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What better way for Discord to demonstrate how well he's come to understand that it's perfectly okay to have multiple friends than to host one of his traditional Tuesday Teas for Fluttershy and invite their two newest friends, Tree Hugger and Smooze, to join them? The four laugh, talk, and share (and drink tea, of course) as Discord slowly learns to accept and embrace the special happiness that comes from learning to care for and be cared for by many others in different ways and for different reasons.

Later that night, Celestia pays Discord a visit to discuss this year's Gala, next year's Gala, and what he's learned from recent events. And after she leaves, Smooze and Discord decide to spend the rest of their evening living it up with a 'new friends' slumber party. The rascals.

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I always love to see the creative ways that writers use Discord's chaos. With EVERYTHING being possible, it suddenly becomes harder to do something funny. It's always a joy to see someone get creative.

I agree, it must be such a challenge for them to work with Discord considering his abilities, and yet every ep with him just gets better than the last lol. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next :pinkiehappy:

That was fun read. I loved how you described Discord's home. His interactions with Tree Hugger really felt like he was getting over the events of the episode and genuinely befriending her. And Smooze was just a sweet heart.

6048734 Thanks, I'm happy you thought the interactions came out well. And I really hope we see more of Smooze and Tree Hugger in future eps (especially Smooze--there's just so much there, and he really was so sweet during the ep ^_^ ). And I hope we get more glimpses of Discord's little chaos cottage too.

Celestia smirked and couldn’t help herself. “What flying skills?”

Ouch! Shots fired!

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