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"We're the same! Get it? The same!"

Twilight Sparkle is really getting into the habit of reforming the villains she goes up against rather than just defeating them. This tactic isn't necessarily a bad thing of course: in fact, it's kind of great! But eventually one would think that all of these former bad guys would want to start getting to know each other a little better--or at least that's what Discord thinks should happen. So one day just after the time-travelling escapade, as Starlight walks through Ponyville with Twilight, she suddenly finds herself teleported away to a big surprise courtesy of the chaos master. And she's not the only one...

Prepare for cameos and shenanigans! :derpytongue2:

And now with a sequel! We're The Same Too!: Rise of the Cameos!

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Read this on ff.net already.

Nice story!

You should get a better reaction for it on here, then from the bunch of philistines that populate that site.

A 'like' is winging your way.

...okay, i REALLY enjoyed this. ill admit i have a great dislike for Starlight, but this is a whos who, and with Sunset here, and the way it played out, i GREATLY enjoyed it.

good work on this one. keep it up!

6703834 Thanks, I'm happy you liked it so much :raritystarry: And thanks for favoriting!

6703630 Thanks, happy you liked it!

6703503 Thank you! I was really hoping this one would do well here, and I was fortunate enough to log on and see it at the top of the Popular Stories sidebar. I'm happy people are enjoying it :twilightsmile:

What a very cute story for Starlight Glimmer. I have a good feeling that Discord and Starlight will be the best of friends. :raritywink:

While this is a good Story I just going to say am pretty sure that Trixie isn't reformed yet.

I wish I could favorite this more than just once!

Thanks! :twilightsmile: And I would seriously love to see them get some screen time to relate about being former villains XD I think those two could come up with some great banter.

Eh, I figure she's getting close enough--she's kind of like season 5 Discord. There's an effort being made but there's also still a chance of slipping up :trixieshiftright:

Aw, thank you! :raritystarry:

Thanks! Happy you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

Sunset's bits were the best as far as the comedy, but Discord's bits at the end were really heartwarming.

Why hasn't Lauren faust thought of this?:rainbowhuh:

6708624 I would probably read that

6707494 Thanks, glad you enjoyed all that :twilightsmile:

6708624 Since I have no artistic skills whatsoever, if anyone wants to do that, I would read it, I would love it, and I would love whoever put the effort in :yay:

Discord is kinda right, isn't he? Not exactly many reformed male villains around.

And I'm guessing he didn't count human Twilight as a villain either. Well, to be fair, Trixie deliberately sought out the Alicorn Amulet, so she's still kinda at fault for what happened when she wore it.

6711593 Now that I think about it, I actually would like the show to swing back around to another male villain. We haven't had one since Sombra, but of course his screen time is minimal for obvious reasons. Maybe in season 6, lol? :yay:

6712677 Thank you! :twilightsmile:

6716201 Can I just say, I particularly love the fact that Discord isn't freaked out by the fact that Blueblood takes his horns so much as just slightly miffed :rainbowlaugh:

I think the reason for that is because Gilda was just a jerk, and not really villain material. That was the reason Diamond Tiara was rejected. LD's casual disregard for the lives of others might count, but she hasn't had a redemption of her own.


No, it's not annoying--discussion is always great :)

Derpsby summed this up well, but basically I don't really consider Gilda a 'villain' so much as just an 'antagonist'. I think the standard for actually being a villain is that you put another person or group of people in a significant degree of danger. That's why Discord rejected Diamond Tiara--she was bad and relentless and sometimes very spiteful, but she didn't actually put anyone in danger. And I had him consider Flim and Flam pretty much entirely because, even though they never put anyone in danger in the series, they still came up as potential Equestria conquerors in one of the alternate timelines.

As for Lightning Dust, similar to Gilda, she really didn't put anyone in a distressing amount of danger in the show, she was just an antagonist to overcome. As for any actions of hers in the comics, for the most part I try not to include things in them as canon in my stories because I know not everyone keeps up with them and I don't want things to get confusing for people.

The final reason I kept the list of potential recruits down to three (Chrysalis, Flim and Flam, Diamond Tiara) is that I didn't want things to get boring for people reading if Discord had to go through every creature who had ever caused a problem in Equestria. The three he chose were 'on the fence' candidates in his judgment whereas others didn't make the cut by his standard.

Anyway, that was my reasoning for how things played out in the story :twilightsmile:

6707738 She hasn't been on the show since season 2.

I think you could've cut the ending and left Discord entering Luna's room and beyond as an optional epilogue. Great none-the-less!

6722223 Thanks, I'm happy you liked it, and thanks for the favorite! :twilightsmile:

6732194 I'm familiar with that comic, but I wasn't basing her reformed self in this story off of it. By showing her 'reformed' here I was referring to the episode "Magical Duel" since at the end of that episode Trixie apologizes to Twilight for repeating her antagonistic behavior and leaves Ponyville on good terms. I think the fact that Trixie shows remorse in that ep and the fact that she expresses a genuine concern for earning Twilight's forgiveness suggests that she's learned the error of her ways and that her behavior in the future is going to be better. She might still make some mistakes of course since being a little selfish and showoff-ish is in her nature, but that episode felt like a reform ep for Trixie at the end, at least to me. But I'm sure there are other valid opinions on the state of her character after "Magical Duel" that can be argued.

This is great so far, but it definitely needs a proofread.

6733988 If you've spotted any errors and wouldn't mind, please let me know so I can correct them. Thank you :twilightsmile:

6732556 It's all right, and I'm not mad at you, I promise. I don't mind answering questions or discussing points of canon--I think that's part of the point of writing and sharing about the show as part of the fan community. :twilightsmile: All that matters to me is doing it in a nice, calm way, and explaining things in the same way if there's any confusion.

Take care,


Sorry, I'm used to reading these things as an official proofreader, where I can just leave notes on the document itself, so it didn't occur to me to leave notes in the comments...

6735953 It's fine, and you don't have to trouble yourself with a full commentary. But if there was something distracting enough that you felt the need to bring it up and wanted to give it a mention, feel free to let me know. Or not--whatever's easier for you :twilightsmile:

Boy that sure was a pretty good fic.

6715765 People see Sombra as a bad villain, they should watch more Lord of the Rings.

6743179 I never saw the movies and I don't think Sombra was a bad villain. He just had less screen time.

“Singing?” Trixie grinned and brought a hoof to her chest. “Oh please, singing shouldn’t be used for evil, it should be used for entertainment. You know, the modest and wise Trixie has been known to carry a tune.” She held her head high

If Tricks Up My Sleeve is any indication, I'm inclined to believe her.

“Celestia’s got dibs on him…” Starlight very quietly murmured to Sunset who did her best to stifle a laugh.

I like Snarky Starlight, it's hilarious.

Starlight’s gaze softened. She nodded. “Yes, I think it did. The club’s a good idea, Discord, and I’m happy to be a part of it. And thank you for caring about me being lonely.” She sighed. “Being lonely was the thing that drove me to all the bad stuff in the first place.”
Discord sighed as well. “…Me too.”

I like this.

Twilight smiled and her eyes hazed. “We’ll study for a few hours. Then we’ll go out into Ponyville and socialize a little, learn to make some friends. You can’t learn everything about magic from a book—trust me, I know.”

She's right you know.


Well played good madame.

6867938 Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the story :twilightsmile: And I'm especially happy snarky Starlight worked well for you. Writing her was difficult since we've gotten to see so little of her in the show, so I just tried to approximate her personality as best I could. But I hope she will be a little snarky when we see her next season. Those times when she taunted Twilight like that during the finale were some of my favorite moments :)

And thanks for the favorite! :scootangel:


I really hope she, Sunset and Twilight get into a three way snark off with Spike eating popcorn. What? it would be absolutely hysterical.

Bahahahahaha :rainbowlaugh: this is so funny that Sunset thinks it was a dream while adding humour there was also a romance in the mix in the conversation and other reformed villans and Discord. Epic:rainbowlaugh: love this story:pinkiehappy:

6941295 Thank you so much, I'm so glad you're enjoying my writing :twilightsmile: I'm actually embarking on an attempt to be an animation screenwriter, so hopefully I can make something work with that, and I appreciate your encouragement. And thank you so much for all of the story favorites and the watch :)

6938618 Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed the story :pinkiehappy:

next OOREV meeting must include midnight sparkle

7120366 Oh jeez, now I want to do this! XD She would freak out in the best possible nerdy way! :rainbowkiss:

This was really amazing! :raritystarry:

I love these characters getting together to form a club, even better with the jokes & shenanigans :rainbowlaugh:

This should be a series, like each week they talk about themselves and do villiany stuff! Like who is the better reform villian?

Also they could go against other villians who aren't reform like Sombra, Queen Chingling etc.

7155721 Thanks for the favorite, watch, and comment :) I'm so glad you enjoyed the story so much! I really hope some of these people get screen time together soon (and it looks like we'll get some of that next week ;)

:rainbowlaugh: Hilarious! I love it! I would love to see something like this in the actual show. Reformed villain club, something I've wanted since Keep Calm and Flutter On. A club where former baddies talk to each other about stuff their goody-goody friends might not entirely understand.

...Wait. Where have i heard this before? Ah, yes. Now that I think about it, this reminds me of Wreck-it Ralph. Whether that was intentional or not, I love this story and it's going into my faves list!

7183041 Thanks for the favorite, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the story :) Wreck-It Ralph was a bit of a side influence, yes lol. And meanwhile I think we all saw how well former bad guys can get along together after this last episode. I'm still excited to see how Discord processes Starlight--I really hope he comes up in an ep soon :yay:

That was amazing. But there were a couple things I noticed.

turn it Albuckuerque, heh..

It should be "at" instead of "it"
Not that you can change this, but I found discord's snapping a bit excessive in my opinion, he can do chaos without snapping.
Overall, I loved this story, going to my favorites list.:pinkiehappy:

7220988 Thanks so much for the favorite and the correction, I appreciate both! :) And I'll keep your note in mind about the snapping for the future :twilightsmile:

Also, I'm planning to write a sequel to this soon, just to let you know :)

That was such an awesome story to read! Adding this to my favs, definitely! :twilightsmile: The whole time I was either smiling non stop or bursting in a fit of laughter or giggles :rainbowlaugh:

7306884 So glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:
(After this season ends, there's going to be a sequel story :raritywink:)

...You really like Disclestia shipping, don't you?

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