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This story is a sequel to Lingering Shadows

He broke her heart once already. Luna learned her lesson when Sombra last tried to manipulate her, and she wants nothing more than to forget about what happened and put it behind her.

Sombra cannot forget, nor does he want to. Regretting what happened between them, when the chance to make things up to Luna comes from some very unexpected sources, he takes the opportunity and wants to try to court her properly.

But once bitten, twice shy, as they say. Will the two ever find happiness with one another?

I have to offer a huge thanks once again to everyone who read the previous story, Lingering Shadows, and encouraged me to go ahead with my idea for a sequel. Apologies for the wait, but here you have it at last. I'm going to try to get on a regular update schedule of at least 1-2 chapters a month with this one.

A huge thank-you to Kelisah of deviantART for graciously allowing me use of her artwork as a cover piece for this story!
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Comments ( 83 )

Hooray for great sequels!


Finally after a long time the sequel came.

The sequel is out!! Wow, this incredible news!!!! This awesome news!!!!!!!! This news is worth of Spit take!!!!!!!! Take it away Pinkie Pie!!!!

Wow! I already love the sequel. The clif hanger was great.:twilightsmile:

Just finished reading the first one and am so happy to see the sequel here.

The feels, bro. The feels.

This was a delightfully fun chapter. I love how Luna twisted Discord into giving in so easily.

nice !! this chapter was really cool ^^
love the way you write Discord :D

Go easier on yourself I enjoyed the more subtle approach you took with Discord compared to how others write him. Also, very well done on this chapter short but to the point I can respect that.

Somehow missed this being posted

Love this story. Sorry that I can't give any meaningful commentary or criticism at this tume, but so far it's just been that good. Already shaping up to be as good, or even better than the last story, and I can't wait to see more.

You continue to impress me

I knew discord was going to "visit" sombra. But I imagine it more like this:

Pftt... XD

(I'm sorry! I just couldn't help myself! LOL)

I do hope that the various parties involved come to realize the sincerity of Sombra's remorse when they learn that his heart is literally breaking from having broken Luna's heart. It's kind of hard to argue with that kind of evidence. Also, I wonder what the Crystal Empire will do should the Crystal Heart be returned to its owner's chest? Their dependence on its power is rather complete.

I had a suspicion that Discord would get involved and I really like where the story is going. I look forward to see if Princess Moody Moon gives King Spooky-Boots a second chance. :twilightsmile:

7468051 Ahahaha~!! I love a reader who makes powerful observations like that! :twilightsmile:


No, he wouldn’t—!

Took the words right out of my mouth Celestia

A cloak concealed the newcomer’s face, but the large frame and powerful build between the cloak’s folds was familiar in an alarming way

It was at this moment that Celestia knew, she fucked up. :trollestia:

But seriously I really like how Discord always does his own thing in this story, even if it means that he has to screw the entire gala to let his OTP come true.

I do wonder just what Discord and/or Sombra will do the allay Celestia & Luna's fears, at least enough so that they don't immediately attempt to subdue him & send him back to the dungeon. Of course, the real trick is seeing just how Sombra & Luna will get around to dancing. I expect that it will be a perfectly lovely dance, albeit one which is quite bittersweet to both partners, & most likely will end abruptly in a manner which sees Luna galloping away and Sombra experiencing sufficient emotional anguish to cause a second, larger crack to form in his Heart, prompting Cadance to get a message to the other Princesses with all possible haste. I'll relish the look on everypony's faces once they collectively realize the depth of Sombra's remorse, to say nothing of how they'll deal with the questions of how to handle the Crystal Heart's immanent loss & Sombra's shot at redemption/reform.

Damn this was an awesome chapter, the only sad thing here is that there isn't another chapter yet:ajsleepy:

Uh, things got intense.
Discord is very lucky that he is so damn charismatic. :trollestia:

I remember you saying you were having trouble writing Discord before, but here he's perfectly on point!
Good work!

I can't wait til the next chapter!

An excellent chapter, bravo:yay:

I'm looking forward to the next chapter :twilightsmile:

It's been two months when a new chapter. It's a great story I want to know how it ends. Wheeeeeennnn new chapter ;[

I'll have to give this one a read too once I'm finished with the rest of Lingering Shadows. ;)

I loved reading this chapter, It's also good to know that this story is still active. So good job, I'm looking forward to the next part :twilightsmile:

Finally. Return the King and royal history!! .Next great chapter!!. I hope the next will be more action. Will the new chapter will be every month or something changed?

Discord and Sombra best pals forever, nice. :rainbowlaugh:

great story!!!!:pinkiehappy: I love the silliness you added for Discord and Sombra all the time

Woo-hoo, glad to have some published chapters to read here - I don't want to be left on too big a cliffhanger!

I'll be honest. :ajsmug:

The title is what grabbed my attention.

I think I'll see what this story is about.

Well, I certainly can't wait for more! Also, why is there a 'sad' tag when this story doesn't have anything particular sad about it? Unless there's something in the future that's rather feels-y this story would be fine with just the drama tag.

Good chapter as always...but please release another soon I got ants everywhere:raritydespair: and i needs my shipping.


SpookyMoon or MoodyBoots? I can't decide which would be a better name! :trollestia:

Man, I can't wait for the next chapter.

I would love to know what happens next:pinkiehappy:

“We. Are going to be. BEST. FRIENDS.”

hahahaha you make John de Lancie proud with this line. Awesome chapter as always


SpookyBoots is more patronizing, I like it.

Oh, Discord is so happy.
Who ever said that you can't force people to like you?

I'm so happy right now and cursing my lack of words to express how happy i am, just leaving a comment to show i'm here :(

Great chapter

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