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There goes my hero.


Princess Celestia gets a speeding ticket

It's pretty self-explanatory.

FimFic needs a 'dumb' tag.



A wonderful piece of art made by my Steam/FimFiction friend TheBreadMaker.

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This is one of those stories that just exist because they can.

Still, it was great.

7630502 Drive down the freeway for a while listening to the Top Gun theme; you'll get LOTS of great story ideas.

Now this is just silly. Have an upvote.

Philomena screeched in rebuttal, Celestia rolling her eyes, "Yeah, I know dying hurts; get over it."

Yup, definitely up there with lines of literature that I'd never thought I'd read. It's probably next to:

She missed by a bee’s dick length.

Now I want to watch The Fast and The Furious movies and Smokey and the Bandit

FimFiction needs a 'dumb' tag.

I fully agree. Get on it knighty!

I was expecting Luna to arrest Celestia near the end, that would have been funny. Still good story though

7630740 I thought to end the story with Celestia casually driving away, but I thought 'speed demon' would extenuate the stupid.

I love this so much. And in a Pontiac Firebird too, how appropriate for both Celestia and Philomena.

If a bathroom were nothing but a fairy tale and this fic was the toilet paper, does this mean that shit just got real?

7632701 try gyazo. Maybe it'll work

7632872 it works for me no problem then again i am running this through sevral proxies and other things so basicly EVERY THING works. it be awsome!

Comedy+Random generally equals dumb on Fimfic.

Fun fact: Our king has also been stopped for speeding a couple of times.

He didn't get fined, of course, because he's the king and thus legally immune to prosecution for any crime whatsoever.

7632957 Forgive my American ignorance; but where are you from that has a king?

7632949 True dat. That... and if you read the title 'Princess Celestia gets a speeding ticket' and don't like it because it's stupid, then you are stupid.

7633055 Jury's out on me being insane though.

7633061 I wasn't calling you stupid if that's what you're implying :twilightsheepish:


Sweden. Funny thing is, unlike Celestia, our monarch doesn't even have any actual authority. It's a completely ceremonial position, and he's not even allowed to express political views.

But he could still commit any crime he wants - both as the head of state and as a private person - and get away scot-free. It's one of those vestigial formalities we never bothered to get rid of when we switched to democracy way back.

Of course, if he did something really bad, like murdering someone, I'm guessing it would cause quite a bit of an uproar, the law would be amended pretty quickly, and people might actually start taking the republican advocates seriously.

7633248 Well, since you're from Sweden, let me be an Aircraft nerd for a moment and say I love your domestically produced fighter aircraft. Works of fucking art.

Also, I had no idea Sweden still had a king; a ceremonial one at that.

the more you know


Well, since you're from Sweden, let me be an Aircraft nerd for a moment and say I love your domestically produced fighter aircraft. Works of fucking art.

Thanks. Fighter jets are cool. I don't actually know anything about them, though, so I'll take your word for it.

Also, I had no idea Sweden still had a king; a ceremonial one at that.

Sure, dude hands out Nobel Prizes every year.

There are a bunch of countries over here in Europe that have kept their monarchies - thirteen in total counting the Vatican. The British one is probably the most well-known.

(Ours is one of the oldest, though. I think only Denmark has us beat, supposedly. It's hard to tell since the earliest kings are quasi-mythical by now.)

7633248 I'm a monarchist and even I don't think a monarch should be above the law. If your king wasn't only ceremonial, but had actual duties he might start taking his position more seriously.

Very cute. It got enough giggles out of me, and the imagery was good.

Though when Celestia was talking about how long she's been driving, I would have thought you'd bring up something like "I've been driving since these things were invented." or "I've been driving long enough my license number is 8."

As for Celestia's last taunt to Luna... she is taunting a being with the power of telekinetic levitation...

7633334 >tfw you know more about a nation's military than someone living in the country.

I'm a fucking nerd.

Also; let me enlighten you.




These are three of Sweden's domestically produced fighters. From top to bottom the JAS-39 Gripen, J-35 Draken, and AJ-39 Viggen.
All built by Saab

7633350 That would be a nice touch... a nice touch I'm going to implement.
Thanks for the comment and the idea! Glad my stupid story got some laughs.


Like I said, I strongly suspect the only reason he's still above the law is because so far, it has never caused any real problems, so it's not worth the hassle to do anything about it.

It's not like he's a bad king. If anything, getting caught speeding once or twice only seemed to make the guy more relatable. The royal family is very popular among the citizens, but they're not what I would call especially interesting people.


Oh, I know about the planes themselves, of course. I don't think anyone my age doesn't know about the JAS-39, at least, since it made some headlines back in the day.

I meant, I don't know enough about fighter aircraft in general to tell which one is more awesome than the other.

7633626 That's something I overlooked; I bet the media enjoys boasting about the JAS-39, especially since it's had some pretty good export success.

Love the story!

Celestia needs to buy a "T" top, to avoid the need of modifying the roof to fit her horn.

Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant.


I stopped by and saw this conversation. I think I've gotten to go to Sweden once, it was when I was visiting and going around Europe, but when you mentioned the Nobel Prize I realized that I got invited to go to Nobel week so I may get to go back there and visit or go there for the first time. I can't seem to recall if I went there or not, I usually remember what I did, not where I was. But I do know from eating German chocolate that you guys probably have good chocolate too, would you say that?


Also saw this. Might I add this amazing aircraft?


This was incredibly stupid.

My favorite :rainbowlaugh:

Dragonforce + a fast car is a dangerous combination.

The speedometer on my dad's Camaro only went to 85, but I once managed to get the needle all the way around the bottom and back up to 15.

FimFic needs a "dumb" tag.

Literally just up voted the story for that alone. Might read later.

her grin only widened as a rectangular sign went past. 'SPEED LIMIT ENFORCED BY PEGASUS', it read.



Ah, not quite. We Swedes are not really a boasting people - in fact we are culturally inclined to be kinda reserved, even a bit self-deprecating. Being overtly patriotic is, ironically, a fairly un-Swedish thing and actually considered sorta questionable.

Gripen mostly got a lot of attention as the plane that crashed twice in very dramatic fashion. (And with the same pilot both times, though the reason was determined to be navigation software errors, so the guy was just that unlucky.)

The second crash was insane, because it happened in the middle of a display during the Stockholm Water Festival. It was a damn miracle that nobody died, because it managed to hit, like, the one place in the area that didn't have a huge crowd of people in it.

Needless to say, the media coverage was very negative and some critics demanded the entire project be cancelled. We're actually a rather pacifistic people and a majority of the population do not think we should be selling weapons of war to begin with, even though we are surprisingly good at it in terms of GDP per capita.

Additionally, Gripen later made more headlines due to allegations of bribery when we managed to sell a bunch of them to South Africa.

So yeah. We're not really the "look at how awesome we are!" type of country. We're kinda the anti-America in that regard. :twilightsheepish:

7635029 Well, that's aboslutely 10/10. I did know about the crashes; building a plane with fly-by-wire leads to lots of terrible crashes (see F-16 for proof on that, why do you think we call that plane the lawn dart?)


I don't think we are really known for great chocolate - I mean, our chocolate is okay, but you'll probably have better luck going to Denmark for that. Switzerland and Belgium are supposedly the best chocolate producers in Europe.

I do know we have some really good coffee, though. We're obsessed with the stuff.

Also, chocolate aside, I understand we are pretty good at candy in general, especially in the form of loose bulk confectionery. My brother claimed it was something he really, really missed while he was living in the Netherlands.


Yeah, from what I gather, the development of the JAS-39 was actually less accident prone than a lot of other fighter jets around the world. We're just kinda neurotic about our own achievements, I suppose.

7635343 Only if I get to keep one of the SVDs


Spanish here. You have probably heard about the scandals regarding our royal family. Because it´s not enough for them to be one of our costliest and most useless institutions... nah, they still have to fuck it up.

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