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"We've had some interesting nights..."

~John de Lancie, Bronycon 2015, in response to someone asking him to comment on Celestia and Discord's relationship.

Celestia and Discord--tense acquaintances, close friends, or something more? It seems like they must spend some time together off screen to have developed any relationship at all. But of course Celestia only has nights free, and Discord, no matter when he hangs out with somepony, always has to make things interesting with his chaotic ways. And so we end up with some 'interesting nights' for the sun princess and the master of chaos...all alone...in Celestia's room...frequently.

Just what could they be doing in there? :scootangel:

(Yes, John de Lancie said a sentence, and I wrote a ten thousand word story about it. I knew something like this would happen if I went to his two panels at Bronycon, but I did it anyway, and I have no regrets! :trollestia:)

Beautiful cover art by Silvy-Fret: Silvy-Fret's Deviant Art page

Beautiful art at the end of the story by Nekoi-Echizen: Nekoi-Echizen's Deviant Art Page

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Man, I had forgotten how well you make these two work with each other. The funny, serious, and romantic moments all throughout the story made this so enjoyable. I can't believe you took the concept of Discord and Celestia playing simple party games into something fantastic. XD

I can handle losing a little game to the mare who bested me at all-out war a thousand years ago.

how was I supposed to know

But at least I’ve got my friends

by the reins

the flushes and the straights

a one hundred percent foolproof one.

I know I'm a bit nitpicky, and I apologise for it. Those aside, I thought it was nothing short of flawless. Great job.

6483155 No worries, I appreciate the assistance :twilightsmile: I made most of the corrections except I left 'woman' instead of replacing it with 'mare' (I think Discord's inter-species enough that he can use either term without issue), and I wasn't entirely sure what your correction was about the flushes and the straights--if you could clarify, I'd appreciate it :twilightsheepish: Thank you! And I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

6483294 Whoops. You spelled it 'straits' in the actual fic, rather than 'straights' in my correction. Sorry about that.

And I'll concede the point about the 'woman' thing.

6483327 Ah, okay, I see--thank you :)

Hey! :pinkiehappy: Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed their dynamics here. I really enjoyed getting to write them hanging out like this :twilightsmile:

My big pleasure sweetie! :heart:


If you are to write a sequel, it has to be about the wedding. It HAS to.

Lol, the wedding can be the epilogue :raritywink:

(Now I actually want to try writing it btw XD)

If you do a sequel, I hope it includes the Mane 6 finding out about the "engagement."

6496820 I will seriously consider trying to incorporate them somehow lol.

6498904 I wonder if Discord knows the old "make you think you slept for 1,000 years with elaborate illusions" prank?

6499005 He'd probably just wake her up after a long night of carousing around and pretend they were already married. Or he'd wake up from an interesting dream about the potential situation himself.

6499335 That does sound more in line with Discord, actually.

Awesome story and I think a sequel would be pretty cool

6510657 Thank you very much :twilightsmile:

'But at east', I see someone else pointed it out already, but that is meant to be 'but at least'. Still, adorable and heartwarming story! And I would love to see a sequal!

6519666 Thank you, and thanks for the favorite! :twilightsmile:

This is fantastic. It's well written, and made me laugh several times :twilightsmile:

6684144 Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Fun’s fun—what do I care what orderly age designation the games have?

Perfect logic.

Celestia couldn’t help smirking a little back at him…then she shrugged casually. “Poker…. That’s the one with the pairs and the flushes and the straights or something, right?” She used her magic to make the checkerboard disappear and a card deck appear floating between them in its place. “Oh I think I can remember how it goes, Discord. Why don’t you deal, and I’ll just feel my way through the situation…?”

She's faking, I know it.

Discord smirked. “Betting.”

Like what? Money's off the table, you can just make some and Celestia's got the royal treasury.

I really, really wish I could add more to that statement, but... I can't.
Your story was fantastic. I've got absolutely nothing to nitpick about. (Once again.) Wow.

Thank you!

6916411 Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed this one too, and thanks for the favorite :twilightsmile:

Hell yea I want a sequel, I just want more in general, I love this and I really want to see this continued

I think I first found this in fanfiction.net reading it again was just as fun though.
Its such a great story and It would be wonderful to see more.

First off, this story was so much fun to read, and I honestly wish they'd have some sort of episode like this. Secondly, yes, yes, a thousand times yes, I want a sequel. :pinkiehappy:

Lol, thank you--I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and that you'd be interested in a sequel :twilightsmile: I still have some plans for one that I'd like to write as soon as I have some free time. And thank you so much for the favorite and for the watch! :yay:

No problem. :twilightsmile:

i can’t believe i didn’t read this before aaaghck

this is great
and i had to try so hard not to laugh out loud because school’s a butt xD

A few years later and I still wish you would make a couple of sequels, one with the cider mill, and then one with the little arrangement Celestia and Discord have concerning marriage a thousand years into the future :trollestia:

Thank you! I still want to! Life never gives me time -_- I have ideas though, especially for the cider mill! 💕

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