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  • 225 weeks
    SA: Round 167

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    In a facility as large and as continuously expanding as the Seattle’s Angels compound was, finding someone wasn’t as hard as it would at first seem. All you needed was a little patience and the right tools. Tools such as the universal locator that Cynewulf had built into her shades. One blink was all it took to bring up the HUD, while a second blink activated the locator.

    The display gave off a ping, quickly finding her intended target.

    One transporter pod jump later and she stood in front of the door for the Holodeck Ultra 2000 (HUT). As she expected, it was in use as indicated by the occupied sign hanging off the handle. Shaking her head, Cynewulf turned the door handle and pushed, entering the HUT. Her HUD pinged again, prompting her to look upwards.

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  • 430 weeks
    Round Robin Reviews # 2

    The Round Robin Reviews are written by different groups and reviewers taking turns each week. If you are a story reviewer or part of a group that reviews stories and would be interested in joining the Round Robin Reviews, feel free to PM me (Wanderer D), Professor Plum, or ElDorado to tell us about it.

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  • 431 weeks
    Everfree Northwest Fanfiction Spotlight #36

    Fanfiction Spotlight #36
    Published 3/5/16

    Hello my little authors and readers! Welcome to the return of the Everfree Northwest Fanfiction Spotlight! We’re back and working hard to give you some lovely pieces to read, review, digest, gank ideas from, and as always, we try to bring you a little bit of everything as reviewed by the writing track team! I’m Heartshine, and I’m taking over for Xepher as editor!

    But enough about us, to the stories! This week we have Sunset Shimmer solving a mystery, Celestia’s response to being constantly under the influence of the Worf Effect, and an emotional story that explores the deep connection between Princess Celestia and Twilight.

    ---- Review by Silver Flare ----


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  • 445 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #21 - Truth is stranger than Fics

    The Royal Guard—Ring-Ting-Tingling Edition

    [Obs]Hi guys. It's time for more fic spotlight. Jinglemas is coming up soon, so all of you are probably going to need some horse words for your festive jingle related holidays. Here are some good ones so that you don't have to cry to Santa that he didn't bring you MLP fanfics on jinglemas morn. Read and be merry.[/Obs]

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  • 448 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #20 - It's The Fic Signal, Batman!

    The Royal Guard—Missed Thanksgiving By One Week Edition

    Hey guys, it's Fic Spotlight. It's like a magical world where good MLP fics rain from the sky and all your troubles are washed away. Only it's real and not actually anything like what I described. Instead have a choice selection of good MLP fics, which should distract you long enough to avoid remembering that the world is actually a dark and scary place.


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  • 449 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #19 - Can We Fics It?

    The Royal Guard—Running Out of Edition Names Edition

    [Obs] Hey guys! Time for more fic spotlight. You're probably all really starving for high quality horsewords, so here's some high quality horse words. It's really convenient that your wants lined up with what happened to be available. It'd be kind of weird if you were starving for like actual food or something and all we had was just high quality horsewords.

    It'd be really awkward probably.

    Anyways just click below the break and you'll get more words than you'll even know what to do with.[/Obs]

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  • 452 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #18 - Back to the Ficture

    The Royal Guard—Fortified with Calcium Edition

    [Obs] Hey guys, fic spotlight is back to bring you cool fics. Technically Back to the Future Day was yesterday, but the magic of time travel is that you can pretend anything from some other time is happening RIGHT NOW.

    Like cool fics.

    So go read some of these while you're riding on a hoverboard, drinking a pepsi perfect. It'll be cool and stuff.[/Obs]

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  • 454 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #17 - Fic Spooklight

    The Royal Guard—Hat Trick Achieved Edition

    [Obs] Hey guys! It's October, and also it's time for spic fotlight. Things are about to get pretty spooky, because this month all the fics spotlighted are going to be about pony skeletons. Except the twist is that the skeletons are trapped inside sacks of meat, like some kind of living body. Actually they might just be regular fics about living ponies. Which is still pretty spooky, I guess. Go read them or something. [/Obs]

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  • 456 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #16 - Fics it Now!

    The Royal Guard—Keeping the Ball Rolling Edition

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  • 458 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #15 - Return of Fic Spotlight

    The Royal Guard — Triumphant Return Edition


    Hey guys, I bet you forgot all about this being a thing, right? Me too! They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, though, so maybe fond memories of the times when quality fics were served up on silver platters. Y'know, in the before time, back when the One True King sat on the throne and the words flowed as wine. What's that? You don't remember that time? Then clearly you haven't read enough ponyfics! The Royal Guard is back now to deliver them to you. I guess they're a thing again. Click below the break to get ponies.


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Fic Spotlight » SA Reviews #117 · 2:42am Dec 3rd, 2017

Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

Warmth. Beautiful, blessed warmth. It didn’t matter what it was, or where she was--all that mattered was the warmth. The endless hellcold of winter had been temporarily banished. Cynewulf might yet survive the 50 degree farenheit blizzard hoarfrost of December yet, if only she had a few more minutes of--

There was, of course, an explosion. Because there is always an explosion.

Memory came back swiftly, in the microsecond before disaster. The warm thing was the cat and also the beanbag floof pillow. She grabbed the cat and shielded her precious blobby body from the no-doubt incoming shards of wood and plaster.

But nothing came. Seconds passed. Cynewulf opened her eyes.

Above her she saw a sight unlike any other. Ascending on tongues of flame, born by chariots of many fired eyes and holy terror there rode a ferret whose eyes were topaz and who wore a crown of burning laurel.

“HAVE YOU SEEN A SQUIRREL” she roared with divine force.

Cynewulf gaped.


“I… I think he was gonna bring his revi--”


“But I don’t want to ri--”

But it was too late. In the blink of an eye she was caught up into the air, and ferret went in search of the reviews


When a strange, unexpected storm settles over Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle investigates. She discovers that not only is the storm the fault of the weather ponies, but only the weakest flyer in Ponyville can stop it.

You know what the best thing about Twilight being an alicorn is? Seeing people make stories where the conflict isn’t resolved through the extreme power Twilight’s power grants her. Twilight is an alicorn in this fic, but it’s mostly incidental. This is instead a great little story involving fun worldbuilding with interesting creatures, a dilemma that is somewhat alarming but show-levels of dangerous, and characters who are all given unique opportunities to shine in their own ways. It’s a grounded, principled approach to fanfiction, with a good understanding of not only the ponies themselves, but the show and the world they inhabit.

We hear it a lot--”This could be just like an episode of the show!”--but here’s a prime example of what that looks like. This story is well paced, well-written, and keeps pretty decently within the canon of the show. It’s a fun little adventure with a pretty decent understanding of the principles that make the show itself such a delight to watch. We have Twilight being perfectly herself, Dash being as brash and reckless as one expects… honestly, it was like watching an episode from season 2 or 3 being played right out in front of me, and though this story doesn’t bring anything mindbogglingly new to the table, there’s something to be said for any tale that can make me grin like this one did.

Vinyl and Octavia's new apartment isn't exactly spacious--in some places, there's barely any room to breathe. The lack of space is driving Vinyl crazy, and she won't stand for it a second longer.

I dislike enclosed spaces, and I dislike crowds because they make me feel like I’m in an enclosed space. But what to do when your own loved ones start to make you feel cramped and ill-fitting? How can Vinyl and Octavia keep their relationship going when they themselves are causing the tension? Well, that’s what this fic tries to explore. Working through the fragility of two people who love each other, yet can’t really know each other. Living close without treading on each other’s hooves. Figuring out how to navigate life when the only ones bumping shoulders are your loved ones. It’s a good read.

Relationships are… complicated. All kinds of relations--progeny and parents, friends and friends, lover and lover--all kinds of relations have a certain degree of uncertainty, a certain degree of vulnerability. Relationships present us with challenges and with the fundamental truth of what we are: creatures that break down over time.

This story isn’t about plot. It’s about a singular, solitary instant in an established relationship. Vinyl and Octavia are down on their luck. Things could be worse and have been worse, but they could be a lot better. Things are not ruined, but they are very, very shaky. It is moments exactly like these that the uncertainty of relationship shows itself. We can’t really know the mind of the person next to us, and all we have is what they show us on the outside. It’s that shaky moment that teaches us that we can, in fact, live with this state of affairs.

When Fluttershy was a filly, she wanted four things when she grew up: a nice home, a stallion by her side, a foal or two to make a family, and a place where all her animal friends could live and be happy. Now, with her animal sanctuary finally completed, she takes a quiet moment and considers some of her other goals.

Planning is easy, but having those plans pan out in ways you didn’t expect can be life-changing. Fluttershy never struck me as a pony who has “goals,” necessarily, or even that many plans. But the fic does do a good job making us believe that, and takes a dip into the turbulent waters of ‘what if my life doesn’t go the way I intended?’ It’s not super intensive, but it doesn’t really need to be. Just a thoughtful few thousand words -- and I liked them.

Dreams are hard to let go of, and anybody who has ever had one will tell you the same. Real dreams, ones that play on the most basic drives we have, hurt us as we let go of them.

This story is about Fluttershy having all but one of the things she longed for, and wondering in a quiet and very-so-much typical of her way about whether or not the passing of one of her dreams is something she can live with.

The lives we plan out for ourselves may not be the ones we imagined. And honestly? That’s okay.

Hearth's Warming eve has never been colder. But, as snow falls and ice forms, contrast appears in our trench. Not a blink, strobe, or flash; nay, the sun itself.

World War 1 was straight up awful. No two ways about it. Few wars encompassed the awful, all-consuming horror of the phrase ‘war is hell.’

So what are ponies doing in Hell?

Well, this fic has them ask themselves just that. On a day like any other, in the middle of trenches and disease and blood and tears, ponies and griffons are forced to ask just what the heck they’re all doing there. Why? What’s it all for? Is there a way it can all end?

If you’re a student of history and you’re familiar with how Christmas impacted The Great War, I expect you already know the answer. This is a lovely look at how ponies just might pull themselves back from the brink.

Anyone who has read my longest fics (two of them in particular and maybe a third) or has talked to me at all knows that I adore the study of history. It’s a passion of mine. So is the study of the first world war. I have a lot of stories about it that I love to repeat.

But if you know me, then you know there’s one particular one that almost makes me weep. This story, whether it intended to be or not, is a direct callback to that particular moment in time.

It’s the Christmas Truce. It’s one of the most beautiful things that ever happened in all of human history. It is one of the only times in all of our bitter and bloody days that we deserved to be called anything other than savages. It was a time when we could, for a moment, be said to have lived in something like… harmony.

This one is worth the read.

“And that, my friend, is why bitcoins are the future.” Red gripped his extra-long pointing stick between his paws, flexing it happily.

The other assembled Angels squinted. The intern scrambled around to refill everyone’s coffee if they took so much as a sip.

Plum pointed at the screen. “All you did was draw an acorn and a bitcoin with an ‘equal’ sign between them.”

“Yes! Bitcoins equals more nuts! That’s the whole point I’ve been trying to make!”

Plum shook his head. “Yeah, I’m leaving.”

Everyone else soon followed suit, leaving Red alone in the conference room. He sat down on his bushy tail and pouted.

Then there was an explosion.

“MY MORTAL HUSBAND,” spoke Ferret as her divinity burned through the ceiling, wreathed in glory and also literal wreaths because it’s almost Christmas, “I HAVE COME TO UNITE YOU WITH YOUR REVIEW PARTNER AND RETRIEVE THE HOLY SCRIPTURE.”

“Yeah, here they are,” Red said, holding up a sheaf of ink-splattered papers.


Cyenwulf was dropped onto the conference table and crashed through it. Her cat landed daintily atop her and started licking her paws as Ferret receded into the Aether Realms.

Red punched his wee little paws together. “Well, if I can’t get bitcoins with words… I’m gonna have to scare it out of them.”

He grabbed Cyne and pulled her limp body through the wreckage. “Come on, review buddy! It’s way past October, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be spooky. It’s time to make a costume for the Ghost of Christmas Shame.”

Feel free to visit our group for more information and events, and to offer some recommendations for future rounds. See you all next time!

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I often don't read these beforehand and they're always hilarious.

I never read these beforehand. Heck, I didn't even know what fics were being done.

That said, I swear, Coffee, I had nothing to do with this! And now that it's happened I totally won't claim it isn't a way to butter you up while you wait for me to get off my butt and do stuff! Confused? Good. But actually, this was all them.

One day... I will get my story on one of these reviews...

Corejo #4 · Dec 3rd, 2017 · · 1 ·

Ferret is our resident demigod. Long live the Ferret!

I still have no idea why this keeps popping up in my feed.

Cause it's site news

Well, I had no idea you guys reviewed my story! It suddenly got an influx of upvotes and favorites, so I had a hunch you had done it again! Sure enough, I was right. Thanks so much, and I'm so glad my story was liked by you two!

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