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31 Fics in 31 Days August Self-Challenge · 9:27pm Jul 31st, 2016

Something stupid I've decided to challenge myself to is doing a fic-a-day in the month of August. I have a large backlog of about 40 ideas, most of them bite-sized, that I would like to actually write, so drastically shrinking that idea backlog would be pretty nice.

I don't actually expect to be able to complete this challenge, but even 15 fics would be nice. 31 is a pipe dream that I'm attempting just to force myself to write.

I will warn, however, that the slew of fics I DO write will probably be front-loaded by darker fics, and get into more upbeat fics as the month goes on.


My account statistics at the start of the month (roughly):

23 stories
35865 hits

Backlog of 41 ideas

Day 1: How Hoofdini Really Did the Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive
Day 2: After a Barrel
Day 3: Raccoon Shimmer
Day 4: A Day in the Life of Sugar Belle
Day 5 (6): To Love is Chaos

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Comments ( 4 )

So...Plan on finishing the challenge?

4174849 Nah. I got a lot of stuff on my plate by the 7th and just now less distracted. I think I'll do this again, in October though.

4175284 Well, good luck for October! Your goal is lofty, and there's no need to be disappointed in not achieving it.

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