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There goes my hero.


The past and the future sat in a room. The future stared in awe at the past, the fear of expectation and heritage beginning to gnaw at her. The past only smiled, as the future looked bright.

Great thanks to my friends who helped along the way;
Pre-reader: Empty Shelf
Editor: Matthewl419
Cover art originally by Grey, I simply added text.
Featured on 8/16/2017!

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I shall assume you liked it, lol.

yap it's pretty cool

Cadance looked to Luna, “Maybe next time you’d like to sit for her, Luna?”

“Maybe when she gains age. Never been good with fillies or colts.”

Funny, her experiences with the Cutie Mark Crusaders seem to suggest otherwise...

I can't be expected to remember every episode, can I?

A few typos that need work. One that sticks out to me most is:


Pretty sure you mean "sovereign's."

Other than that, it's not bad. Some funny moments, and some where you can tell that Celestia is feeling her millenia of rule.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for finding that mistake. I did indeed mean sovereign's.

jokes on you, I have a covert modem

A sequel where Luna does teach Flurry to dreamwalk would be interesting.
Also, thanks for reading, commenting, and following my page!

Your welcome and yeah! I would like that sequel very much. :ajsmug:

I started thinking about what a celestia flurry romance would be. Then came this part...

Stroking Flurry’s mane a few times, Celestia shook her head. “While I taught her many things, the greatest thing I taught her to do was to learn from the past, and to not only understand it but to conquer it. The past and future are one in the same, and by conquering the past, you too can conquer the future."

Im sure Celestia wouldnt mind being conquered...

“And she is very right. What you possess is a power many wish to have. You must be careful with it, and only use it for good, even when doing wrong seems right.”

“But, if doing wrong is wrong, how could it ever be right?”

That's a great philosophical question, and one we humans still struggle with; assault is illegal. However, what if you're assaulting someone who was about to hurt someone else? The law states that only the 'minimum amount of force necessary' is to be used - how do you calculate this, especially when you're fuelled by adrenaline, and thus not thinking the same as if such an event was not happening?
Sure, you could try negotiating, talking, which pretty much everyone would say should be the first thing you try - but many times that's not going to be effective at all, especially if the attacker is drugged or determined to carry out their crime. What can you do if the attacker shows no sign of stopping, or even of pain?
Wait for the police? Yeah, good luck - they cannot teleport, so it'll take a few precious minutes for them to arrive, by which time you could be seriously injured.

One great example: the Punisher. He's a 'good guy' who straight-up shoots bad guys, when every other hero swears off murder. Is the Punisher right to kill bad guys? Should Batman execute the Joker, before the Clown Prince of Crime slaughters more innocents? Would it be better if Superman lobotomised Doomsday, else he destroy the world? Or would these acts just turn the heroes into what they're fighting, start them down the slippery slope to villainy?

Fucking amazing man.

Smooth, man, smooth.

This was a great little read.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Not to mention that "what is wrong" and "what is illegal" are two different things.
Like, when you're a child, mother tells you that if somebody makes a crime, the policeman will come and kick his ass. But if you become a policeman, suddenly you're expected to kick asses.

Referring to Celestia's view on the book, through, it's not "wrong is the only way", but more "different people perceive wrong differently". In Celestia's eyes, she's the one to blame; in ponies' - Luna is. So she can either agree with their opinion and silently grief even more, or try to publicly blame herself, which can lead to even more disarray - in tough times it is important to have somebody to look up to.

Lovely story!
Thank you for sharing this with everyone!

:twilightsheepish: Thank you so much! It was such a pleasant surprise waking up this morning to see my story made it to the featured box, as well as seeing everyone's comments.

And thank you for reading, as well as making it possible for this little fic to make it to the front page!

That was a pleasant read. You really know how to write Celestia, CB.

Well, nearly half of every story I've ever written either features her or Luna as a main character, so I've got a metric assload of experience with their characters. The main thing was learning what other people think they should be like. Listening to what people liked/disliked, and seeing how others wrote them. From that, I've developed my own headcanons and such. I suppose it's worked pretty well, because people seem to like my stories, lol.

This is probably one of the single cutest things I've ever read. This fave is well-earned

The Past smiled at the Future, "One day, little one, you will be as completely useless as I am and be beaten by clouds and plants."

The Past cried and needed a diaper change.


Why do you think I'm writing a story where Celestia retires? :rainbowwild:

Aww, thanks! Such a flatterer :twilightsmile:

8370318 I can't wait to see how quickly they get their flanks handed to them in the movie. :rainbowlaugh:

This is a great story.

While it seems like just a story of Celestia babysitting Flurry. The ubderlying tone of the past and the future interecting was interesting.

I liked all the thoughts of Celestia as she looks to Flurry (the future) with a postive outlook and Celestia old mementos (her past) as lessons to the future. I just wished we could see Flurry's perpective or rather how the future (so innocent and everchanging) views the past (Celestia)

Im so glad you liked this little story so much! Thanks for the follow and fav! Also, I initially had the idea to put something from flurry's perspective, but I feel this worked a bit better because of the simplicity.

You could do another chapter this time from flurry's perspective. From interacting with Celestia to learning lessons of the past and her innocent look into the future/herself. This could make for a great encore chapter

This is a wonderful story.

And a good companion for a very difficult night.


:twilightsmile: Glad this little fic of mine could shine some light on your day.

A lovely interaction between what has been and what will be, with moments of delightfully surprising depth. I have but one quibble:

Maybe when she gains age. Never been good with fillies or colts.

I think the Crusaders would disagree.

In any case, thank you for this.

Thanks! As for the CMC thing, i just didnt recall the episode.

Now this is really adorable. I really like the relationship between Celestia and Flurry. And good foreshadowing for Sol Point.

For the record, as far as I know Luna get along with kids perfectly fine. She helped the CMC in their respective episodes and Luna was upset when she accidentally botched the funds for a school field trip in A Royal Problem

I don't believe I've seen the CMC centric episodes, but I have seen A Royal Problem, and I didn't once think to make the correlation.
Nobody's perfect, I suppose.

Also, congratulations for making this story stay in the feature box for like three days.

Thank you. You and every one else here made it possible.
I do want to thank you especially; you've read everything I've ever written, and you were the first person to ever read anything I published. Anytime I publish anything, I wait for you to comment. It always makes me happy.
Also, thus far, It's only been 2 thus far. By like, noon tomorrow it'll have been 3 days! Weew!

I would try to be the first to comment, but kind of hard to do so when I have a never ending library of stories I'm reading and stories that I'm going to read in the future.

I truly enjoyed the pacing of the story. I can only imagine that thoughts of young Twilight flittered through her head as she watched Flurryheart. Comparing a young unicorn to a young alicorn. Celestia could probably see the day when Flurryheart would surpass them all. A day she may long for.

Glad you liked it so much! Its funny, on the note of Celestia longing for the day Flurry replaces her, i have an entire story about her retiring . Once more, thanks for reading, commenting, and faving!

Short and sweet but not without depth! A lovely read.

Now we need a sequel with Luna.

I love the cover pic
The patterns and designs make her mane even more magical

Good story, tugs at the ol heartstrings. Almost had me in tears by the end.

Thank you for reading! I've noticed that, even when I'm writing things that are jovial in nature, they're always bittersweet and somber in their tone. Glad you liked the story.

Nice story. Not much to add that others haven't said already, but I liked the concept and the character interaction, and it was very well put together. Thanks for writing it.

And thank you for reading!

This, is complicated to describe my feelings for. It is good, it is amazingly good, this isn't complicated in the "Some good some bad, not sure how I feel way" but in a "Not sure how to even to begin to put the feelings into words" way. Which alone shows how deep and unique and amazingly thought provoking and feels heavy in unexpected and unique ways the story was.

The whole idea of it is wonderful, and the way it goes about it, the rather heavy hooved symbolism and dialog, by all right looked at on their own should come off as possibly pretentious, or trying to hard, or at least a bit narmy, off in some way, but the story makes it work. It's so sincere and adorable in how it does it that it simply works. (And not in a Bethesda way.) It's just a sweet, touching day spent by Tia watching over a young filly, doing usually things, imparting wisdom in her own way, while just enjoying being around her grand niece. But still having all that symbolism right there, and yet not feeling off. I have no idea how you did it, but it was so well done.

The only minor nitpick I have is it did feel odd for Flurry to be calling her Celestia, rather then Aunt Celestia or something, but that I could see just being a thing, would have prefer the family title to add a bit extra connection. Though while I can see that making sense, really can't see her not calling Twilight "Aunt Twilight" if not "Aunt Twily". That connection really felt odd to not have. But, yeah that's it for things that felt odd. This was wonderful!

Oh, okay, one more thing that felt odd, Luna? Not good with foals? The CMC would like to disagree. If anything, Luna seems to be better at interacting with foals then adults.

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