• Published 18th Nov 2016
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My Only Sunshine - CoffeeBean

700 years have passed since the night Nightmare Moon defeated her sister Celestia and cast her to far off lands, stripping her of power. Now, the hate in the younger sister's heart has faded, and she has brought Celestia back to Equestria.

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Philomena gently pecked Celestia's muzzle to bring her from her sleep, the Alicorn groaning as her eyes fluttered open. Seeing her friend was now awake, Philomena gave a chirp, tapping her stomach with the tip of her unfurled wing.


Philomena squawked.

"We too art hungry..."

The weak aurora of Celestia's horn pulled her warm blue blanket from her figure, chilly air striking her as she began to pull herself from bed. Sleeping on and off for two days had taken its toll on her appearance. Her pink mane and tail hung disheveled and unkempt, and the longer parts of her coat were ruffled and out of place. Celestia had totally lost any sense of time passing quite some time ago, so her sleep schedule was non-existent, especially since she didn't have any clocks with her in the room. All she could hope for was that the Castle was currently in its downtime, that way she didn't have to interact with any of the Castle staff for at least a few more hours.

They were all exactly like Nightmare Moon; shunning the day and light, and wallowing around in coldness and darkness. Even their eyes were similar to Nightmare Moon's; while they still varied in color, they all held the attribute of slit pupils. Celestia was the only pony in Equestria to actually look normal; normal eyes, normal wings with feathers instead of hairless membranous wings, and a normal sense of what day and night meant. How could a nation operate with no sun? The sun showed what time it was, and provided warmth for every living creature. The moon did none of those things.

With Philomena now stood proudly on her back, Celestia walked tiredly to the doors of her new room, cautiously tapping her hoof at the rightmost door to ensure that Nightmare Moon had followed her instruction to keep the door shut, which she had. Anxiously, Celestia opened that rightmost door holding it half open with her magic as she peeked into the hallway. Stood at attention some distance down the hall was a single guard, his purple and silver armor glistening in the moonlight pouring in from the windows of the fairly short hallway. Celestia fully exited her room for the first time in what had felt like 3 days, closing the door behind her as she looked at either end of the hall; they each seemed to go in the same direction. Electing to choose the path with no guard, she began down the hall, looking over her shoulder to Philomena.

"Where would food be found in this dreadful new home? Thou knowest this place better than us," Inquired Celestia in her oldish way of words, something she had noticed the ponies around her to be void of.

Philomena nodded her head forward, prompting Celestia to continue. The hallway eventually came to another T intersection, and Philomena nodded to the left, which led to a corridor filled with busy staff. Celestia backed up to remain out of sight, sighing as she realized that she had not been fortunate enough to wake during the staff's downtime.

"Hello, Celestia." Spoke a female voice, Celestia looking over her shoulder past Philomena to see that bat-winged mare who followed Nightmare Moon around as if she were a bee chasing a flower.

"Do not address us by our name. We art still a Majesty, despite the fact thy so beloved ruler violated our powers so we can merely hold open a door." Returned Celestia with venom.

"Understood, your Majesty. I came by to check on you, but obviously; you've left your room. Hungry, I assume?"

"We both are, aye."

"Would you care to follow me? I can show you to the dining hall; lunch is being served."

"Fine. Take us there."

Without another word, Iris began on down the hall past Celestia and made a right, Celestia huffing as she trailed some distance behind to seem as if she were following nopony. Already she could feel eyes on her; the guards and staff in the hall both to her front and behind all looking at this odd, bright new pony in the castle.

"They hast no right to look at us. They art the foreign ones, not us." Celestia cursed under her breath just loud enough for Philomena to hear her.

Philomena gave a little chirp in response, peering around at the cleaners, guards and other ponies of different occupation as they stared.

"What does your pet like to eat, your Majesty?"

Celestia looked up with a small scowl, not liking Iris' false tone of geniality, "Smaller avians... and rodents, like yourself. If this Castle is any as proper as the one we once so kindly ruled, then it should have a garden, and said garden should be filled with plenty of prey."

Iris looked only a little hurt by the scathing nature of Celestia's word, "We do have a garden, your Majesty."

"Take us there first. Philomena takes priority over our hunger."

With a bow, Iris continued on down the hall. Celestia's attention turned back to the place and ponies around her, her unhappy eyes occasionally meeting with the eyes of a guard or random staff member carrying papers or simply traveling the halls. This place was wrong. Nothing about it felt right; no one should have to be shivering within their own home, and no one should have to strain to see the details of the walls and floors around them. How did these ponies under her sister's rule survive without warmth or light? Already Celestia wanted to be back in her room, cuddled warmly with Philomena with a few of her lanterns lit.

"Your Majesty; the gardens." Spoke Iris as she paused before a huge archway leading to an expanse of trees, grass, and flowers.

Excitedly, Philomena squawked and sprung into flight from Celestia's back, speeding high above the gardens and beginning to orbit in search of prey. Iris looked from the airborne Phoenix to Celestia, who stood a short distance away, her legs visibly shivering. She stared at this radiant Alicorn for a moment, Celestia noticing and returning her gaze. They stood with locked eyes for what had felt like forever, Iris waiting for Celestia to say something, and Celestia waiting for Iris to say something. Their stare was broken finally as Philomena's screech echoed into the hall, the two looking out just in time to see the Phoenix diving towards the ground.

"She's quite the hunter." Commented Iris, trying to spark conversation.


Philomena's figure appeared over the trees as she flew towards Celestia, swooping into the vertical and gracefully landing to Celestia's back, happily fluttering her wings as a single blue feather fell from her beak.

"C-Caught a Blue Jay, did thee?" Inquired Celestia with a smile, her teeth chattering.

Philomena chirped.

"W-Wondrous," Celestia shivered, turned her head to Iris, "you, s-show us back to our room."

"But, you haven't eaten yet, your Majesty..."

"We know quite well. S-Show us back to our room."

Reluctantly, Iris bowed, "Follow me, your Majesty."

And thus, Iris began down the same hall they had first arrived from.

"You; t-tell us, why did she decide t-to bring us to this Castle?" Celestia inquired through chattering teeth to Iris as she followed some distance behind with Philomena.

"She misses you; dearly. It's been hurting her that you've taken coming back so poorly."

Celestia scowled, "W-We art supposed to be happy? The only joy we hath found in the past 700 years sits upon our back."

Philomena chirped.

"You aren't supposed to be happy; no. Miss Moon knew well that you'd be horribly upset with her, but that doesn't change the fact she's hurt by how upset you are."

"If she is so hurt by our upset state, t-then why hast she been totally absent from our sight? We hath seen her two total times since our 'return'."

"Would you like to see your sister? She'd be..."

"Nay, we dost not wish to see her! Us asking such a question was not an implication, it was observation!" Celestia snapped.

That little bit of hope on Iris' face faded, "I see, your Majesty. Her Highness has been staying away from you because she knows you don't want to see her."

"She knowest well, then. If she truly cared about us, she would have simply given us Philomena and left. I care not for this new 'home' and I care not for those within it. They are not my subjects, for we art nay a ruler any longer, and I shant ever be again."

"What makes you so sure you'll never rule again, your Majesty?"

Celestia stopped dead in her tracks, Philomena squawking in surprise at the sudden stop, "Thou must jest..." she returned with a burning scowl, "Our magic hast been stripped to a bare minimum, our once bright ponies hath been poisoned with darkness, our once tall Castle home stands short in ruin within the corrupted forest beyond, and our sister hates us!" screamed Celestia, her voice booming through the halls.

"She doesn't hate you..."

"If that were true, then answer us this; why did she ruin our life?!"

Iris went quiet for some time, "She doesn't know. I asked her why she did what she did the night you came back, and she couldn't give me an answer."

"700 years, and she is still blinded by ignorance," Celestia grumbled, "You... what be your name?"

"Iris, your Majesty."

"Iris; begone. We recognize this hall, and we shant need your help. We are two thousand and five hundred years old, we can find our way through this freezing labyrinth on our own."

Without bowing or giving her acknowledgment, Iris turned back down the hall and continued on her way, Celestia watching her leave for a moment before continuing on her own way.

"Iris. Fitting name of thy disgusting slit pupils." Celestia growled under her breath, turning the corner of the hall to see the sun adorned doors of her 'room'.

She stepped before the entrance, looking at the sun's depiction for a moment before coming forward, placing her hoof at its center. She stood silent for a moment before pounding her hoof at the door, the crashing thud echoing in the cold air of the hall.

"Curse these doors... and the walls they art held by."

Celestia's weak spells opened the left door, granting her entrance to her white room. As she closed the door behind her, she took one of the few lanterns placed in her room with her magic.

"Might thou ignite our flame, dear Philomena?" Celestia inquired, opening the lantern's glass door and holding it up to Philomena.

The Phoenix's wing spread, the very tip of her feather catching flame to light the oil-soaked wick inside, Celestia smiling and closing the little glass door. Already, she felt warmer. The lantern was held close to her side as she walked from the door to her bed, her magic taking her blue blanket from the sheets. Philomena took to the air, hovering above Celestia as her magic draped the blanket over her back, wrapping the front of it around her neck like a scarf. Philomena came back down to Celestia's blanketed back, this time lying down with her large wings spread out to hold her body securely, Celestia giggling at her friend's pose

"Comfortable, art thee?"

Philomena chirped, nuzzling the bottom of her beak into Celestia's back. With her friend secure, her body no longer shivering thanks the blanket and Philomena's warm body, and her eyes no longer straining thanks to her lantern, Celestia departed from her room in search of food.

As much as she would like to ask for directions, she didn't want to interact with any being within the cold walls of her new home that wasn't Philomena, who was currently sprawled across her back, sleeping soundly. The two were in their own little world; Celestia had forgotten about her hunger and zoned out from her goal of finding the dining hall. With her lantern shining as brightly as she, Celestia marched her way through the halls, not caring about the many eyes constantly on her. It had taken 700 years for her to finally be happy once more. She had, for the longest time, thought that when, and if, she finally returned to Equestria that her time spent on those cursed islands would feel as if it were a matter of months, but it didn't. It felt longer than 700 years; much longer. Even now, as happy as she was with Philomena, things didn't feel right, and she knew they never would.

Her mind was plagued with questions, or rather a single question; why? She barely cared to read about Equestria's history, how the spigot in her room worked, or how the economy of the nation fared. She wanted to know why her sister insisted on being so... cruel. For years and years, they had been wonderfully happy together. Then, in a matter of months, Luna saw fit to ruin the life Celestia had fought so hard to make for both of them. Her mind failed to make sense of the situation; it had failed to do so 700 years ago, it had failed to do so while she sat in the rain and wind on her rocky, dull islands, and it failed to do so right now. Maybe something really was wrong with her sister, something deep in her mind. Before the nightmare began, those close to Celestia had suggested the possibility of her sister being insane, but she had been very quick to dismiss the idea. After countless years of isolation with nopony but her own thoughts to speak with, Celestia had begun reconsidering her dismissal of insanity.

Celestia let out a sigh, blinking a couple of times as she tried to shake off the anger in her mind. Every moment in her thoughts was a moment spent thinking of her situation, and it was starting to drain her. She wanted to be that cheery, radiant pony she once was; the pony others came to for advice or came to if they simply needed to talk to somepony who would understand. She looked to her lantern; the radiant part was well underway. Most of the ponies she passed squinted as they came close, something that made Celestia smile. Those in her castle would know who she was, and what she stood for. If her sun would not raise, then she would be the sun.

Casual chatting in the distance caught Celestia's ears, her head tilting and ears perking as she focused on the sound, silverware occasionally clinking against plates now too being heard as she walked. She was getting close to food. Her stomach growled in anticipation, and her step became quicker as the scent of fresh bread worked its way into her nostrils. Upon rounding the corner of the hall she saw the source of the enticing sounds and scents; a pair of doors opened wide to show what was undoubtedly the dining hall mentioned by Iris. As she came closer, the chatting died down, and by the time she had finally made it to the entrance of the hall, every pair of slit-pupil eyes belonging to the ponies sat around the two tables in the room were glued to her. She stood totally rigid for a time, sharing their gazes before walking to the end of the left table, her already struggling magic taking a plate from a tall stack and a fork from a little tray. Using her lantern to show what lay at the end of the table, Celestia browsed over the many items, amazed at not how wonderfully different things were from her last meal 700 years ago, but how they were still the same. Bread, fruits, vegetables, soups, sandwiches, sweets, and the occasional pastry; the exact same as it had been back then.

Now having her plate topped high with one of almost everything in the delicious display of food, Celestia began to look around the room for a possible place to sit; preferably a place absent of nearby ponies. She noticed that at the head of each table stood a solitary chair, totally empty and isolated from the presence of anypony else. Celestia started towards the head of the leftmost table, craning her head over her shoulder to nuzzle Philomena to get her to wake up.

"Wake, friend; we must sit."

Philomena blinked a few times, stretching out her wings as she got to her talons, looking around the room at the many eyes locked on her and Celestia. Finally, they had come to the table's head, and after placing her plate, lantern, and Phoenix on the table Celestia sat down, her posture as perfect as it had been 700 years ago. Her chest was held out proudly, and even in her shorter, younger state, she still sat high enough to look over the many ponies at her table.

"That chair is specifically reserved for her Highness." Called the firm male voice of a guard, his armor sounding off with metallic clanks as he approached Celestia from the right side of the room.

She snapped her gaze to this brave soul, her eyes digging into his, "Is her Highness here now?"

"No, Nightmare Moon is not here; but that does not chan..."

"Then why shan't we sit here?"

The guard was taken aback. Celestia simply stared at him as his mind worked to find the proper words.

"Guard; we shall cut thee a deal. Let us finish our first proper meal in 700 years, and we shall leave this seat empty for the rest of time."

Without further argument, and in total defeat, the guard began back towards his post. Celestia couldn't help but smile as she turned her attention forward, her horn lighting up to bring a bunch of grapes from her plate, her right hoof rising from between her haunches to gently pet Philomena. She kept her eyes down, looking at the salt and pepper shakers or the tablecloth rather than the many ponies within the room who were still staring at her. If she left them alone for long enough, they would all resume their chatting and dining. Eventually, as Celestia continued on eating grapes, taking bites of buttered toast, and sipping at her piping hot potato and carrot soup, the room went back to its own devices, chatter resuming and the clink of cutlery on porcelain punctuating the hall.

Celestia began tuning in on the chat of those at the table before her, her ears aiming forward while her eyes remained on her plate. She expected them to be talking about her, and that is what they were doing; she could hear every whisper about how she was rude, and how 'her Highness' had said that her sister was such a nice pony all those years ago. She could hear those near her commenting about her blanket, about her lantern and how it was too bright, and subtracted from the moon's light. She could hear them talking about Philomena, and how they thought it was improper for her to bring a wild beast to a place where food was served. Celestia's eyes momentarily came from her plate as she stabbed a gaze at the stallion sat three chairs away who had been commenting on her friend.

"You, stallion; whose eyes art green and whose coat art blue," Celestia called, craning her head up and sitting straighter.

His neutral expression turned to fright, "Me?"

"Aye; you. Repeat to us again what thou think of our friend."

The stallion's eyes moved from Celestia's stabbing glare to Philomena, who too was looking right at him, "I-I didn't say anything... Celestia, I-"

"Doth thee call 'her Highness' by her name?" She interrupted.

The stallion stumbled on his words, "No... not ever; your Highness."

"Then why doth thee see fit to call us by our name?"

"I... I didn't know what you would have preferred, your Highness."

"We prefer for you to not speak of our friend with such venom!" Celestia's anger got the better of her as she stood to her hind legs, her front hooves thudding to the table and her wings spreading, "She is not a wild beast!!"

Her scream echoed through the room and hall beyond, and once it had faded, that almost deafening silence returned to the room. She finally brought her gaze from his, looking around the room for a quick moment before dropping back to her seat, taking Philomena with her magic and placing her between her front hooves, resting her chin on the top of the Phoenix's feathery head. Philomena returned the embrace by nuzzling the top of her head against Celestia's fuzzy chin, the little action causing Celestia to smile faintly.

The anger burning through her heart and mind began to fade, and she looked up to the many eyes still locked on her. She all of a sudden felt horribly small, those gazes had such weight to them, they seemed to press down on her, shrinking her into her chair. Celestia's front legs squeezed Philomena tighter between them, her eyes shutting as she tried to imagine herself someplace else. She imagined herself sitting at the head of the table in her old dining hall, and she imagined her old Captain of the Guard, Cloud Fall, going on about how well the new recruits were doing, and she imagined her old adjutant Ink Scroll informing her of the Parliment's latest bills needing her attention. But, she couldn't fully fantasize it; she could still feel all of those eyes bearing down on her.

"Please stop looking at us," Celestia whined.

For a moment her eyes came open to see the worried, frightened ponies in the hall divert their gaze and return to their meals, barely any chat resuming. She took a deep breath, looking to her bowl of hot soup as she weakly brought a spoonful to her lips. Even with Philomena, she felt horribly lonely; a feeling she had felt for 700 years, and now, she was finally able to pinpoint it. She missed her sister. Not Nightmare Moon; she wasn't her sister, no matter how hard she pretended to fit that role. She missed Luna; the mysterious, dark creature of the night who she would sometimes not see for days on end because she was out doing... whatever she did at night. When Luna would finally return after days of absence, their hugs and conversations would seem all the better because of their short separation. Now, after not seeing her for 700 years, seeing her again and listening to her talk didn't make her feel happy or warm, it made her feel dread. That deep voice, her eerily glowing eyes, that harsh, fangy smile, and the chill that accompanied her presence. Luna hadn't been like that.

"Excuse me, your Majesty; that seat is normally reserved for Miss Moon." Spoke the familiar voice of Iris, Celestia turning to see the mare standing off to her left.

"We know. Thy guards hath been quick to remind us."

"Well, your sister wanted me to inform you that you're welcome to sit where ever you like."

Celestia's head finally raised from Philomena's as she looked around the room, "Is she here? How doth she knowest where we sit?"

"Your sister's not here, but she was informed by one of the guards that you had taken her seat. She said if you want to sit in her throne, you can, and she wouldn't care, your Majesty."

"We thank thee for informing us... and shalt thee do us a favor?"

"Anything, your Majesty."

"Do not call her 'my sister', for she is not. Our sister died 700 years ago."

Iris was taken aback, her heart sinking at Celestia's words. She didn't want to offer a response as Celestia turned back to her meal, taking another spoonful of soup to her waiting mouth.

"I assume you'd like for me to depart, your Majesty?"


With a bow, Iris turned and began back towards the door, leaving Celestia to finish her meal.

Celestia watched in an almost trance-like state as Philomena circled high above the garden she lay in, her forelegs folded to her chest beneath her blanket and her rear legs hanging lazily in the air. The lantern sitting a short distance from her had been extinguished, as she both wanted to save its fuel and pretend that it was night-time. Proper night-time. Right now, it was midnight for her, and she imagined that she was lying in her old gardens on a chilly autumn's night, gazing at the stars and Luna's moon and that soon she would retire to her quarters, sleep for some time then wake to raise the sun. Her rear legs kicked at the air in an absent-minded fashion as she watched her friend playing in the open air. She dived, rolled, and flipped with the grace of... a Phoenix. It was mesmerizing; Celestia wanted to join in, but she felt far too tired to try and do so. She had woken up a few hours ago, and she hadn't been running laps or attending meeting after meeting, so why did her entire body seem to ache? From the moment she had left her room, all she wanted to do was crawl back into bed.

She had felt that way for the entirety of her return; tired and weak. Her lack of magic was certainly a contribution, she could feel the magic in the land around her, and even in the walls and floors of the Castle, but there seemed to be a wall beneath her hooves everywhere she went, blocking any of it from being manipulated by her horn. What magic she could use was the fragments of light left by her shattered internal being; if she were whole, the wall at her hooves stopping magic from entering when she called it forth would barely matter. The inverse was almost true, however; if she could somehow beat this wall, then her horn would pull at the earth with the strength an Alicorn was known for.

The shattered remains of her magic might also contribute to the horrible cold feeling in her chest that no amount of blankets or hugging her friend could fix. It was a cold that wasn't caused by breathing in chilly air, it was a cold of absence, and it was a cold that drained on her mind and heart. She could hide away from her, and she could hide away from the ponies within the confines of the Castle, but she couldn't hide away from herself. She couldn't make the coldness inside of her go away, and she couldn't quell the ache in her heart she felt when she thought of what life had been. More than her own fate she worried what had come of those close to her, and Equestria as a whole. What had those nights after her take-over been like? She could only imagine the fear and sorrow felt by the ones she worked with on a daily basis. What she imagined to be worse was the fact those close to her had also been close to Luna; they shared the same information with her as they did with Celestia.

Sighing, Celestia dragged herself upright, her fizzling magic taking her blanket and draping it lazily over her back and wings to keep herself warm. She looked up, whistling a high note to call Philomena back as she looked down to retrieve her unlit lantern. Diving from her high altitude, Philomena swooped down, doing an aerobatic flip in the air before landing neatly on Celestia's blanket-covered back, her wing stretching out to relight the lantern Celestia had held to her. Smiling weakly at her feathered friend, Celestia began towards the far off entrance to the garden, her steps slow and tired. It was hard for her to even keep her head help up, all she wanted to do was hang her head and unfurl her wings to her side, as her muscles ached at the simple act of holding her limbs in idle pose. She didn't understand why she was so tired, and why she felt almost sick. Even smiling at Philomena seemed to drain her of energy, she couldn't imagine walking with the joyous stride and cheery smile she once so proudly wore; doing so now would most likely kill her, at least that was how it felt.

As the entrance of the chilly garden drew close, a familiar figure walked from the hall beyond into the arched opening; it was Iris. She stood, watching with a neutral expression as Celestia continued on forward, her own expression showing the distaste she felt for seeing the mare again.

"The Castle has a wonderfully staffed spa, your Majesty," Iris commented once Celestia was in earshot.

"We are sure it does,"

"Would you like me to take you there? A hot shower looks like something you could use, your Majesty."

Celestia stopped, "A 'shower'?"

"Yes, a shower... do you not know what a shower is?" Iris returned, waiting to be snapped at for making such a stupid inquiry.

"Nay, we do not," She paused, looking into Iris' eyes for a moment, "Tis a form of bath?"

"Yes; imagine standing in the pouring rain, except the rain is hot and steamy. I... I really do think it's something you would like, your Majesty."

Celestia could see the fear in this mare's eyes; the fear of her. She... was afraid of her; worrying that at every work from her mouth she would get yelled at or cursed upon. Celestia felt sick to her stomach; no one had ever looked at her with such eyes when they were making simple suggestions, informing her of a major problem, maybe, but suggesting for her to visit the spa? Never.

"We to think we would enjoy it... take us there, Miss Iris."

Iris bowed her head, turning around and walking back to the arched entrance, Celestia still trailing a few hoof lengths behind rather than at her side. Celestia couldn't shake that look in Iris' eyes from her mind; how could she cause a mare of such kind attitude to look at her with such dread? She remembered back to the looks the many ponies in the dining hall had given her after snapping at the blue stallion; they were the same eyes Iris looked to her with. Celestia reflected on her entire time being back; for a single moment had she felt joy like she used to feel, and it was the moment she had lain eyes upon Philomena. After that; nothing. Even her time spent watching her friend in the garden hadn't brought joy; every waking moment her mind spent playing back images of her past, images that she could never forget or bring back. She had begun to hate what she had become; 700 years ago she was a friend to all under her and Luna's rule, and now she only found companionship with Philomena, and those in her home didn't see her as a friend, leader, or even as a kind being. They looked at her with disgust and loathing, a look she had now begun to see herself with.

"Your Majesty; the spa."

Celestia snapped from her thoughts as she gazed at the glass-pane door before her, her eyes going from it to Iris.

"We shall leave you alone, your Majesty," Iris spoke, bowing and quickly turning away.

"Do not call us 'your Majesty' any longer, Miss Iris. We art nay a Majesty..."

Iris paused, "But, earlier you sa-"
"We knowest what we hath said. Look upon us, do we look like a Majesty?"

Iris looked over Celestia's tall figure, her eyes moving from her pink mane to the regal Phoenix stood upon her back, then to that depressed expression she had held since her arrival.

"If you smiled, you would."

Celestia's breath caught a little, "Thou do not understand how hard it is for us to do so."

"I know how hard it is. The one pony you loved turned on you and ruined your life, and what you used to stand for. You'd be surprised how many of us in the castle don't agree with what she did."

"Thou knowest the truth? She did not spread lies and tales saying we were the aggressor, and she was the victim?"

"The legend goes that two sisters used to rule over Equestria in harmony, light magic and dark magic existing in as one, and the sun and the moon providing balance to the lands. The younger sister became jealous that ponies would sleep during the night, and she became angry that they would fear the creatures that roamed in the dark instead of respecting them and befriending them as they did with creatures of the day. The younger sister also became angry at her elder for never seeing the hurt she went through, and that she never tried to help. That jealousy and anger grew into a demon within the younger sister's mind, taking over her and causing her to turn on her sister so that she may have Equestria for herself, and so she may make the night last forever. That's... what happened, right?"

Celestia stood totally speechless, her eyes moving from Iris' to the stone floor. Luna had always been honest about things. Other than Celestia not realizing how hurt her sister was; the legend was truthful. Maybe Luna was alive inside that body.

"Tis what happened..."

"I'm sorry for bringing it up to you..." Consoled Iris, taking note of the horribly hurt expression Celestia held.

"Thou art fine. Iris, doth thou think my sister is still alive? Within that beast... does she live?"

"I do. You haven't been around her for the last few days; I have, and she is not the same. Something is changing in her."

For the first time in 700 years, Celestia felt hope. That cold in her chest seemed to disappear as she looked at Iris.

"Help us get her back, Iris," Celestia stepped forward and took Iris by her shoulders, "Please help us get her back..."

"I'll try my best, Celestia. For her sake and for yours, I'll try by best."