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Steve Ott

I too once thought the radio played, let's act like children while we sleep paralyzed.

Long Bio

I am not Steve Ott, he is just my username. I was hellvic notion for almost 4 years but now I have now rebranded since I realized the word hellvic is just stupid.

Here are five quick facts about me:

1. I love sports especially hockey, football, soccer, and basketball. Like my Dad, I'm an all Dallas fan.

2. I have tested for autism, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and aspergers and when it all came back, I was borderline for every single one. I am unidentifiable.

3. I'm a recent high school graduate that doesn't know what he will do with his life.

4. I currently have five stories on this site. Two are dead, one is in a coma, and Half-Sisters will one day be finished. I just need to figure out what the hell I'm going to do with it.

5. I have been a brony since April of 2012. Despite my longevity, I have never contributed anything of significance to this community.

And as an extra bonus, down below are three facts about my namesake Steve Ott.

1. Ott is known as a pest which is basically the guy that annoys the other team.

2. Ott played several years with the Dallas Stars and during that time he was my favorite player.

3. According to St. Louis Blues fans he is the worst player in the NHL. I think there just jealous that her gets payed more in a year then they will make in their life.


Hmm · 2:39pm Apr 1st, 2017

I regret nothing

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