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This story is a sequel to The Most Chaotic Date Ever!!!

A few decades of family life for Discord and Celestia (happily married) and Luna in their castle under the peaceful reign of Twilight Sparkle has been a joy. Indeed, neither Equestria (nor their little family) has faced a severe crisis ever since the pre-coronation attack by Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow.

But times are changing - Twilight has a new special student: Luster Dawn. And Luster's first mission of friendship was to reform the evil trio. She reports success, and can't wait to show Twilight as well as the former rulers of Equestria (and several carefully chosen others) just how changed the villains are. The villains can't wait to show everyone a few things too. And Discord, Celestia, and Luna can't wait to be an active part of something bigger than themselves once again courtesy of the little ponies in their lives.

Welcome to a tea party for the ages where hopes, doubts, lies, longing, confusion, betrayal, jealousy, ambition, and of course love and friendship will all reveal themselves and be confronted in one of the most gloriously chaotic spectacles of potential disaster any creature has ever known. The Master and Mistress of Chaos are in for the evening of their lives.

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This story is a sequel to We're the Same Too!: Rise of the Cameos!

The events leading into Season 9 have been filled with both tragedy and triumph, which has been great for adding to OOREV's member list! So many new faces abound in the club, all seeking friendship and a safe space to share their stories of growth. OOREV and Discord's presidency have thrived and finally led to the One Year Anniversary Celebration Extravaganza: a big bash thrown in Discord's cottage and hosted by the chaos master himself!

Unfortunately, a surprise OOLLA meeting called by Celestia in Canterlot reveals that Starswirl the Bearded has been tracking some strange magical shifts in Equestria that lead him to believe a group of powerful creatures are gathering...and he also senses evil.

What else can Discord do but tag along with Celestia and Starswirl in a desperate attempt to prevent the exposure of OOREV? (And also to butt horns with the old wizard who is clearly having the audacity to suggest Discord's secret club is evil...right?)

Meanwhile, Luna holds down the fort at the party...and makes a new friend. :heart:

Final installment for the 'We're the Same!' series! :trollestia: FABULOUS cover art is 'Reformed Villains Snack Shenanigans' by Doodle-Mark used with permission!

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Twilight and friends defeated Sombra after his return because Discord refused to fight in their place (and even hammed it up by taking a blow from the Crystal Empire's former ruler). The chaos master pushed the girls to find the magic in themselves to battle back the villain all on their own. But his 'lesson-teaching' gestures seemed extreme this time around, even for him. What is Discord hiding? What is he waiting for? And what does he want no one--neither the girls nor Luna and Celestia--to know? But Equestria's two soon-to-be-retired princesses want to understand.

A story told in several parts that will end when MLP: FIM does and we finally see what's at the end of this friendship rainbow.

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This story is a sequel to Donut Nights 3: Nightmare Night Canoodling

Hearts and Hooves Day. :heart:

The first holiday Donut Joe and Princess Luna ever spent together--and a day when they first began to connect as more than friends. It's a special day for the happy couple, especially now that they're in love and have a steady relationship. They're even prepared to 'have the celebration be doubled' by using their time travel spell to relive this particular Hearts and Hooves Day a second time since Luna always loses most of the holiday to her nightly princess duties. However, even the closest of couples can still have problems, and when Luna faces a new dream of Joe's, the pair must put aside their celebrating to face their plans for the future once and for all.

Meanwhile, Discord invites Celestia to dinner in the clouds for a holiday celebration that goes from confusing to sweet to panic-inducing until finally a chase erupts that leads the chaos master and the sun princess to an adorably awkward conversation about their own love life.

The finale of the "Donut Nights" saga.

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This story is a sequel to The Most Chaotic Night Ever!!!

Their first Grand Galloping Gala together was certainly an enlightening experience for Celestia and Discord. The pair began to understand each other, realized how much they liked being friends, and even weathered difficulty of Discord's (unrequited) confession of love. In the years that followed, the sun princess and the chaos master continued to develop their deep friendship. These days Discord even teaches chaos classes at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and Celestia's no stranger to his chaos dimension. And the two still date potential romantic partners (Celestia discreetly, Discord openly and always teasingly mentioning his lady friends to the princess). Everything's going so well between these two dear friends...

...So why can Celestia barely sleep ever since Discord left a few months ago to go traveling for summer vacation?

But perhaps the sun princess knows the answer to that question and is finally ready to admit it to herself and to Discord. And perhaps it's time for their relationship to change once more.

A most chaotic courtship is ready to commence.

(Set a few years after season four, roughly at the end of the series.)
Featured as of June 2017--yay! :yay:

Next (and final) sequel: The Most Chaotic Life Ever!!!

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This story is a sequel to We're the Same!

Behind the scenes of season 6, the Organization of Reformed Evil Villains (OOREV) has been going strong! The club's been meeting regularly in their new location at President Discord's chaos cottage and they've managed to keep their club a secret still...even if their club discussion does get off topic sometimes...or a lot.

(Of course, Celestia's now very curious about Luna's whereabouts during the evenings she sneaks off, and the sun princess is also worried that Discord's mad at her for some reason because he hasn't been around to prank her lately, but all that's a potential source of fun misunderstandings that we'll tackle later).

So with OOREV going so well Discord decides to add to the fun by decreeing the next meeting has a 'Share the Reform' theme. Everyone must bring a guest who has been villainous in the past! Clearly this is a good idea that could lead to no weird/awkward/unexpected consequences.

Oh, the shenanigans there will be...

Prologue and Second Part take place between S6 finale and S7 premiere.

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Quite a bit happened as Chrysalis's defeat approached and everypony finally escaped the reformed changeling hive to celebrate at the Sunset Festival in Starlight's old village. After all, when many characters who don't usually meet end up paired together, there are bound to be some interesting interactions--new friendships can be realized, old friendships can grow stronger, creatures can learn about each other, and fresh views can be shared. The point is togetherness and finding comfort in the fact that in Equestria you never have to be alone.

...Unless you choose to be.

The end of Chrysalis's evil reign brings peace to all but careful contemplation to one as Starlight Glimmer and her friends have a well-earned celebration of the magic of friendship.

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Remember how well Starlight imagining herself in a holiday story worked for making her come around about the love and warmth of a day like Hearthswarming?

Who's to say a similar tactic couldn't be employed with more hardened villains...like a certain fallen changeling queen? Even if it's nowhere near the holiday season in Equestria, a little yuletide story never hurt everypony (especially not one with a great narrator).

Reforming shenanigans with a holiday twist--a last minute present from me to you! Enjoy! :moustache:

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This story is a sequel to Donut Nights 2: A Heartfelt Hearthswarming

Over ten months ago, Luna and Donut Joe confessed their feelings to each other on Hearthswarming Eve and embarked upon a beautiful courtship. Now it's Nightmare Night, and Luna and Joe are one of the most admired couples in all of Equestria. Indeed, their emotions have blossomed completely from a simple crush all the way to...a confession each of them is prepared to make tonight. Still though, they worry about where the future will lead and if they will be able to manage all of the challenges it can hold.

Fortunately, Joe and Luna's relationship-building skills are always fresh thanks to the amount of effort they have to put in on Discord and Celestia who are still just friends despite how ridiculously close they've gotten (:facehoof:). Clearly they need some advice from a seasoned couple (and perhaps Celestia and Discord can help teach Luna and Joe something along the way).

It's an evening of absolute relationship madness, so come one, come all, to the First Annual Nightmare Night Ball!:moustache:


Donut Nights 4: Hearts and Hooves Day Redux

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FEATURED! :pinkiehappy:

"June, honey, be a dear--reschedule Luna and K.K. That's what I call Princess Celestia--what a hoot!"


Ever since hearing this little tidbit from Spike, Princess Celestia has been wondering just why in the world Discord would call her K.K.? She could understand a pun about the sun or an insult using her actual name or even a mocking version of her royal title, but K.K.? What does the nickname mean?

Finally, Celestia decides to just ask Discord. Discord, however, realizing how curious she is, offers to tell her only in exchange for a little favor. After strong negotiations, Celestia agrees to his terms and finally founds out what K.K. means...and the answer makes her realize many things about her relationship with the chaos master and the magic of friendship.

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