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Hey guys, It's me PsychoNerd here and I'm a nerdy book worm who is a Brony and I write stories. I hope you like what I write and if you do then Thank you and if you don't then it's cool.


This story is a sequel to The Unforgettable Mall Workers

After her horrifying experience in the aisles of a mall. Raven thought her nightmares were over in that tragic mall.

Little did she know she was still being haunted, more so from somepony of her own level... more so same situation... What could possibly be in the minds of the Cashiers?

Dare find out...

Sequel to The Unforgettable Mall Workers

Editor is my BSBFF (Big Sister Best Friend Forever) EverfreePony

Cover art by moemneop

Chapters (1)

Prequel to The Cashiers 101

When Raven decides to buy her groceries at a Mall, she thinks it's gonna be like any other day that goes by like for everypony.

But things aren't exactly gonna go the way she hoped...

What secrets are hidden in the Mall, and what tales are told by the ponies who stay there every single day... the workers... the ponies who's lives revolve around the Mall... and they harbor some truths that most ponies don't realize nor know about...

Dare relate...

Editor by the amazing EverfreePony
Cover art by HAchaosagent

Dedicated to my BSBFF (see Editor)

Chapters (1)

Everypony knows that Celestia and Discord are mortal enemies. Given their past encounters, it's no big surprise. Though after Discord's reformation and Celestia's acceptance, things aren't as they used to be. What if the plus one will ruin Luna's plans for the celebration?

Editor/Co-Author: EverfreePony

All of these characters belong to Hasbro, The plotline belongs only to me and Ever. These story is purely fiction and is not meant to offend anyone who has felt the same way nor has felt the same experience.

Cover art by the amazing PuffedCereal

Chapters (8)
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