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Discord Day...

Just a term bronies in the human world use to describe the random day of February 29th, or an actual holiday in Equestria courtesy of a certain meddling master of chaos who has decided to insist on the public recognition he so richly deserves?

Why can't both be true? :moustache:

Read what happens as Discord attempts to explain to the princesses of the sun and moon his logic behind just creating a new day and night for the year (and without permission, no less). How, oh how, will the spirit of chaos talk his way out of this one?

And Happy Discord Day, everypony!

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That was actually a rather fun and enjoyable read. Everyone seemed to be in character, I can easily see Discord doing something like this, and Twilight just about lost it. What more could I ask for?:twilightsmile:

6986950 Thanks, I'm very glad you enjoyed it :scootangel:

That was perfect Discord! I really think he knew Twilight would go into a fit and that just made the day all the better for him. Great story!

6987730 Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it :) And thanks for the favorite!

What is a year in Equestria? On earth, a year has always meant two things: the amount of time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun, and the passing of each of the four seasons.
But in Equestria, the sun revolves around the earth, and ponies decide how long the seasons will last, so how did they ever decide the length of a year?


"And thus my legend begins…”

... in the TWELFTH century!
Ex-cal-iiiiiiii-bur! Ex-cal-iiiiiiii-bur!


:rainbowlaugh: That was so funny I nearly laughed my head off. :rainbowlaugh: I love this story. :rainbowlaugh:

How could I have missed this chaotic story?!!! How!

Wonderfully chaotic and funny. I love it!

Discord is best Discord!

7664817 Thanks, so happy you like it! :)

Of course, Discord would add an extra day to the year, and go so far as to make it happen irregularly.

His goal is to be as on brand as possible lol.

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