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FEATURED! :pinkiehappy:

"June, honey, be a dear--reschedule Luna and K.K. That's what I call Princess Celestia--what a hoot!"


Ever since hearing this little tidbit from Spike, Princess Celestia has been wondering just why in the world Discord would call her K.K.? She could understand a pun about the sun or an insult using her actual name or even a mocking version of her royal title, but K.K.? What does the nickname mean?

Finally, Celestia decides to just ask Discord. Discord, however, realizing how curious she is, offers to tell her only in exchange for a little favor. After strong negotiations, Celestia agrees to his terms and finally founds out what K.K. means...and the answer makes her realize many things about her relationship with the chaos master and the magic of friendship.

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This was great fun. Have a like and favorite. :pinkiehappy:

I knew I wasn't the only person who thought it had something to do with cake! :rainbowlaugh:


Seriously though, wtf does it mean? :ajbemused:

If it helps, someone suggested an alternate theory to me--when he says "June, honey, cancel Luna and KK--that's what I call Celestia, what a hoot", he may have meant he refers to Celestia as June (joking that he uses her as a secretary) in which case KK probably referred to Cadance (which makes at least a little sense lol). Other than that, unfortunately I've got nothing. And even then June's a little weird. :derpyderp1:

Thank you! :raritystarry:

This was just so fun! I really enjoy the way Celestial and Discord can push each other's buttons and still have such s good friendship. I really hope someone does draw Celestial as Queen Cay Cay! Even better the two of them battling each other and having a grand time!

Great story and an interesting take on the nickname. Very, very fun!

I really loved the ep and just like you I've been trying to figure out why k k I would really enjoy an ep explaining that or one with Cord Tia Lulu hanging I think that they still haven't done a Tia episode which its been 6 seasons and even Luna has had 3

Ahhhh! I love it. :3

That was delightful! Thanks for sharing this tale with us all, Azure! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm a little shocked nobody made the reference to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, commonly referred to as "KK", in some odd connection to the nickname "KK".

Damn, Discord, who's your hairdresser?

Oh, why am I even asking. Chaos, obviously.

That was nice. The kind of story that doesn't get featured often enough. Just a bit of silly, friendshippy fun.

Celestia being called June makes some sense as I've always equated the Summer Sun Celebration to Summer Solstice(Mid-Summer on some calendars) which is in June.

Kind of amused here that people actually are looking for some kind of deeper meaning in that, because, "what fun is there in making sense."

I thought he said Cake-Face. :applejackunsure:

Kuchen Keister. :pinkiecrazy:


Cake Lover Chaos Hater. That makes PERFECT SENSE!

you know, i also wondered what the deal with K.K was.

7525236 Why don't I think of that. :facehoof: It feels like it fits so well. I think this is very possible.

Even so this is a very enjoyable short story. And Cake lover chaos hater. Not bad at all.

I really liked this one. Good job Azure.


7525751 I'm glad you like that I pointed that out, cause it's where my mind went the second he said it.

And you are right, this is a great story, I can't believe I din't say that in my original comment, how foalish of me

Nice to see a rare fic where Celestia actually gets to dish it out as well as she takes it from Discord.

Even nicer to see the two friendly neighborhood demigods get some further development with each other.

According to the episode's writer, the nickname was actually Cay Cay, so in the context of the show, it was probably just a reference to the first letter of her name.

“Heh, okay, uh, good one, you got me—where are the hidden cameras recording this for some wacky show about pranks?”

"You're on fameless, a hidden camera prank show." (Sorry) (I'm not sorry) :rainbowlaugh:

And then they caked.

Huh. Celestia is K.K. K.

Is that an accidental K?

I watched the episode just to read this.

I was not disappointed.

7526050 third K is silent :trollestia:

That was great! But one thing struck me while reading this.

And Cay-Cay, meet your King—the evil Squizard.”

Is it wrong to give him his voice?

Ok, is it also wrong to want the squizard to say this and have art like this?
I'm really seeing a good comparison for some reason.

I hope that is one of those "adult situations" O&O sessions.

7525489 German has saved us once again!

Plot twist - there was no twisting of plots. Still a fun, enjoyable read :twilightsmile:

Also, that Luna bit... good luck figuring it out :rainbowlaugh:

So which one loses out, Twilight Sparkle, Luna, Cadence, Flurry Heart or Platinum? :pinkiehappy:

That was a lot of fun. I really like the way you write Discord's dialogue. He can sometimes be a bit hard to pin down, but I can really hear his voice in the dialogue you write for him.

Great job! Have a like, a favorite, and a follow :twilightsmile:

At least now I don't have to listen to my friend call Celly the K.K.K.

I know this seems a stretch, but I think this is the real Nickname Discord meant in the episode. Watched it on TV and looked into it.

"Cae-Cae", a short version of "Caelum Caeleste" ("Heavenly Celestial" Latin)

7527015 My Little Pony: Friendship is Latin xD

7527015 We'll have to wait for official subtitles and see how they spell it.

Huh... That makes sense.
Its also very clever. I haven't heard of a nickname made up that way in some years.

Celestia? K.K? Black people? Oh, this is dangerous territory.

7527431 I love your name for some reason.

If I had any artistic skills, I would finish this by posting a picture of Celestia as 'Witch of Darkness, Level Two'.

Guess what I'm gonna do when I finish my next commission. :trollestia:

It's really no surprise that Celestia likes chaos given how she feels about the Gala...and when it goes to hell basically.:trollestia:

Laughed the whole time XD


Good Job!

Thanks for this!

You're cool!

...And that is all.

I too assumed that it was 'Cay-Cay' rather than K.K.

Although I assumed it was merely the kind of nickname a Hollywood type might give a close associate, like referring to someone named Billy as BeeBee.

I like your explaination though, and it's a good story over all. My only regret is we likely never will see Celestia participate with Discord in the show to this level, even as a lvl 2 Dark Witch.

She's a better fit for Cleric of Lathander anyway.

And thus began Luna's descent into Alcoholism. XD

So, about Discord's nickname for Celestia, I saw a post on Tumblr that it might be "Kaykay" instead, which means beloved.
That COULD make sence as a mockery to how all her subjects view her as a perfect, celestial creature, and how beloved she is, and can also be a secret way of Discord to express that he actually likes her. But I don't know...

Awesome!!! :pinkiehappy:

Like if I was hanging off the edge of a cliff and cake was hanging off the edge of a cliff, you’d pick cake to save…or at least you’d significantly hesitate before finally saving me.

To be fair, the cake can't snap its claws and teleport itself to safety. :trollestia:

that was a hoot. also, headcanon accepted :pinkiecrazy:

Very funny :pinkiehappy: Also got any tips on how to get likes or views on stories? I'm new to FIMfiction :)

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