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There goes my hero.


Love is felt in many different ways. Twilight loves her friends as friends; she would put her life on the line for any of them at the drop of a hat, and often does. She loves her family, and would go to whatever length needed to protect them and, if needed, help them in any way. She has loved as a lover, felt the tug of her heart for another pony, and the wish to always be in their embrace, never missing their body or voice. She has always kept these feelings separate.

When her dear friend, and undoubtedly family member Princess Celestia suffers an injury, she asks Twilight for help, and of course, Twilight is more than willing to assist in any way she can... at least, that's what she wants to tell herself. When the task at hoof requires loving a friend as a lover, things can get a little complicated.

Takes place some years after season 8.
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Three months have come and gone since her freedom from the Nightmare, and in that time, she has done much learning. Learning of the new world around her, and what wonders a far more modern Equestria brings. With all light comes darkness; she of all knows this well. The texts she spends time flipping through often do tell of dark, unpleasant things, but all have seemed to be in the past.

Venturing into the world around her, spending nights high in the skies over cities and walking down long town roads, she is quick to discover the present holds its own secrets. In the shadows of accomplishment hides a beast which she is determined to slay.

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The past and the future sat in a room. The future stared in awe at the past, the fear of expectation and heritage beginning to gnaw at her. The past only smiled, as the future looked bright.

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Nestled in a valley, along the bank of a wide river, stands the proud Sol Point estate. It sits in solitude, far from any city, town, or even settlement. Since it's construction 200 years prior to Luna's return it has remained a total secret. Now that Celestia has finally announced her retirement and transferred all of her ruling power to Luna, only the estate's name has become known to the public. Its secluded location remains a closely guarded secret, and that's how Celestia likes it. She's hoping for it to stay that way for at least another year or so.

When dealing with the omnipotent God of Chaos himself, however; that time frame shortens considerably.

Huge thanks to: MLPMatthew419 for editing and to Empty Shelf, Jackelope, and kalash93 for pre-reading.

Takes place 26 years after Luna's return. Contains Dislestia in future chapters.
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With Celestia out on vacation for a week, Cadance sees a fine opportunity to spend some time with her Auntie Luna, who's now in control of Equestria for that time. She's always known Luna to be a bit... different, but she never thought she'd find herself suspecting her Auntie Luna of trying to take over Equestria again. Is she simply over-thinking things, or is something truly the matter with Auntie?

Set mid Season 2.

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Hearth's Warming eve has never been colder. But, as snow falls and ice forms, contrast appears in our trench. Not a blink, strobe, or flash; nay, the sun itself.

This story is in 1st Person. Why do we not have a 1st person tag on FimFic yet? It truly does boggle the mind.
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Love is one feeling that can never be taken from someone's heart. No matter how many years of separation, no matter what wrongs were done in the past, no matter how much enmity exists between two ponies, love will always stand; at least that's what Nightmare Moon is hoping for. 700 years ago was the last time she had seen her sister Celestia, and her departing words had simply been 'I love you'. Now, after so long, Nightmare Moon's heart longs for its other half; and thus, she has brought Celestia back from the far away, magically void lands she cast her to so long ago. Now, she wonders if her sister will ever find it in her heart to forgive her for what she's done, and if their lives together can ever resume as they once had.

Takes place 300 years before when Luna would have returned from her banishment to the moon, and takes place in a universe where Nightmare Moon was never banished in the first place.

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Hearts and Hooves day has been an Equestrian tradition for some years, and for as equally long, it has been quasi-tradition that the sister rulers of the fledgling Equestrian nation have never been adorned with the title of being another's 'special somepony'. This year, Princess Luna has her eyes on the pink-maned Alicorn she rules beside and has her heart set on breaking the tradition of the two being alone for that special day.

Takes place 2000 years in the past.
Possible triggers: olden shakespearean style English, cuddling, and a kiss.
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Working mornings was a thing Tea Leaf had initially hated. Dragging yourself from bed to the showers at 5 in the morning to help open the doors at Tip-Top's Cafe in downtown Canterlot was a less-than-ideal situation for most, but she had come to enjoy it for a single reason; a regular of the Cafe by the name of Fleur De Lis. Sure; there were other regulars, but she stood out from the crowd in many ways than one. Their little chats held as Steam Wand, her partner in coffee and tea related crime, prepared Fleur De Lis' typical order had come to be the thing she waked for; the rest of her shift and University afterwards were merely side-effects.

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Contains F/F lovin'. Mentions explicit acts, but they aren't actually described in detail. "Shown", if you will.

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