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Hey guys, It's me PsychoNerd here and I'm a nerdy book worm who is a Brony and I write stories. I hope you like what I write and if you do then Thank you and if you don't then it's cool.


NEW COVER ART! · 3:25am Feb 12th, 2017

Greetings from the bowels of the deepest part of my room through the keys of my typing device :rainbowwild:

I have wonderful news from my team called "The Odds" :rainbowlaugh: Who currently help in the project of the story Chaotic Odds
-Co-Author: Yours truly :rainbowwild:
-Co-Author/Editor: EverfreePony

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UPDATE: Chaotic Odds · 1:45pm Nov 10th, 2016

For those of you currently reading Chaotic Odds, I try to as best as I can on my chapters being posted so all of you can enjoy them.......

I know that some don't particularly like them but I'm not blaming any pony, like I said in my bio, if you don't like it then it's cool........

It's a Celestia and Discord story that revolves around them and I'm glad a few people like it and I'll finish it as soon as possible........

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