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This story is a sequel to The Most Chaotic Date Ever!!!

A few decades of family life for Discord and Celestia (happily married) and Luna in their castle under the peaceful reign of Twilight Sparkle has been a joy. Indeed, neither Equestria (nor their little family) has faced a severe crisis ever since the pre-coronation attack by Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow.

But times are changing - Twilight has a new special student: Luster Dawn. And Luster's first mission of friendship was to reform the evil trio. She reports success, and can't wait to show Twilight as well as the former rulers of Equestria (and several carefully chosen others) just how changed the villains are. The villains can't wait to show everyone a few things too. And Discord, Celestia, and Luna can't wait to be an active part of something bigger than themselves once again courtesy of the little ponies in their lives.

Welcome to a tea party for the ages where hopes, doubts, lies, longing, confusion, betrayal, jealousy, ambition, and of course love and friendship will all reveal themselves and be confronted in one of the most gloriously chaotic spectacles of potential disaster any creature has ever known. The Master and Mistress of Chaos are in for the evening of their lives.

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It's just.... it's my least favorite scene in all of MLP FIM. Not only because Discord went against of what he said in his debut ("At least I don't turn ponies into stone.") but having Celestia and Luna going along with the suggestion even when Discord CAUSED ALL OF THIS MESS FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twilightangry2: :flutterrage:

I dislike it because of the fates of the villains. Luckily my stories, along with this one and many others, undid that.

Man I love the ability to write stories.

Part of this story is having Celestia, Luna, and Discord confront everything that happened with Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow. And having those three speak up for themselves about the punishment they received. So I chose the image of the last time the six of them were together. I feel like it represents part of a problem that needs to get resolved now.

I understand why you don’t like the screenshot but I hope my explanation for why it’s there reassures your about the story a little.

Thanks! I'm enjoying writing her so much :twilightsmile: I really wish we could have seen some adult Flurry in the finale.

In the comics, Cadance predicted that someday Flurry Heart would be the Princess of Explosions. I guess she wasn't that far off!

While I consider Crysalisis a bad guy and that is that, I will give this story a go. I'm also not sure about reforming Tirek as he seemed like a genuinely evil and great bad guy too. I've not seen the last episode(s) of MLP and getting hints of what happened, Grogor and Discord and such doesn't fill me with enthusiasm to see it.

Buuuut. I'm still sold on your story. I had been hoping it wouldn't end with the last one and I'm glad you have continued the tale.
I thoroughly enjoyed the previous stories a ton and Flurry Heart in this... just awesome!
Twilight is nice.
Celestia and Discord really seem to have a great thing going. Their interactions have continued to grow in depth and ways that they understand each other. I certainly enjoy how you write them.
And is that a hint of possible TwiLuna there?
Oh and Flurry's room, her life with family and all stand out to me. I quite like the relationship she has with her dad. The moment she walked into the room all covered in armour, I was sure it was her. I like your interpretation of her and am likely to take that myself too.
And good chapter name. I enjoyed the gag.

I'd definitely recommend watching the finale if you get a chance--there was a lot of drama with those three and Discord/Grogar. :facehoof: For me, this story is less about fully reforming them and more about working past what they went through and some tough decisions made on all sides. Believe me, I had to dig deep to figure out an approach for these three. -_- But I think each of them has a small, vulnerable point---something they want that 'wanting' revenge/domination/power was sort of a placeholder for. And everyone else, on a smaller scale, has something important they're looking for too. I want them all to learn something from each other, and then the focus of the story will go back more to Celestia and Discord. And the experience with the tea party is going to prompt some potential changes for everyone.

Sorry, I know all of that sounds a little vague :twilightsheepish: But I appreciate the favorite and you giving the story a chance :) Discord and Celestia have already fallen in love and gotten together, and now I want to write about their relationship affecting others.

Oh and I'm glad you like Warrior Princess Flurry Heart :yay: She's been my favorite to write! I really wish we'd gotten to see some of her as an adult in the show.

A good start to your story so far. I should have a look at the story where the Trio reformed...sort of. Yeah, bringing back Sombra is going to cause a massive headache for all.
I’m in the camp that did not like how “The End of the End” panned out. I think it’s because the staff did too good a job making the Trio sympathetic in the earlier episodes. They had the classic anti-hero set-up. It felt as though they were being set up to reform after learning how friendship was beneficial. So, I felt very confused when Grogar turned out to be Discord, and the villains suddenly became more vicious than ever. I found the petrifying scene disturbing rather than cathartic. I have hope the comics will do something with them, but overall I was underwhelmed by the finale.
Your story is pretty good so far. There are some grammar issues and awkward phrasing, but the writing is overall sufficient. I like warrior Flurry Heart, though I wonder if she’ll maintain her bravado when she actually meets the former villains.
I look forward to further updates!

I wasn't completely unhappy with how the season ended, but I was hoping that the three of them would get confronted with a situation where they realized that they liked their friendship more than they wanted revenge. That's part of why I want to explore them in this story and what they've gone through and what they want now. I liked the relationship they developed together and how they learned to support each other, and I'd like to see it grow. As for Flurry Heart, I just wish we'd gotten to see a little bit of her in the series, but I'm enjoying trying to figure out her character. I'm working out the next chapter and I'm hoping to have it up soon. Thank you for the review!

Haha love this so much! It’s so great how Tirek just doesn’t believe Celestia and Discord are married lol. There’s so much tension and I’m intrigued to what the trio is planning. And of course I can’t wait for whatever Discord is planning along with his secret. Hope you get the next chapter up soon!

That was really nice thing for Luna to say that they are welcomed back and that they were missed.

Lot of good things in this chapter. I think you bounced between the large party well. It flowed nicly and was an engaging reed.
Discord's marriage to Celestia being questioned so was funny.

This so far is the BEST fic I have ever read on Fimfiction! It's such a good story and it was written really well. It has a really good story plot and I'm hoping you will continue.
Well done!:pinkiesmile:

P.S. Is Discord's big question if they want a child? Cause those are the vibes I'm getting from reading this.

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying! Lol, and yeah, that Tirek gag is going to keep going for a bit until he runs into a little more proof that they're hitched. I'm happy you like all the drama and suspense - writing this has been a lot of fun for me, especially right now :)

I thought Luna would be able to sympathize the most with them. I'm glad that came through well :) Thank you!

Thanks - lol, writing ten people at a table is taking a lot of time to work out, but I'm glad it's coming off smoothly :) And yes, the Tirek gag will keep going for just a bit longer, especially as everyone gets to know each other even more. I hope you enjoy what comes next :)

Aww, thank you so much! :yay: I'm having a rough day, so hearing that really makes me so happy lol. I'm glad you like the writing and the story! And yup, definitely continuing - this won't be as long as the previous stories, but I want it to cover a lot of ground about the characters and their relationships and their futures :)

And as for your question, Discord question isn't 'exactly' that, though it is about that subject matter :raritywink:

Thank you for the favorite!

Yeah. It actually makes sense. Since Luna spend a thousand years on the moon (I guess it wasn't particularly pleasure experience) it's reasonable she is the one who would take a pity on the trio while they are petrified.

Excited for more :)

Classic party drama, where everyone is always stepping out of the room to have a private word. I continue to love your Flurry Heart most of all.

Lol, thank you! Writing this has been chaos but really fun :) I just finished drafting the next chapter - should be up soon. I hope you continue to enjoy the rollercoaster lol :twilightsmile:

Hmmm, Battle Princess Flurry Heart... and yeah, I can understand why she and Cadance are clashing so much. Its a shame to see, but honestly, both sides do have a point.

Flurry Heart and Cozy Glow's relationship is... curious for sure. As for Sombra... are they bringing him back for payback, or bringing him back because he deserves another chance too?

Yeah, I wanted to show Flurry kind of having some growing pains with her parents, especially Cadance. But they'll both learn a lot about each other before this reform party thing is over :raritywink:

As for Sombra, more details will get come up in the next chapter (should be up by tomorrow), but it's kind of a mix of reasons. The next chapter is a lot of drama and action and some reveals about a few different things. And Cozy Glow and Flurry Heart's relationship will get revisited in the chapter after that.

Oh, I'm sure there's plenty that needs to be discussed for sure!

Damn... Flurry Heart, Princess of Protection, I love it!

Is she more powerful than dad when it comes to Shield spells now? Or can her old man give her a run for her money? I know he always got a bad record in the show, but I think he's still pretty damn strong, and I think he would be pretty experienced and skill too.

Good to see back-up had been on standby too, just in case. Smart Celestia!

I love the whole chapter! It was magnificent!!:pinkiehappy:
But there was just one personal preoblem.......


Other than that, this was awesome.
But please, don't be afraid to use the whole bottle of shipping next time:raritywink:

Haha this was so chaotic! I didn’t know what was going to happen next. This is my final exam week so when I saw this update pop up on my feed it made my week so much better. I loved the part where Celestia and Discord kiss and they all comment about it. Can’t wait for the next chapter!! Hope you have it up soon!

Thanks! Writing her has been such a fun part of this story for me :) I think she's the best at shield spells when she's got an emotional motive behind it (her way of utilizing any of her mother's love power that she inherited). So she'd be on par with Shining just setting up a shield to see if she could or as a precaution, but if someone she loves is in danger she goes full princess mode and makes her ultimate shields lol.

Shh, it's coming next chapter, I promise :raritywink: But I'm glad you liked the other stuff in the chapter! ^_^

Aww, thanks, I'm glad I could improve your week :) I just started drafting the next chapter today. Should be up by June :yay: There's lots of cute stuff in it too lol.

So happy to see this updated! Love Discord and Celestia in this chapter, they are soooo cute. I can’t wait to see what Discord is going to discuss with Celestia. Hope you have the next chapter out soon. Can’t wait!

Very nice to see all the characters interacting with each other like that.

What a cool chapter ending. I can't wait for Twilight and Luster's conversation, and I want to find out why Cozy is so uniquely angry.

Heh, Discord and Celestia are really pushing that T rating for sure!

Delightful story for sure, and I am very curious what might happen next!

The Twilight & Luna scene made me really happy... It's nice to see how they are getting closer and it's cute how they went to sleep together and then Twilight woke up under Luna's wing.
Being woken by the villains (I assume you can still call them that?) as they were bounced around from trap to trap was funny. At least Twi had a help for getting back to sleep...
It seems the place is well loaded with all kinds of traps and fun. Right now I'm mostly laughing at those two's expense... Poor villains...

Discord and Celestia getting in some heated necking action was funny and enjoyable. You built it up well and Celestia luring Discord outside to hopefully keep them away from being detected was a great idea. Nice to see more intimacy from them alongside a (hopefully) budding TwiLuna relationship. Here's hoping for even more Dislestia goodness as we continue becuase you write them and I get realy into their scenes. It could also be fun to have Discord tease Twilight & Luna a litle...
Flurry and her mother had a great tender moment there and I do enjoy a good badass Cadance..

That ending though...
Although paired with your hint of 3-4 chapters (awww) it sounds like Sombra will meet a timely end. Maybe at the hoof of an angry Flurry heart...?

Thank you! I'm starting on the next chapter soon - my goal is to have the story completed before summer is over :twilightsmile:

Lol, yeah I wanted at least one super saucy moment between them, especially since there's been so much going on with other characters in the other chapters. Thanks, I hope you like how it finishes up :twilightsmile:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the Twilight/Luna moments :) I really wanted to explore the idea that they've bonded a lot over the years, especially with Discord and Celestia being paired off a lot. Like, Twilight got to know Celestia as a foal and young mare, but she got to know Luna best as an adult <3 And I know Luna's had a special place in her heart for Twilight ever since 'Luna Eclipsed' (probably my fav ep) when Twilight tried to help and welcome her so much. I'm really glad to have a chance here to explore them both together a little more.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Discord/Celestia moments and everyone else's antics. Flurry Heart will play a role in what happens with Sombra, but she's not the only one... The morning is going to start calm and get very intense. But even if there's only a few more chapters, there'll be an epilogue jumping ahead a little bit more to show how everyone grows from all the experiences here :)

When is there going to be more?

Um... okay I have a BIG question...

Luster Dawn had flown behind Twilight for a little while, following her lead. Eventually Twilight landed in a clearing by the castle lake, and Luster Dawn landed with her.

HOW did Luster Dawn, a Unicorn, fly in behind Twilight? Was she using a levitation spell like Starlight does... or what? I'm confused.

Nice update.
Discoed busting out of his room in search of his wife was rather funny.
Twilight waking up under Lunas wing was cute.
And Discord and Celestia were great in all their sweet little moments.

Creative way to fight the bad guy.
Looks like the villains trio is not so evil.

Yes, keeping track the alicorns and unicorns and Pegasi in this story, sometimes I overlook mixups with them no matter how hard I try lol. I've corrected the sentence now - thanks for letting me know.

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