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This story is a sequel to The Most Chaotic Night Ever!!!

Their first Grand Galloping Gala together was certainly an enlightening experience for Celestia and Discord. The pair began to understand each other, realized how much they liked being friends, and even weathered difficulty of Discord's (unrequited) confession of love. In the years that followed, the sun princess and the chaos master continued to develop their deep friendship. These days Discord even teaches chaos classes at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and Celestia's no stranger to his chaos dimension. And the two still date potential romantic partners (Celestia discreetly, Discord openly and always teasingly mentioning his lady friends to the princess). Everything's going so well between these two dear friends...

...So why can Celestia barely sleep ever since Discord left a few months ago to go traveling for summer vacation?

But perhaps the sun princess knows the answer to that question and is finally ready to admit it to herself and to Discord. And perhaps it's time for their relationship to change once more.

A most chaotic courtship is ready to commence.

(Set a few years after season four, roughly at the end of the series.)
Featured as of June 2017--yay! :yay:

Next (and final) sequel: The Most Chaotic Life Ever!!!

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I have been waiting so long for this. At the end of the day, you can never have to much dislestia.:trollestia:

Oh, my....this was just too lovely, Jenna! The dinner scene was just the best; you really showed how well Discord knows Celestia! The whole event was just perfect. I can't wait to read more!

Hmmm. Should I favourite this immediately, or read it, and then favourite it? Decisions, decisions...

Meh, it would have been been better with Fluttercord.

Boy are you in the wrong place, mate.

Fantastic Chapter as always :D
really glad this story arc is still continuing :3
very excited for the next chapter already <3


“I think you’re all the dragon I can handle…” She moved a little closer so that her hip brushed his dragon leg on the floor.

Discord blushed thoroughly, his eyes wide.

“…And I’d like to see more of you,” Celestia added, smiling a little sheepishly, her head still nuzzled against his shoulder.

that almost sounded VERY wrong xD
and with 'wrong' i mean: Yes!! hahaha

I totaly agree, it's been realy hard for dislestia shippers lately :(

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-So glad it's finally continuing, excelent as always

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This is fantastic!

Oh god you dont understand how long ive been waiting for this...im really happy this came at this time..its honestly a great timing. I havent been feeling all to well mentality wise ive honestly been feeling like shit but ever since i saw this come out ive gone back to being happy...thank you azure thank you so much :pinkiesad2:

When I saw you posted this, my day was instantly made better! And as always, I love this story! So much Dislestia, I love it!:heart::trollestia:

beautiful story!


I was so excited that you finally posted this! I've been waiting so long! Please update ASAP! I don't know how long I can last 😂

AHHHHHH!!!!!! Been waiting for this for months! And you've released it! This is every bit as incredibly perfect as I thought it was going to be! Went on vaca, and came back to this! I can't wait for more!:raritystarry:

“Too direct. Okay…” She considered. Another scroll appeared.


“Luna! That’s not funny.” Celestia turned scarlet and almost smiled but looked down

also me but not to the extent of the other one....Actually prolly more so....

Cadance used her magic to lock the door and turned around with a big grin. “Tell. Me. Everything .”

*heavy breathing*

I think my heart died and revived a few times there.
also I totally didn't spend four days reading MCNE first


Thanks, I'm glad you've been looking forward to it :twilightsmile:
Aw, thank you so much! :scootangel: It took me a while to get everything at the dinner to come out just right, so I'm happy to hear you think it worked well :)

Aw, thanks! :yay:

Since I seriously could not think of a better reply to that person than the one you gave, I’m just not going to reply to them at all. Thank you so much for making me smile. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you so much! I’ll try to have more up soon :raritywink:
(And btw that was definitely meant to sound just a little wrong—I gave the sequel a teen rating, and it will be thoroughly embraced :trollestia: )

Thank you, glad you’re liking it!:pinkiehappy:

Thank you! :scootangel:

Aw, it’s so nice to hear that I helped improve your mood and that you’ve been looking forward to the story that much :yay: Actually, I’ve been a little down myself but just hearing that you feel a bit better now makes me feel a bit better too, so thank you for that. :pinkiesad2: I hope what’s to come will also help brighten your day if necessary : )

Yay! That’s the best thing I can hear! And I’m so glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy: And for making my day better by letting me know I could help make yours better ^_^

Thank you! And I do too!:trollestia:

Thanks, I’m so glad to hear people have been looking forward to it :twilightsmile: I’ll try to have more up very soon. Thank you so much for reading! ^_^

Aw, thank you!! I’m really happy it lived up to the hype for you :yay: I'll’ try to have more up soon :raritywink: (Btw love your avatar name and pic!)

Lol, glad you’re enjoying yourself with the stories :twilightsmile: Thank you so much for reading!

Actually almost every time im feeling under the weather i re-read your stories. Since they seem to make me smile almost all the time thank you azure thank you so much.........also abit of a spoiler but im starting a fanfic reading chanel and i might read one of your stories ;)

Thanks! I changed it! I used to be celestialdisharmony.


Really?! That's so cool of you to start something like that :) And thank you, if you ever wanted to read one of my fics on your channel I'd really appreciate it :yay:


EEEEEEEE!!! THAT. WAS. AMAZING. I CAN'T STOP GRINNING! :pinkiehappy: This is so sweet, well written and amazing, this made my day! So much to say! Easily one of my favourite stories on this site, I mean this is just so perfect and I can totally see this happening in my head! You reminded me why I love this ship SO MUCH! Ah, the nostalgia (sort of but still) of your writing! Oh, I love the development and story, the stories between the TMCNE and this and those sweet and tense moments .Every moment is perfect. This story is perfect. Have I made that clear? THIS STORY IS PERFECT! :heart: I can't wait for more, and I truly hope you have the best of days, Jenna! God bless you. You make me proud of this fandom and so happy I'm a dislestia shipper. Again, this story is just glorious!

Always nice to see you here, Nerf :twilightsmile:

Oh, please do fanfic readings.

Aww, thank you so much! And thanks so much for all of the comments and favorites lately ^_^ I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with replying to them—things have been kind of crazy. But I’m so glad you discovered the start of this sequel and that you like it so much :pinkiehappy:. And I promise there’s going to be a lot more romantic development between these two, and very quickly. :yay: I’m so excited to finally have a chance to explore them being involved in a mutual relationship now!

Thank you, and you have a wonderful day as well!


imma read tomorrow it’s to late for tonight :’D

[Edit] hooohh mah gawd the way u write them is so cuuuutte :rainbowkiss:

This chapter is so good! I couldn't stop smiling when reading it! :heart:

omg how dare work take me away from reading the update to MCDE ;-;....other than that it was such an amazing adorable fluffy chapter...well worth the wait :)

Thanks so much, glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Thank you!!!:heart:

Aw, thanks! I'm so happy you liked it :scootangel:

Thank you, and thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

Thanks so much! And thanks for your patience, I just wish I could post them sooner ^^


They flew through the darkness…and directly into a stone wall!

Is that the first you've ever used a exclamation mark outside of a character's dialogue? :rainbowhuh:
I don't know why, but that caught my attention for some reason!

yeah i will....i just yknow...need to actually find one that i want to do...maybe suggest me one?

This story is great. I love what you did with Discord's character. Looking forward to the next update - please, make it happen! :raritystarry:

I honestly forgot this existed. I'm glad there's more.

I loved this chapter. :heart: Especially the part with the Changelings.

“And you’re a grown changeling Prince, but I’ve caught you in there a few mornings playing with them.” He grinned.

Pharynx straightened up and cleared his throat with a pout. “I was inspecting our new citizens to see if any of them are potential military candidates.”

“Sure, Pharynx,” Thorax replied with an all-knowing look.

^ This part made me crack up. I think Pharynx is hooves down the best Changeling. :heart:

I can't wait for the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

This was so good! Can't wait for more

Thanks, I'm so glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile: Writing Pharynx and Thorax is so fun lol, I'm really glad I found a reason to include them in this chapter :)

Aw I'm late again... but I'm happy it's out! It's reading time! :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter. I love how smitten Celestia is, and the interactions of the changling brothers was adorable.


‘I’ll have to remember to do my best not wake up Dis—‘

Small error here! I might make multiple comments as I'm just going to point out any errors I see, sorry!


I run off when I’m embarrassed because I have an ego the size of Appleoosa

Oh my god, Discord is finally self aware/accepting! :pinkiegasp:

“Duke of disparity, Earl of Entropy, Marquis of Mayhem…”

You just set a record for most new words I've seen in a sentence... :pinkiesick:

Thankfully he was looking up at the top of the hill now, because a very quick and deep flush came to Celestia’s features at the muscular display.

What would Discord being muscly look like with two different arms? :rainbowhuh:

But Discord reminds us of the importance of laughter and teaches us how to see the humor in life.

Who needs Pinkie Pie anymore? We got Discord! :ajsmug:

I…have feelings for you…

Oh my godddddddddd... :twilightoops:

Discord’s voice lowered as he gave a long stroke to her leg. “Is this okay?”

She nodded. “Yes.” She gave his beard a gentle twirl. “Just…slowly, for now.”

“Slow and steady.” He nodded. “That’s all I needed to know.”

Then the two of them came forward and shared a lingering tender kiss.

Eventually they separated, breaths shallow.

This is turning into something else... :rainbowderp:

Will we ever get a chapter with Discord and Celestia co-teaching in the classroom? :pinkiehappy:
Well, now I must go to sleep! I'll read everything else first thing tomorrow! :raritywink:

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