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This story is a sequel to Donut Nights 3: Nightmare Night Canoodling

Hearts and Hooves Day. :heart:

The first holiday Donut Joe and Princess Luna ever spent together--and a day when they first began to connect as more than friends. It's a special day for the happy couple, especially now that they're in love and have a steady relationship. They're even prepared to 'have the celebration be doubled' by using their time travel spell to relive this particular Hearts and Hooves Day a second time since Luna always loses most of the holiday to her nightly princess duties. However, even the closest of couples can still have problems, and when Luna faces a new dream of Joe's, the pair must put aside their celebrating to face their plans for the future once and for all.

Meanwhile, Discord invites Celestia to dinner in the clouds for a holiday celebration that goes from confusing to sweet to panic-inducing until finally a chase erupts that leads the chaos master and the sun princess to an adorably awkward conversation about their own love life.

The finale of the "Donut Nights" saga.

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Yay! So glad you updated. It was great as always and I can't wait for the next chapter of MCDE as well as Interesting Nights and KCCO

Looks like Luna found the stallion of her dreams...

Or maybe his dreams.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:


Guess who's back, back again...
Woo! Highschool is crazy! (especially when you have to keep your all A streak while being addicted to watching anime and reading light novels and also reading a multitude of other authors while also doing like 3 month long projects every month :applejackconfused:) Your romance and comedy writing is a real nice stress reliever! :rainbowkiss:

I haven't actually read anything yet! Just wanted to show that I'm back again! Going to go ahead and read anything I missed and all your latest chapters and stories before any else. :rainbowdetermined2:

Its been so long since ive actually read anything from fimfiction....or anything internety really...and i am so happy right now! Because now i have a new chapter of MCDE and this to read YAY!

Aww, yay, I hope you enjoy both!!! (Also thanks for the favorite on this story :raritywink:). I don't have an ETA for when the next chapter of MCDE will be posted, but I'm definitely working on it (and it's got sooooo much :heart: lol). :scootangel:

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