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There goes my hero.


With Celestia out on vacation for a week, Cadance sees a fine opportunity to spend some time with her Auntie Luna, who's now in control of Equestria for that time. She's always known Luna to be a bit... different, but she never thought she'd find herself suspecting her Auntie Luna of trying to take over Equestria again. Is she simply over-thinking things, or is something truly the matter with Auntie?

Set mid Season 2.

Featured on: 1/30/17!
Also, this is now my 5th story to have 100 likes!
Also pt2, this story was featured in SA Review #104! Check it out here!

Preread/Edited by MLPMatthew419 and Mocha Star

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When I read that title, I thought this was going to be some sort of parody of the Panama Papers. Well, this doesn't look bad at least.

7902284 Well... papers will play a part, and they cause some controversy, so technically it fits.

IDK; stick around and read the next chapters when they come out! The story is entirely finished, and I'm going to upload a chapter a day.

Luna is just like me, actively avoiding conversation with other, even prefering to avoid public areas.


Ok, thank you for responding.

As a Luna fan I like how you have portrayed her so far. Looking forward to see where this is going.

7904531 She certainly has an interesting personality. If you like Luna, you'll like this story, I'm sure of it.

How do you make that º in the chapter title?

7907031 I made it while on mobile.

They're trying to be funny, Cadence. It's a joke. They're trying to make a joke. They just... don't sell it very well. I get the feeling that the night's general lack of ponies is a detriment to their social skills, or they're both just naturally awkward. They're too used to the quiet.


7909711 Luna's gotta have a secretary that matches her dorkiness, otherwise it wouldn't work!

Thanks for the comment, by the way. I'm uploading a chapter a day, so keep an eye out for updates.

I'd assume quite a few of her actions are holdovers from her time ruling the kingdom a thousand years ago. I doubt she feels terribly close to most people of this time, especially since the night is so often bereft of company. Still, she seems kind, just... not accustomed to expressing it. Her reactions to Cadance's love show as much. She always seems to appreciate those words.

7909742 Luna's just a strange pony.

It seems as though Luna does enjoy Cadances company after all.

I love how much Luna seems to enjoy Cadances affections.

Hmmmm! I think I can guess what the plan is...
Independence!.... That document is a "Declareation" of intent to found a new civilisation, Luna is just giving it a polish.
That Day guard? Perhaps the form change is to allow some form of comunication between the sisters at a later date?

7912325 Interesting theory! You're actually the first person to make a prediction.


Just to inform you all, Chapter 6, which is essentially the end, is published. There's a small epilogue following within the next few hours.

This was a good chapter.

I figured that some of the scrolls were for a day to night transformation, but the other scrolls being nightmare recording surprised me. Pretty cool. Looking forward to the epilogue.

7914827 Now I gotta add a 'spoilers in comments' thing!
Also, thank you for your comments, and for reading! The Epilogue will be out tomorrow; around noon or so.

I love the way you've portrayed Luna so far. Very... strange. Very mysterious.

7914872 Yeah, she's a weirdo. Thanks for commenting, by the way. I look forward to seeing you finish things!

7912041 Same. I never thought about the fact that, being the Princess of Love (before ruling the Crystal Empire at least), Cadance probably says "I love you" a lot. Luna being a misunderstood and unappreciated pony, and the feeling of being unloved having been the cause of Nightmare Moon in the first place, it makes sense she would really appreciate Cadance's open statement of love, and that reminder that she's not alone.

This was a great short story! I love how you portrayed Luna. I'll admit for a little while I suspected Luna was plotting something. I feel so guilty now XD

7915103 It's not over yet! The Epilogue will be out tomorrow! Also, thank you for saying so. I had fun writing it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

7915114 Oh, there's more? Awesome! I love your writing style. I'll be sure to come back tomorrow and read the rest!

7915122 Well, if you like my work, you should consider following my page. I've got more stories on the way soon!

7915153 Already did! Your "My Only Sunshine" story was actually the reason I made a FIMFiction account in the first place. I look forward to more stories! (Speaking of My Only Sunshine, I'm going to go back to reading that now... Chapter 7 Act 3 awaits!)

7915161 Really? I... had no clue. That's extremely flattering that you made an account just for that story! Well, I await a comment on your thoughts... and feelings, once you complete My Only Sunshine. If you're only on Act 3, you've got a ride before you.

Hehe, I'll be sure to start leaving comments now that I actually have an account! *grabs popcorn* this is gonna be good...

That moment when Luna realizes she's actually experiencing a positive emotion. :pinkiegasp:

where is the epilogue?

7915521 Coming tomorrow.

This was a good story, I thoroughly enjoyed it for it felt as an episode of MLP: FiM

7915610 SOMEONE FINALLY GOT IT! That's how I've been writing my shorter stories, and someone noticed!

Also, thank you for reading and commenting! The Epilogue will be out tomorrow, so be sure to come back!

7914844 Fixed! i forgot about that. :applecry:

Well, this was fun to pre-read... We art gratified thy thoughts wandered towards Us.

Oop! Someone finally disliked. Bout time.

7917110 Well, you've proved yourself as a competent editor, so expect more work in the future!

This is such a sweet story! I love the way you wrote Luna and Cadance. I never thought much about their relationship before.

7918304 They're certainly a fun pair to write. I've got a great romance fic involving them, and it sparked my interest in writing about these two.

As usual; thanks for reading and commenting! Funny enough, I just finished watching a 2 hour movie and came up to catch your comment nearly 7 minutes after you made it! My timing is great.

Serious question, does Luna have some sort of mental disorder?

7919205 She's Luna; that's her problem. But, to provide a solid answer, I imagine so. You don't go off and try to kill your sister and take over the nation without having something wrong with you.

That would be the Dissociative identity disorder plus Schizophrenia I guess.

7920186 Schizophrenia, yeah... Dissociative identity disorder, not at all. And, less than actually having disorders, persay, I imagine that years and years of mental isolation and what she sees in her dreamweaving and dreamwalking have made her how she is. That, and social anxiety, for fear of being looked down upon for her differences.

She's different. We'll say that. :trollestia:

Well, this was definitely an enjoyable read, like the simplicity of it.

Definitely a very good story

7924460 :pinkiehappy: Glad you liked it so much!

Well this was an interesting read. I always enjoy a good Luna story. And seeing cadance interact with her was new for me. Not many stories where those two interact all that much. Least not that i've found. And that moment where Luna almost burst into tears. The feels. Oh the feels. Also, the ending made me chuckle. :yay:

I think I'm going to really like this version of Luna. It seems there's a lot going on in her brain that doesn't quite reach her mouth.

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