character, as with this he made absolutely clear that he might be a being of chaos and manipulation maybe even someone who takes, as you put it, a twisted pleasure in messing with ponies but he NEVER has been one to actually hurt anyone or bring real pain to them.

As for his betrayal I had the feeling that it didn't really suit his character, at least not the way it happened. It may have been smoothed a bit later -narratively speaking- by his remorse which on that route I think to be a good and believable way to develop his character BUT in general I don't think his betrayal integrates into his character at all. Especially if we take the one constant into account that he defined for himself at the beginning. He would never hurt anypony. Yet he did by siding with Tirek. That's a somewhat of a inconsistency to his character if you ask me. Anyway all in all it worked out anyway and I like how many fics, yours especially, take this basis and work with it.
After all it is only because of his betrayal and henceforth his remorse that can write such fics as yours with him without him becoming OOC. In this way it's a good thing.

I think I will enjoy your story very very much and I trust you that none of the characters will be to my displeasure. You have a pretty good style with your narrative and as long as it stays consistent you can do pretty much anything you want with the characters. (Within certain boundaries).

Also if you like to discuss any character or the dynamic between two characters in more detail, I'd be delighted if you'd send me a PM, as I don't think the comments of a story to be the right place for this much text.

5591810 What a wonderful review and insightful comments! And I agree. I cannot wait to see how Discord and Celestia continue to develop over the course of the coming chapters. ;3

5592113 Sure, I'll private message you to continue my reply :twilightsmile: Thanks for letting me know that you can do that btw--I'm still getting used to posting on this site so I'm kind of learning the features as I go along ^^

I just want to be a good guy, yet I also want to turn the grass into frosting and the seas into soda pop and the sun itself into a disco ball!

Sea into soda pop! That one! Make it Diet and DO IT NOW! :pinkiecrazy:
Uh...Please? :twilightblush:

Okay, I´m loving this, you´re really good at writing Discord, this is exactly how he´ll react, not to mention he makes me laugh

5601490 Lol, yeah, I'm with Pinkie Pie from "The Return of Harmony" when all she wanted to do was go play in the chocolate rain--random villain who turns everything into delicious snacks? Maybe not such a bad guy to have around. And now that he's their friend, why not make every day a delicious day in Equestria? :pinkiehappy:

5602071 Thank you, I'm glad you're liking my take on his character :twilightsmile:

that was an AMAAAAAAZING chapter O____O
oh my god
im enjoying this more and more

Nice chapter. Things get rolling and Discord has come to terms with the situation and seems to have found his way of dealing with it.
The pacing was well balanced and overall I think it had just the right length.
Also I like how mature you let him handle it. It wouldn't be him if he were to let his actions be dictated to much by his emotions.

I hope you had as much fun writing as I had reading and wish you at least as much fun with the next chapter

P.S.: Thanks btw. for following me, Azure. :twilightsmile:

5662137 Thanks, Ozy, I’m glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile: Yeah, he’s going to be starting slow trying to deal with this new possibility for him and Celestia, and then things’ll start to chaotically build up from there. I hope you like what comes next! And thank you, I really am having fun with this Oh and sure, no problem! (Lol, after over a month, I’ve finally figured out how to follow people on this site—I’m way too used to ff.net).

"Also, not sure if it makes Discord's antics with the book any more believable, but I read magazines backwards. No idea why lol."

Screw believable. Discord's little speech on the virtues of reading out of order reminded me of Humpty Dumpty's discourses in Through the Looking Glass. I'm sure he'd appreciate that more than reminding a reader of real life.

5716237 Lol, thanks for the vote of confidence, and super beyond thank you for any comparison to Lewis Carroll (who Discord should probably read next (or his ponyverse equivalent--I think Doctor Whooves used 'Lewis Carrot') once he's done playing with Starswirl) lol .:raritywink:

This is one of those rare fics that keep me totally immersed the whole time. :raritystarry: I felt so many emotions reading these chapters and now I'm genuinely frustrated about Discord and Celestia's relationship. Your story is making me scream, "OH WOULD YOU TWO JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY?!" :flutterrage:

So, yeah. I love it. :heart:

Aw, thank you so very much, it makes me so happy to hear you’re enjoying the story! :pinkiehappy: These two pretty much write themselves between the awkwardness and the denial and the history together lol.:twilightsmile: I’ll be posting another update this week, and I promise Celestia and Discord will be spending a lot of time together in it—I really hope you like it.

Not only will there absolutely be quite a lot more of this story before it’s over, but I’ve already drafted epilogue(s) and a sequel. I really hope you like how it all turns out :raritywink:

Oh and thank you for favoriting!

Favorite part has got to be the "What?" gag, I can very easily see this happening in canon, complete with Celestia's innocent "What?" to finish it.

Aaah, have I mentioned how much I like your Celestia and Discord interactions? Even without shipping goggles, it's just so much fun seeing them converse and being friends, what with Celestia gracefully taking Discord's good natured teasing and grousing with a smile. People who try to disqualify Disletia as a valid ship/friendship (and Discord) always seem to forget that Celestia's got a mischievous streak in her, she's not that much of a stick in the mud as they make her out to be. She in fact seems to encourage a bit of chaos in her life, if putting up with Philomena's pranks and inviting the girls to the previous Gala specifically to crash it is any indication.


Thank you, blackaerin, I’m so glad you’re enjoying Celestia and Discord in this story too.:twilightsmile: I agree, whether you ship them or not, they just have the capacity for such an interesting relationship together. I think Discord can help Celestia to relax a little, have some fun and be a little more selfish when the time’s right, and I think Celestia can show Discord that a person can be orderly and responsible with a lot of power but still have a lot of fun. I could just see them getting lost in random conversations with each other regardless of whether or not those conversations turn romantic, you know? SMILE. Oh and I know exactly what you mean about Celestia’s mischievous streak—I mean, any hostess who can take six of her guests demolishing her ballroom like a sport and tell them she was actually hoping they’d do something like that to liven up the party is definitely a fun-loving person. :rainbowlaugh:

really nice chapter ^^ as always :3
im so excited for the gala ^^ and what might comes out of it :p

5767922 Thanks, I'm so happy you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile: I have big plans for the gala, though the actual night won't be happening for a bit. But I promise there'll be a lot of interesting character/plot development stuff before then all leading up to it--dance lessons, outfit fittings, awkward moments, misunderstandings, and Discord can't avoid Luna forever of course lol. And the gala itself will be a few chapters long. I really hope you like how it all plays out :pinkiehappy:

This chapter is so fluffy i think I'm going to die, I really enjoyed it though. Little fluff is good for the heart. Well for me it is good for my ribcage keeps it strong and clean. As long as the fluff stays out of my lungs.

Hate coughing up that stuff. Now don't get me started on what happens if the fluff slips into my spleen. Nasty things. Any who good chapter and I look forward to more.

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it (fluff overload and all lol). :twilightsmile: Most of this story will be on the lighter side, but there are going to be some complications soon too (at which point I’ll add a ‘sad’ tag) that should help ward off any fluff-related major medical issues.

Wonderful chapter. A perfect example for slice of life. The pacing was just right and the dynamic between Discord and Celestia was very enjoyable.
I said it in the past and I do so again. DisLestia is NOT my preferred ship but you managed to make it feel natural nonetheless. That's impressive.

Also the fact, that you DIDN'T let Discord fall into that boring and cliché routine of admitting to himself that he has feelings for her and than going and trying to suppress and hide it and things becoming awkward is a big plus.

I enjoyed the chapter very much and wish you just as much fun writing the next one. :twilightsmile:


Thanks, Ozy, I’m glad you enjoyed it and that things feel like they’re progressing along naturally. :twilightsmile: I really don’t want this to be a fic where the two of them just inexplicably fall for each other after all the drama of the past—I want to take some time for them to explore their friendship first and to get used to the idea of just not hating each other before anything else progresses. And as for Discord just realizing feelings on his end right off the bat and then trying to hide it, I’m definitely avoiding that (at least for the moment)—again, I don’t want anyone’s feeling to develop too spontaneously since we’re dealing with two people who spent a millennium really not liking each other at all, and also I think, with the length I want this complete story to be (25 chapters-ish), that it would get kind of boring to have Discord just hiding obvious feelings from such an early point. Besides, pretty soon he’s going to have some other issues to deal with that’ll kind of put Celestia on the backburner for the moment just to shake things up a little and keep the fluffiness at a reasonable level lol.

I’m glad you liked the chapter overall, and thanks—I really have been having a lot of fun putting together this fic! :pinkiehappy:

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