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Hey guys, It's me PsychoNerd here and I'm a nerdy book worm who is a Brony and I write stories. I hope you like what I write and if you do then Thank you and if you don't then it's cool.


Everypony knows that Celestia and Discord are mortal enemies. Given their past encounters, it's no big surprise. Though after Discord's reformation and Celestia's acceptance, things aren't as they used to be. What if the plus one will ruin Luna's plans for the celebration?

Editor/Co-Author: EverfreePony

All of these characters belong to Hasbro, The plotline belongs only to me and Ever. These story is purely fiction and is not meant to offend anyone who has felt the same way nor has felt the same experience.

Cover art by the amazing PuffedCereal

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:facehoof: The grammar is just so... As much as I love Dislestia this is just...

Do you have an editor? Someone to look over the story and it's chapters prior to being published?

the sofa in a weird yet remarkably comfortable form

Discord's sofa is fairly normal. Your argument is invalid.

Still think you need an editor tho :T

7713459 Uhmm no, currently alone in regards to writing this and yeah, just trying to get some elements I suppose to make it stand out, some originality I guess like in one chapter I''m currently writing, Discord's throne is there in his home.

I admire your honesty, really I do :twilightsmile: I needed the pointers since I'm not really a good writer nor am I a professional but I did get pointers from a couple of authors, avid readers, and professional librarians.

The expression he brought only made things worse for her.


Fam, you need an editor. I'm a bit of a grammar nazi, but I still need editors, although my mistakes are mostly using the wrong 'to/too'

All an editor/proofreader/prereader/whatevs does is check for spelling and grammar errors, not change the story concept itself.

7786972 I have my editor, though I am having troubles with time... I'll see what I can do

7787466 My editor is EverfreePony and she's changed so much that I can't even recognize my original version of the story, what she did is beautiful.

Can you also PM me if there are any more mistakes? or anything that needs changing.

That was a good chapter, nice little one with some charm and romance.

Evrything she needed to do was done.

Schould be Everything

7792619 Thank you! and I'll edit it right away :twilightsheepish:

I agree with the comment... One big problem I see is the spacing between paragraphs and sentences, because when I'm reading on my phone, the words are like 10-12 spaces apart from each other and some paragraphs are smash together...

I'm a new editor so I could help you out with these problems. Also I like the story so far

Really nice chapter good work :twilightsmile: Made me laugh and give a nice warm feeling to read about this two also your jokes was quite nice and well placed^^ Only thing I would mention again is your formatting, really get it in order just for one time please:raritywink:

7851917 Thank you! :pinkiehappy: It makes me happy that our work is well received with positive views :pinkiesad2:

And I beg your pardon? Formatting? I don't understand :derpyderp2:

7851928 Like I and the others say in our comments the spaces between paragraphs and words are sometimes messed up again. I guess in the doc or wereever you write the story at, it is fine but when you tranfer it to fim the formating goes crazy, I suggest you fix it on the Fim page after you copied the text into the fim docs.

Yeah stuff like the guards turn to stone and the warm feeling Discord gets when Celestia hold his paw, thats really good spots and worth reading:twilightsmile:

7851934 That's one issue me and my Ever have no errors in terms of our viewing, she and I see the story that the spaces are fine, must be a glitch or something :derpytongue2:

I'll give some thought on that :raritywink: thanks for the tip

7851942 I don´t think it is glitch I guess it depends which system you look at the story with. Laptop, Desktop Pc, Phone. So because it is not just me instead some others as well who have issues with it I really would suggest to take care of. See you story has 10 up and 6 downvotes yet, but s far as I have expired with Fimfictions young authors with your way of writing and a good romantic story at all with some comedy elements didn´t get this rating at all should be more 15up to one or two downs at most.

And I would blame the messed up spacing and general formatting for it. To be honest I want to give you an upvote too but hesitate to do so because of the formatting. Your story plot convinced me and also it gave me smiles but really I can´t completly give it an upvote till the formatting is correct for everyone.

7851948 I'll look at it if I can, thank you for your opinion :twilightsmile:

Oh that was a good one again^^ The characters act so cute or in Luna and ravens case so realistic for your alternative setting. Really enjoyed reading it.

Just i guess you made a translation error, the phrase : was all but, means it was everythig else than... So you told us the food was horrible and the guests angry and not impressed. I guess you wanted to say the oposite from the idea i got:raritywink:

But non the less a good chapter^^

7921427 Awww! Thank you! :pinkiehappy: I'm so happy you like it!

Actually I did base some of that part from yours :twilightsheepish: It's a good part in your story and I tried making my version :derpytongue2:

7921446 You mean the feast build up at Castle Dragonbite?:pinkiehappy:

No, fluffy, stop nitpicking. Stop. You're here to enjoy updates. Yeah...
*deep breath*
I think I'll uh....

7921987 Hehehe calm down :rainbowlaugh: it's all right, worries
Just glad you're here to see updates :rainbowwild:

7922378 I'm soryy but I'm just a bit of a grammar Nazi xD

7922381 It's all right, I'm actually happy to see you're still here despite my nitpicks :rainbowwild: No worries :raritywink: and I can't wait for the cover photo that's been in production by PuffedCereal in dA. I can't for her cover art for this :rainbowwild:

Wow I'm really enjoying this story so far!! Kudos to you!

7957552 Aww thank you! :pinkiehappy: It means so much to hear this. I'm glad to see you're enjoying it so far :rainbowwild:

Chaos is a Necessity! My dear dear Celestia!, It promotes change! Like how fire that burns where from the ashes, breeds and creates something new and beautiful…Like how my Chaos “burns Order and from the “ashes” or carnage…….Something new and beautiful is also born.” he showed Celestia a flower from the ashes after he burns wood as he finished his statement.

I understand Discord Chaos promotes change. We humans are closer to Discord than to the elements we are agents of chaos and change.

“You may trust him… but I don’t…” Luna stared after her.

You really should be more forgiving. Your past hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows either give him a chance.

8145251 I'm glad you see that side of things, that more easier it'll be for everyone if they see it that way, I personally do :ajsmug:

8145315 Some ponies just hold grudges and apparently have their reasons at most :derpytongue2:


I didn't notice

Wow, this is one of the best Dislestia stories I have ever read! :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:No abrupt Let's love each other!, but instead just a nicely progressing, genuine evening :twilightsmile: Luna doesn't seem all that happy though.

Aww! :pinkiesad2: This means so much to me! It really does make me smile to see that you like it so much and yup, that's what I was going for to be frank :pinkiehappy: and Yeah, she is not amused, not one bit and soon You'll know why in the next chapter :raritywink:

You are welcome! Next chapter? :pinkiegasp: Yay! :pinkiehappy:

Yup! and probably the end since there's nothing else to continue besides an Epilogue, or if I consider a Sequel to which kinda involves Luna and someone else OR just more plain Dislestia stuff :derpytongue2:

Awww, ending already? :fluttershysad: I'm sure you'll make it awesome, but more Celestia, Luna and Discord would be really good after that :pinkiehappy:

The song at the end is reaching it's last part of the lyrics which also inspired me to this in the first place so I have no choice :ajsleepy: and thanks for believing in me! :pinkiesad2: and Yeah, I'll think about a sequel more or less :ajsmug:

Then there is no choice, your right :twistnerd: A sequel or another independend story would be awesome! :rainbowkiss::heart:

Such a shame it comes to an end, but I believe something new will come forth :trollestia: And thank you so much, it makes an author keep writing because of people like you :pinkiehappy: If you want, I can let you help or even be a part of my stories if you want to :rainbowwild:

Your welcome. I think no, my English in not too good. I will wait for what you publish :pinkiehappy:

Oh very well then, I'll keep you updated if you have questions or even suggestions now on my stories :ajsmug:

I hope this continues, I love this one. 😊

Chapter 9 currently in progress! :rainbowwild: It'll be ready soon and thank you so much, I always love it when readers like you like my creations :pinkiesad2: and I'm thinking on creating a Sequel maybe but I don't know yet and sad to say the story is nearly ending :raritycry: But thank you for the love :pinkiehappy:

Are you still continuing this story? I really like it.

True but Luna had more reasons discord was just making life horrible for fun AND he betrayed them again.Luna was a hard working lonely young alicorn who got taken advantage of and was not getting the love she needed,Discord was a ancient narsitistic madpony social path and traitor.I like discord now though.

Please don't stop this is adorable!

OMG please more!

This looks interesting I think I shall give it a look.

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