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*FEATURED 5/12/16 :pinkiehappy: *

Twilight's dinner party to show Celestia Starlight's progress as a student of friendship was a disaster of epic proportions.

Okay, fine, that's being a little dramatic. The evening didn't go as planned of course, but some good things did come from it, it's not like anybody got hurt, and Twilight did her best (give her a break--she's new to this 'teaching' thing). So why did Celestia--normally poised and calm and understanding Celestia--look so angry? She acted like Twilight was inconveniencing her on purpose! No wonder the friendship princess was so frazzled.

Later that night, Celestia returns to Canterlot. And, after a lot of stubborn denial (and some interference from a certain being of chaos), she finally confides in Princess Luna the real reason she was so frustrated. Luna listens, comforts her, and then proceeds to do her duty as princess of the night by making everyone's evening a little more peaceful.

The night heals all wounds.

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I liked it. :twilightsmile:

Appreciate the effort, but there is no fix fic that makes anyone in this episode any less unlikable.

EDIT: and no, Twilight's not "just starting out." She's been able to slip into the role of teacher ever since Luna Eclipsed. Possibly before; my memory's not perfect. Twilight Time and Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 show her as teacher, as does Twilight's Kingdom. This cheap retcon won't fly for the actual writers, and it certainly doesn't help fix fics.

Alondro #4 · May 12th, 2016 · · 9 ·

“I…” Celestia blinked a couple of times. “It’s…” She scowled again.

"Fine, Starlight Glimmer is probably the worst character we've ever had on this show and SHE gets one episode after another, while I've led this damned country of spoiled, fat ponies for a thousand years and I don't even get a friggin' backstory!"

Luna blinked, "Huh... well, when you put in that way.."

Shortly thereafter, the Sun and Moon appear in the sky together again! Only now streaked with red and black stripes! Two terrifying evil alicorns soared through the skies, blasting the helpless citizens to pieces!

Yes, thanks to Starlight Glimmer, the terrible reign of Nightmare Loony and Tyrant Sunbutt lasted FOREVER!!! Oh, and every other episode became a Spike episode.

And so, Starlight was labeled Worst Pony. Which was the plan all along!


A sweet story. :pinkiesmile: Worth the read.

7209833 I'm sorry you had such a problem with the story. While I agree Twilight's shown herself to be very good at providing guidance to others, she hasn't held the position of a teacher responsible for the care of a pupil until recently. It's like the difference between giving your friends advice regularly and actually getting a position as a guidance counselor or teacher: there are more responsibilities, and at the beginning it can be hard to know the best strategy to approach a student with (like we saw with Twilight trying to choose Starlight's new friend in this ep).

Also I don't know what you mean by 'fix fics', and I'm not sure I understand how I'm retconning anything. Celestia seemed very bothered in this ep, and I just wanted to explore that a little. But I do appeciate you taking the time to review.

I just wanted to give Luna a chance to address some of Twilight's concerns, which admittedly were similar to Celestia's. I did try to keep her portion of the story shorter though than Celestia's.

Thank you for the note though and for reviewing.

7210290 Wow... I don't know what scares me more. This idea... or the fact that it has precedence, what with Luna becoming Nightmare Moon because she was jealous.

Regardless, this was most definitely a pleasant read.

And it sounds like Starlight learned a valuable lesson about friendship and like Trixie learned a valuable lesson about forgiveness and like Twilight learned a valuable lesson about teaching.

This is really awkwardly written. Having "like" before everyone's name makes it sound like Luna is trying to be hip and cool. "That was, so, like, radical, so, like, cool. Duuuuuuddddeee..." Plus, it looks like you took the same sentence and copy and pasted it three times and just changed the names and one other word, making very repetitive.

A better wording would be something like "And it sounds like everyone learned a valuable lesson: Starlight learned a lesson about friendship, Trixie learned about forgiveness and Twilight learned a lesson about teaching."

Twilight blinked a few times, and then the spell all of the pony guests and the silverware and Princess Celestia faded away, leaving her in the empty dining room of her castle.

Again, this reads awkwardly. "Twilight blinked a few times as the spell, the silverware and Princess Celestia and the guests all faded away, leaving her in the empty dining room of her castle."

I know princess Celestia

"Princess", in this case, is used as a direct title, so it needs to be capitalized.


reformed little villainous


Is this title a reference to a children's book?

Featured!! :pinkiegasp:

7211258 OMG THIS STORY HAS EXPLODED! It's even got the 'this story is hot right now' icon XD I did not expect this--shocked blog post will be written now :raritystarry:

7210957 Thanks, I'll correct that :raritywink:

7211054 Yup! "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" :twilightsmile:

7210879 Thank you, I appreciate the notes!

7210870 Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

7211267 I'm so happy for you! I've been following you for so long! I knew this day would come. :raritystarry:

The comedy tag is a bit unnecessary in this case I would say - while the story did give me a few chuckles, it was not a laughfest, but it was still a really nice slice-of-life read :twilightsmile:

That title is a mouthful XD

I really enjoyed this! Luna is best princess! Your portrayal of her in this story gives a great look into how much she cares and the way she handles situations.
I liked how you showed Celestia's angst with Twilight becoming more grown up and not needing her and how Luna showed her otherwise. It treminded me of my grand-daughters and myself in a lot of ways!
A very good and touching story. Congrats on the feature, as well!

7211859 I know what you mean--I wanted a tag that was something like 'sentimental' or 'comfort' and I also didn't want to leave it as just 'slice of life' because that's so vague lol. Even a general 'friendship' tag would be nice to have :)

7211477 Aww thanks! :yay: it's still really crazy to me though. I'm just glad MLP gave us ridiculously pouty Celestia so I could write this lol.

7210722 Just for future reference, a "fix fic" is basically a subcategory of reaction fic, where the author goes back over the episode and attempts to address some problem or issue with it. In this case, the thing you're fixing is how underexplored Celestia was.

As for the story, it's fine. If my reaction is sour, it's because the episode it's based on strangles everything it touches.

7212213 I appreciate what the explanation of a fix fic is, though I also get the feeling a term like that can get applied too broadly. As for the ep, I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it. I actually thought it's been one of the most memorable ones so far this season.

7212289 Fix fics typically involve changing what happened in the episode, at least how I've heard it. Apparently it's broadened to include this 'meanwhile' type of thing.

Great story, but I feel like Luna should have been a bit more direct with Twilight at the end. "1 Letter every 3 days, no exceptions, telling Celestia how you're doing and asking about her. Otherwise I'll make you ride-along on my dream vigil of Discord, and you can watch him and Celestia make out every night."


7210722 A 'fix fic' is one which attempts to cover up and explain away plot holes, mischaracterization, and generally poor storytelling in canon material.

These types of stories can even be used by the original creators when their television show or movies end up with shoddy writing and are poorly received.

The Star Wars prequels had MASSIVE amounts of official secondary material trying frantically to make sense of the mess in those films, for example!

And I'm sure an entire wing of the Library of Congress will end up being devoted to DC apologists desperately penning patches to the convoluted mire of BvS. :trollestia:

This fic was nice. There's a few annoying grammar errors, but I kind of needed this after the insult that was "No Second Prances." Don't take it personally that I strongly dislike the episode. I just can't get myself to like it for some reason. A few elements ended up hitting a little (a lot) too close to home for me in all the wrong ways. This fic on the other hand hits close to home in all the right ways. Thanks for writing it.

Really nice story. It felt good seeing Celestia beeing happy again.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^

Well, even if you didn't like the ep, I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thank you for the comment!

Thank you both for the explanations ^_^

Lol, I think if Twilight and Celestia still hadn't gotten what she was trying to say after their talks that then she would have been more direct--Luna gets things done. ;)

7212389 ...Is there a fic about that last bit? Because I find that highly amusing: imagine Luna first stumbling across that dream without expecting it.

7214951 That has happened at least once in Azure129's signature stories "Keep Calm and Chaos On" and also I believe in "The Most Chaotic Night Ever!!!" I can't point you to a chapter off the top of my head, but there have been lengthy touching moments of Discord's romantic dreams, and Luna trying to avoid them.

7215085 Cool, thanks for the pointer. That puts the comment in context.

Seriously though, some of those facial expression of Celestia's were priceless. It seemed extreme, but at the same time it was nice to see her acting more than just poised and happy, you know?

Those expressions actually made me laugh out loud. It is extremely rare for me to do that, and even more so from a show.

I take it the title is a play on the story title "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day"?

Oh, wait, just now saw the comment you left saying it was.

7214951 Luna definitely brushes up against something awkward with Discord in the Epilogue for "Keep Calm and Chaos On", and she has a few close encounters throughout "Most Chaotic Night Ever" (especially in the next chapter which should be posted in a few days). Sorry for the random interjection, but I hope that was helpful :twilightsheepish: If you do decide to check out either one of those or any of my other stories, I hope you enjoy :twilightsmile:

7216830 Addin' 'em to my list, but it's a long list at this point. XP

Thank you for writing. It was a very enjoyabble read.

7216890 Aw, thank you :)

7211273 Yes, one of my childhood series! Nostalgia chills through my bones!

I confess, while I faved this, this fic wasn't flawless. It wnet on a bit too long...but it was still FUN. And that's what matters. It's still one I'd want to read, and reread.

This was a pretty good story. There are quite a few errors here and there, but since I'm on a phone, I'll only point out one:

And yes, of course I will check on her sister.

You need a comma in front of "sister". As currently written, Luna is saying that she'd check on Twilight's sister-- and aside from Cadence (sister-in-law), Twilight has no sister that we know of.

7218305 I appreciate the note, thanks. I do a lot of writing, so little things are bound to skip through here and there. I'm not sure how there could be quite a few errors at this point unless they're very minor technical grammatical ones, but as long as the story is readable I've found it better to focus on the ideas and themes and not to obsess over the little things. Otherwise I'm afraid I'd be so wrapped up in proofreading that if never get anything posted lol. :twilightsmile:

I like this story.Luna is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

7218065 Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it overall and had fun :)

7220430 Yes, she is! :trollestia:

7219968 True, but no one says that you should be doing the proofreading yourself. In general, it is a good idea to ask for a beta reader once you've finished drafting the story and polished it to your liking. A fresh set of eyes can often spot what the author has unintentionally become blind to due to being too familiar with the text.

The non-existent Luna smiley face turns into non-existent Nightmare Moon, because she is jealous that Celestia has an existent smiley face.

A nice little story you've created. I felt really bad for Celestia with all her insecurities and it was nice to see Luna and Discord help reassure her. Your Celestia exhibits some very realistic fears about losing someone who's like a daughter to her. The reminder that Twilight no longer writes friendship letter was a saddening moment of how much the show has evolved away from Celestia. Luna was an awesome sister in bridging the gap between Twilight and Celestia. Though I don't think Discord and Starlight would get along at all with their respective issues and when considering Discord's antics with Tree Hugger... I don't fancy getting Starlight Glimmer on my porch one day :trixieshiftright: Well if it were Sweetie Belle I wouldn't mind:yay:

7223324 I would love to see a gif of that :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed what I did with Celestia here. :trollestia: Showing her more vulnerable side is something I wish the series would try to do. We see Luna at bad moments, Discord, Twilight, but never her. Meanwhile though she must have at least some strong feelings about Twilight’s progress. Hopefully she’ll get even more screen time this season, and maybe we’ll even get an episode featuring her at some point one of these days lol.

Unfortunately my issue is that I produce a lot of volume for multiple fandoms and I have a very full personal schedule which makes my posting schedule fluctuate a bit. :twilightsheepish: So even if I found an editor, I honestly wouldn’t feel comfortable asking for their help without paying them in some way. I can’t afford to do something like that at the moment though, so I just have to take care of it on my own with what time I have available. Fortunately, if I do post something with a few errors, people are quick to mention them to me so that I can correct them right away. :twilightsmile:

This was a pleasant story to read. It was very nice to see Discord and Luna arrive to comfort Celestia after a long and dragging night. :twilightsmile: :heart:

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