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There goes my hero.


Nestled in a valley, along the bank of a wide river, stands the proud Sol Point estate. It sits in solitude, far from any city, town, or even settlement. Since it's construction 200 years prior to Luna's return it has remained a total secret. Now that Celestia has finally announced her retirement and transferred all of her ruling power to Luna, only the estate's name has become known to the public. Its secluded location remains a closely guarded secret, and that's how Celestia likes it. She's hoping for it to stay that way for at least another year or so.

When dealing with the omnipotent God of Chaos himself, however; that time frame shortens considerably.

Huge thanks to: MLPMatthew419 for editing and to Empty Shelf, Jackelope, and kalash93 for pre-reading.

Takes place 26 years after Luna's return. Contains Dislestia in future chapters.
RainGear is responsible for the coverphoto.

Featured 4/13/2017 around 4:00 PM. Thank you all.

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This reminds me of 'Dusk Falls ' with the isolated setting and friendly servents attending to a very modest Celestia.

8092068 Dusk Falls... ain't that by Norris?
If so, always wanted to read it, but never have. Also, thanks for showing interest. I hope to see you around for when I release updates!

8092117 It is! And I do plan to stick around.:twilightsmile:

who did the art?

8092117 It sucks don't read it. Plus the author is a huge jerk.

8092396 Yeah, what a huge dick. I heard he eats children

8092117 I read Dusk Falls maybe a year ago, it's a really good story I recommend you read it.

8092462 It looks real good, problem is I have a hard time finding the time to sit down and read big things.
Have you read the first chapter yet, by the way? It always makes me happy seeing you around.

8092467 I'd say this is an interesting story, looking foward to see how Discord come into play.

Wait, how did this get downvotes? Unless those are more for the premise than the actual story...

8092574 It's premise, I'm quite sure. People are quite picky with their OTP's.

That cover art is actually more explicit than it appears.

8092601 This was originally going to have a sex scene. Also its good clickbait.

8092607 When I looked at the cover art I was like "wait a minute, I remember seeing that image before" so yeah. I know this story is not going to have a sex scene cuz it has an E rating.

a stack of papers from Equestria's new head; Luna, appearing before where Celestia sat

I might suggest em-dashes around Luna, instead?

Ah, a nice, relaxing retirement...oh wait, Discord is in this. :rainbowlaugh:

I'd just like to say I'm trying very hard to contain my excitement for I am doing school.


8093347 :twilightsmile: stick around, my friend, for it only gets better from here. I hate to plug my page like this, but you could give me a watch to find out when updates occur. I'm publishing new chapters every two days

I like what you have so far.
Im keen to see some Discord :pinkiehappy:

As a side thingie, do you have a link to that cover art?

8094145 I don't, and I'm currently at work... so that totally negates any chance I'll provide a link.
Also, thanks for the comment, like, and fave! Chapter 2 will be released tomorrow, and with chapter 2 comes Discord.

8094152 ooooh, things will get fun then :trollestia:

8094313 WHOA WHAT





WE DID IT REDDIT. IT WAS THERE FOR A SPLIT SECOND BUT IT DON'T MATTER! Thank you for spotting this, I would have never known...

Comment posted by Those Kids In The Corner deleted Apr 14th, 2017

I swear I just saw a new chapter uploaded, read it, and then reloaded the page and it was gone. What.

8096320 Yeah... I'm dicking around with these stupid chapters. For some reason, when I publish a new one, it doesn't show the story in the updated section. Apologies; I'll just repost them.


Oi, just to let you all know, Chapter 2 is published. I messed around with it a lot because, for some reason, when I published it earlier it didn't put the story in the 'recently updated' box, nor did it when I gave publishing Chapter 3 a try... so I don't know what the hell. Either way, there it is, along with Chapter 3

8096342 Discord better be in the tea kettle or I shall call you a drangus.

8096375 That time will come. Not now, but soon. :trollestia:


Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!

...Not that I didn't like the chapter!

Loving it so far:rainbowkiss:
It's been long since I've actually been looking forward to a story.
Understandably, it has been realy quiet
in this corner of the fandom as of late:applecry:

:twilightsmile:8096732 Indeed, things have been slow.

Sorry to plug myself here, but if you want to know when updates happen, be sure to follow my page. I typically upload a blog when I post updates. Also, don't forget to like!

Thanks for your comment, btw!

Love it!!!! I want more!!!

8097651 :twilightsmile: glad you do! Be sure to leave a like, my guy! I would really appreciate it, especially since overnight this fic gained two down votes and no up votes for some reason.

It might be the fact he was, if nothing, intimidated by her. He had seen her get mad before. He didn't know ponies could snort flames. Fitting for the Goddess of the Sun, he supposed.

headcannon accepted

"Mhm, and I technically fell here."

Yes. Yesssss

Damn I love this story

8097778 I'm over-joyed I've been able to impress you. I'm also glad my hard work has showed; I've put my heart into this fic.

What happened to the cover art yo?

8098008 currently making something of my own. I felt that one was a bit clickbait-y. And it was sort of misleading for how the story really plays out.

8098035 Oooh, surprise cover art~!

8098037 yeah, once I get home I'm gonna get something nice. I'm on my phone right now, and I'm in line at Cabelas buying stuff for a hunt in June, lol

8098045 Stock up on granola bars for no legit reason other than to honor the snack gods.

8098064 I already got like 10 bags of trail mix

8098133 Snack gods bless you.

8098008 nvm I spent an hour trying to make something good and I can't.

8099271 this comment is high speed

Looking good so far, I feel Discord is a bit friendlier than he is in the show, but I feel its necesary for the pair to work well.

8100022 It has been, like, 24 years since the events of the show. That, and he's... you know, trying to not get kicked out of the estate. If he went full Discord Celestia'd probably banish his ass.

How adorable!

... but I worry about Luna. I'm sure she can deal with being in charge, especially since she was the one that wanted the position, but I worry about her being alone. The fact I'm not there... Discord, you don't know what it's like in her mind. It's... not a healthy mind. The dreams and nightmares she sees, the premonitions she gets about the past and the future, and the thoughts she can hear. I've always been there to listen to her. I'm the only one she trusts to take her seriously and to not see her as some sort of maniac. She doesn't trust Twilight, or Cadance, or any of her staff to actually listen."

This makes me want a story from your Luna's perspective because that would be very interesting.

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