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This story is a sequel to Donut Nights 2: A Heartfelt Hearthswarming

Over ten months ago, Luna and Donut Joe confessed their feelings to each other on Hearthswarming Eve and embarked upon a beautiful courtship. Now it's Nightmare Night, and Luna and Joe are one of the most admired couples in all of Equestria. Indeed, their emotions have blossomed completely from a simple crush all the way to...a confession each of them is prepared to make tonight. Still though, they worry about where the future will lead and if they will be able to manage all of the challenges it can hold.

Fortunately, Joe and Luna's relationship-building skills are always fresh thanks to the amount of effort they have to put in on Discord and Celestia who are still just friends despite how ridiculously close they've gotten (:facehoof:). Clearly they need some advice from a seasoned couple (and perhaps Celestia and Discord can help teach Luna and Joe something along the way).

It's an evening of absolute relationship madness, so come one, come all, to the First Annual Nightmare Night Ball!:moustache:


Donut Nights 4: Hearts and Hooves Day Redux

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Love this! Hope you have the next chapter up soon! :twilightsmile:

7662812 Thanks! It'll be up in a couple of days--I want to have the whole thing posted by Halloween :yay:

:rainbowlaugh: I didn't have that much fun since starting MCNE!

1. That "Joe of the doughnuts" title is
2. The WHOLE chapter was interesting.
There wasn't even one single part I would
have skipped:pinkiegasp:
3. Discord and Celestia seem to be making
some more progress
(at last:twilightsheepish:)

I'm really excited for the next chapter

Have all of my yeses god sir just take them all. :moustache:

7664332 Thanks XD I promise there are more good things to come :yay: And thanks for the favorite!

7663466 Thanks! The next chapter is going to get a little intense--I'll be posting in a couple of days :scootangel:

7663413 Thanks! :)

I wonder what the list of costumes Discord suggested was?

i really like this so far
but it really feels like 'The Most Chaotic Night Ever!!!' never happened here
its like Discord never had any feeling for her before
which he had there
i thought that was the same storyline o.0 or did i just misunderstannd something? xDD

7677831 Oh sorry about that ^^ Nope, unless I put a tag in the story description saying a story is a prequel/sequel to something else or unless I add a note saying a story occurs in the same universe as another one, please think of all of my stories as occurring in separate different potential universes from each other. At the moment, I think the only sets of stories I have that occur in the same world are my Fiendship is Magic stories and these Donut Nights stories. When the MCNE sequel comes out (which will be posted as a separate story), I'll also designate that one as being in the same universe of MCNE. But usually everything I write is separate from everything else. Thanks for asking :)

My favorite part was the declaration of mutual love scene, so incredibly sweet! "Luna love."

This was awesome. Now it's time for me to go to sleep I should have hit the hay 40 min ago. It's going to be hell for me to get up tomorrow for work as is. Have a good... whatever time of day you have.

... and I have finally found you on fimfiction, not sure why it took so long...

Thanks! That was one of my favorite moments to write! :heart:

Lol, thanks, and I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Yup, it's me lol!

Wow no one commented yet on this chapter? That's kinda sad. But this was a great epilogue. Thanks for another installment of Donut Nights.

7696149 Thanks, and thank you so much for being the first comment. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile: I was really happy with how this installment turned out :yay:

I like your compromise of Discord helping Joe out, but not making him immortal, that makes sense to me.

I do hope we get to read about Celestia and Discord in the same place Joe and Luna are at right now.

Donut Joe laughed again. “Yeah, and Luna really does love to make those announcements of hers about our progress to the ponies for the sake of formality. Have you ever seen her delivering one of those? It’s very cute.”

We have to see one of these in another chapter/story!

"Attention Loyal Citizens of Equestria. This proclamation is to inform all our beloved subjects that last night, Joe of the Donuts included tongue in his royal kissing techniques. Accordingly, he has been promoted from 'Swain' to 'Paramour,' and the penalty for other mares looking at him has increased from banishment to imprisonment in the place where one is banished to. That is all!"

:rainbowlaugh: Love it, love everything about it, lol!

And thanks, glad you liked my compromise :twilightsmile:

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