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    SA: Round 167

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    In a facility as large and as continuously expanding as the Seattle’s Angels compound was, finding someone wasn’t as hard as it would at first seem. All you needed was a little patience and the right tools. Tools such as the universal locator that Cynewulf had built into her shades. One blink was all it took to bring up the HUD, while a second blink activated the locator.

    The display gave off a ping, quickly finding her intended target.

    One transporter pod jump later and she stood in front of the door for the Holodeck Ultra 2000 (HUT). As she expected, it was in use as indicated by the occupied sign hanging off the handle. Shaking her head, Cynewulf turned the door handle and pushed, entering the HUT. Her HUD pinged again, prompting her to look upwards.

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  • 344 weeks
    SA Reviews #117

    Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

    Warmth. Beautiful, blessed warmth. It didn’t matter what it was, or where she was--all that mattered was the warmth. The endless hellcold of winter had been temporarily banished. Cynewulf might yet survive the 50 degree farenheit blizzard hoarfrost of December yet, if only she had a few more minutes of--

    There was, of course, an explosion. Because there is always an explosion.

    Memory came back swiftly, in the microsecond before disaster. The warm thing was the cat and also the beanbag floof pillow. She grabbed the cat and shielded her precious blobby body from the no-doubt incoming shards of wood and plaster.

    But nothing came. Seconds passed. Cynewulf opened her eyes.

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  • 433 weeks
    Round Robin Reviews # 2

    The Round Robin Reviews are written by different groups and reviewers taking turns each week. If you are a story reviewer or part of a group that reviews stories and would be interested in joining the Round Robin Reviews, feel free to PM me (Wanderer D), Professor Plum, or ElDorado to tell us about it.

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  • 434 weeks
    Everfree Northwest Fanfiction Spotlight #36

    Fanfiction Spotlight #36
    Published 3/5/16

    Hello my little authors and readers! Welcome to the return of the Everfree Northwest Fanfiction Spotlight! We’re back and working hard to give you some lovely pieces to read, review, digest, gank ideas from, and as always, we try to bring you a little bit of everything as reviewed by the writing track team! I’m Heartshine, and I’m taking over for Xepher as editor!

    But enough about us, to the stories! This week we have Sunset Shimmer solving a mystery, Celestia’s response to being constantly under the influence of the Worf Effect, and an emotional story that explores the deep connection between Princess Celestia and Twilight.

    ---- Review by Silver Flare ----


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  • 448 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #21 - Truth is stranger than Fics

    The Royal Guard—Ring-Ting-Tingling Edition

    [Obs]Hi guys. It's time for more fic spotlight. Jinglemas is coming up soon, so all of you are probably going to need some horse words for your festive jingle related holidays. Here are some good ones so that you don't have to cry to Santa that he didn't bring you MLP fanfics on jinglemas morn. Read and be merry.[/Obs]

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  • 451 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #20 - It's The Fic Signal, Batman!

    The Royal Guard—Missed Thanksgiving By One Week Edition

    Hey guys, it's Fic Spotlight. It's like a magical world where good MLP fics rain from the sky and all your troubles are washed away. Only it's real and not actually anything like what I described. Instead have a choice selection of good MLP fics, which should distract you long enough to avoid remembering that the world is actually a dark and scary place.


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  • 452 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #19 - Can We Fics It?

    The Royal Guard—Running Out of Edition Names Edition

    [Obs] Hey guys! Time for more fic spotlight. You're probably all really starving for high quality horsewords, so here's some high quality horse words. It's really convenient that your wants lined up with what happened to be available. It'd be kind of weird if you were starving for like actual food or something and all we had was just high quality horsewords.

    It'd be really awkward probably.

    Anyways just click below the break and you'll get more words than you'll even know what to do with.[/Obs]

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    Fic Spotlight #17 - Fic Spooklight

    The Royal Guard—Hat Trick Achieved Edition

    [Obs] Hey guys! It's October, and also it's time for spic fotlight. Things are about to get pretty spooky, because this month all the fics spotlighted are going to be about pony skeletons. Except the twist is that the skeletons are trapped inside sacks of meat, like some kind of living body. Actually they might just be regular fics about living ponies. Which is still pretty spooky, I guess. Go read them or something. [/Obs]

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  • 459 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #16 - Fics it Now!

    The Royal Guard—Keeping the Ball Rolling Edition

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  • 461 weeks
    Fic Spotlight #15 - Return of Fic Spotlight

    The Royal Guard — Triumphant Return Edition


    Hey guys, I bet you forgot all about this being a thing, right? Me too! They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, though, so maybe fond memories of the times when quality fics were served up on silver platters. Y'know, in the before time, back when the One True King sat on the throne and the words flowed as wine. What's that? You don't remember that time? Then clearly you haven't read enough ponyfics! The Royal Guard is back now to deliver them to you. I guess they're a thing again. Click below the break to get ponies.


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Fic Spotlight » Fic Spotlight #18 - Back to the Ficture · 11:04pm Oct 22nd, 2015

The Royal Guard—Fortified with Calcium Edition

[Obs] Hey guys, fic spotlight is back to bring you cool fics. Technically Back to the Future Day was yesterday, but the magic of time travel is that you can pretend anything from some other time is happening RIGHT NOW.

Like cool fics.

So go read some of these while you're riding on a hoverboard, drinking a pepsi perfect. It'll be cool and stuff.[/Obs]

Every two weeks, we recommend six high-quality stories from a variety of authors and popular genres. From action/adventure to slice of life, from drama to comedy, from stories about ponies kissing to stories involving pink hairless apes, we feature a wide variety of stories so that every post has something for everyone.

We’re always looking for a tip-top tale, so if you’d like to submit your fic, here are some links you’ll probably find useful:

-The Royal Guard Group
-Submit Your Story!
-The Royal Guard's Official Handbook

Finally—and I cannot emphasize this enough—we are always recruiting. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a prereader, then don’t hesitate to send us an application. If you have any questions about the application process, please direct them to Prak.



Far in the West, beyond the borders of the kingdom, an old evil has awoken. With the fate of Equestria hanging in the balance, Twilight must unlock the secrets of the past in order to preserve what remains of her future.

PR Recommendation: “While dark, violent adventures are a dime a dozen, it's rare to find a high-quality adventure that stays true to the show's characters and morals. This epic tale builds upon the show's mythos by creatively using elements of G1, yet never allowing them to overpower the identity of the current generation. It's a fun, imaginative read that you shouldn't miss.” —Prak


"Hello, hello, hello, this is Thorny Bends coming at you live on Radio Free Canterlot, and from where I'm sitting, folks, the Land of the Eternal Moon is looking lovely. Well, except for that nasty smog cloud rolling toward us from the coast, but hey, that's the price of progress. Still, if you're heading outside you might want to think about an Easy Breezy-brand respirator, guaranteed to make the air taste like new. Buy yours from all major retailers today!

"As I'm sure you all know, it's been almost a thousand years since the founding of our great civilization. And as the big day approaches, I sure hope the High Castle set their clocks right. I'd hate to find out it was really last Thursday. Ha! But seriously, folks. I've been doing a fair bit of thinking about our fair Canterlot, and I've realized it isn't just somewhere we all live. It's what we build together into something greater as we all reach for the moon. A symbol for a way of life and a state of mind. So, in honor of the thousand years, I'm taking an eye in the sky peek into the lives of the ponies on the streets, and a few in the penthouses too. I don't often do real news on this show, but these are some genuine equine interest stories, folks. In their own small, unique way, these ponies are as vital to the city as the princess of the night herself. So settle down, get comfortable, and don't touch that dial.

"You won't want to miss this, I guarantee."

PR Recommendation: “It's a feat of peculiar talent to juggle so many characters simultaneously and make them all relevant to the story, but Ponichaeism does so. Enter an Equestria racked with sorrow, under the hoof of an oppressive regime. Follow the exploits of the Mane Six and many other characters as they rebel against or are destroyed by a rigid social and racial heirarchy. Secret organizations prepare to clash, hidden by the routine of everyday life. The world created by this piece is both dark and rich with variety, making it all the more terrifying for our beloved characters. I highly recommend this tale.” —ChromeMyriad


Glitter was banished from her hive because she's different: instead of feeding on love, she feeds on anger, fear, and sadness. Ponies are easily fooled and more easily manipulated. Staying undetected and sustaining her dietary needs, she goes through life bringing misery to those around her. All changes though when he turns up, tearing down walls built throughout a lifetime.

PR Recommendation: “A kick in the gut and a knife to the back, this story will hurt you. But at the same time, the story is hopeful in a way, showing that even under the most adverse of circumstances, love can bloom.” —Titanium Dragon


There's another friendship crisis in another far away place, this time the land of the llamas, and Twilight's magical map once again calls on a heroic pony to solve it. But this time the map doesn't call Twilight or any of her friends, this time it calls somepony else entirely.
But Trixie's true reasons for accepting the map's call may not be wholly altruistic, and it turns out she's not nearly as over being upstaged by Twilight during their past encounters as she lets on.
May the gods have mercy on those poor llamas.

PR Recommendation: “Every scene ends with a laugh, the story hangs together very well, Twilight, Applejack, and Trixie are all a hoot, and Trixie’s obsession with Twilight and perseverance in the face of llama spit is a wonderful thing to behold. I can hear the whine in Trixie’s voice every time she returns to Ponyville to complain about her terrible mistreatment at the hooves of the llamas.” —Titanium Dragon


Celestia is thousands of years old, and has experienced almost everything the world has to offer. But there's one ordinary thing she's never experienced, and she's determined to ask Twilight about it.

PR Recommendation: “Sometimes, slice of life can be nothing more than a single question. It doesn't even have to be a good question – it just needs to be an interesting one. As luck would have it, this question is an interesting one. If you like your slice of fluff with a side order of actually-going-somewhere-with-it, this is for you. And if 1,200 words is just an appetizer, this is probably for you as well.” —InquisitorM


Clementine Apple (née Orange) receives an extremely long-distance phone call.

PR Recommendation:Roaming takes the basic concept of a parallel, humanish world and runs with it, and in so doing goes somewhere that Equestria Girls just can’t. If you’re at all intrigued by what Applejack’s parents – human or otherwise – might be like, and how pony Applejack might react to getting one last chance to talk to them, read this story. Even if you aren't, read this story anyway. This is a fantastic concept, and a fantastic story.” —BlazzingInferno


If you guys have any questions about our sitepost policies, or our approval guidelines, feel free to browse the handy dandy Official Royal Guard Handbook, and if you still find yourself lacking answers, feel free to ask Prak so that he can find the right person to give you what you need.

See you guys next time!

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On the one hoof, :raritydespair: because I've read most of these and this post doesn't give me a lot to add to my reading list.

On the other hoof, :pinkiehappy: because all of these that I've read have been either good or magnificent, and it's good to see high-quality stories getting signal-boosted! Kudos on a fine selection.

Author Interviewer

Oh my god Roaming is one of my favorite tragedies ;_;

You should contribute to the problem of seeing stories you've already read by submitting your stories to us! :V

I'm glad you approve of our selection, though. :heart:

Mine, too.

Great Spotlight

Sorry, guys. I guess I was too slow reading The Mare in the High Castle. But I'm sure I would've approved it.

Hey, and now I know why I suddenly got a bunch of favorites of "Experience".

Now I know where the sudden influx of favs and comments is coming from. Thanks guys!

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