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This story is a sequel to The Most Chaotic Night Ever!!!

Their first Grand Galloping Gala together was certainly an enlightening experience for Celestia and Discord. The pair began to understand each other, realized how much they liked being friends, and even weathered difficulty of Discord's (unrequited) confession of love. In the years that followed, the sun princess and the chaos master continued to develop their deep friendship. These days Discord even teaches chaos classes at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and Celestia's no stranger to his chaos dimension. And the two still date potential romantic partners (Celestia discreetly, Discord openly and always teasingly mentioning his lady friends to the princess). Everything's going so well between these two dear friends...

...So why can Celestia barely sleep ever since Discord left a few months ago to go traveling for summer vacation?

But perhaps the sun princess knows the answer to that question and is finally ready to admit it to herself and to Discord. And perhaps it's time for their relationship to change once more.

A most chaotic courtship is ready to commence.

(Set a few years after season four, roughly at the end of the series.)
Featured as of June 2017--yay! :yay:

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I have been waiting so long for this. At the end of the day, you can never have to much dislestia.:trollestia:

Oh, my....this was just too lovely, Jenna! The dinner scene was just the best; you really showed how well Discord knows Celestia! The whole event was just perfect. I can't wait to read more!

Hmmm. Should I favourite this immediately, or read it, and then favourite it? Decisions, decisions...

Meh, it would have been been better with Fluttercord.

Boy are you in the wrong place, mate.

Fantastic Chapter as always :D
really glad this story arc is still continuing :3
very excited for the next chapter already <3


“I think you’re all the dragon I can handle…” She moved a little closer so that her hip brushed his dragon leg on the floor.

Discord blushed thoroughly, his eyes wide.

“…And I’d like to see more of you,” Celestia added, smiling a little sheepishly, her head still nuzzled against his shoulder.

that almost sounded VERY wrong xD
and with 'wrong' i mean: Yes!! hahaha

I totaly agree, it's been realy hard for dislestia shippers lately :(

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-So glad it's finally continuing, excelent as always

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This is fantastic!

Oh god you dont understand how long ive been waiting for this...im really happy this came at this time..its honestly a great timing. I havent been feeling all to well mentality wise ive honestly been feeling like shit but ever since i saw this come out ive gone back to being happy...thank you azure thank you so much :pinkiesad2:

When I saw you posted this, my day was instantly made better! And as always, I love this story! So much Dislestia, I love it!:heart::trollestia:

beautiful story!


I was so excited that you finally posted this! I've been waiting so long! Please update ASAP! I don't know how long I can last 😂

AHHHHHH!!!!!! Been waiting for this for months! And you've released it! This is every bit as incredibly perfect as I thought it was going to be! Went on vaca, and came back to this! I can't wait for more!:raritystarry:

“Too direct. Okay…” She considered. Another scroll appeared.


“Luna! That’s not funny.” Celestia turned scarlet and almost smiled but looked down

also me but not to the extent of the other one....Actually prolly more so....

Cadance used her magic to lock the door and turned around with a big grin. “Tell. Me. Everything .”

*heavy breathing*

I think my heart died and revived a few times there.
also I totally didn't spend four days reading MCNE first


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