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Following the final Magic Duel, Ponyville holds Trixie in custody until she can be attended to by one of the Princesses. However, when Celestia arrives with Prince Blueblood in tow, a shocking truth awaits the residents of Ponyville.

Featured 30-March-2016, thanks to all readers!

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Well... that was a twist, though an enjoyable twist at that. I've always pictured Trixie as being a Twilight level prodigy at illusions , so her hiding her true self is perfect.

“Wait, who is your wife exactly?”
“A.K. Yearling.”



Well thats certainly an idea I've never read before, interesting to read something new.

That was the most random shiping listing I have ever seen in my life!:rainbowlaugh: What did you do? Roll a bunch of dice of spin a shipping wheel for this? I must know!

There was silence for a few moments, then Applejack spoke. “Wait a darn apple-picking consarnit minute, you mean I got shown up by a filly?!”

Oh Applejack, don't be mad. Get glad! At least it was Trixie and not Blue who upstaged her.

7075167 I'm surprised Twilight never realized what was going on with Trixie. But what a twist indeed!

I get the feeling that Twilight is a very brilliant pony but she can be rather dim in things outside of her studies

Gotta say, the reveal kinda got me. Clever girl.

Of course, with the release of the last FiM comic, we learned that Trixie attended CSGU at the same time as Twilight, which raises a whole new set of continuity errors in of itself. Unless you don't count the comics as being canon, that is.

ANYWAY, cute story and a unique spin on Trixie's backstory. Have a like!

Suddenly, something Blueblood said clicked in Twilight’s head, and the unicorn stopped pacing. Turning around, Twilight asked, “Wait, who is your wife exactly?”
“A.K. Yearling.

This is actually pretty damned brilliant.



Also... mind if we have a word? :rainbowdetermined2:


The comic writers got that from Faust who tweeted that Trixie had attended the school when people asked about her. Note that neither Lauren's tweet or the comic says if she ever graduated.

7075167 Trixie being good with illusions is purely a fandom thing, although that headcanon has (possibly) been referenced in her band name in Rainbow Rocks (Trixie and the Illusions). I make use of it in some of my fanfics (such as this one) and completely ignore it in others. Thanks for the comment though!

7075486 I actually went through a couple of names just trying to figure out the most insane possible choice. I chose AK Yearling/Daring Do after her name came up randomly in my head, then twenty seconds later I'm all "No wait, that actually makes sense, they have similar Cutie Marks and Blueblood is often written by fans as a cartographer, a perfect counterpart to her explorer/archaeologist career! Young Trixie would just be following in her mother's footsteps of exploring and locating dangerous artifacts I shall call this shipping...Daring Blue!...I dunno, if someone comes up with something better sounding than that I'd take it in a heartbeat.

7075666 Yeah, while the comics are a fun source of stories, I don't really consider them fully canon, since otherwise you get a ton of oddities - the most humourous to me being the Canterlot Six cameo in the Sunset Shimmer Fiendship comic, where since Twilight is a filly but the others are all grown up, means that Moondancer and co are literally unaging mares, worthy of a crackfic of its own. Besides, the comic writer says apparently Hasbro didn't want the filly in Issue #40 identified as Trixie.

7075603 Edited, thanks.

7075193 Thanks for the comments!

fanon or not, it makes a fair amount of sense.

I had a feeling who Blueblood's wife, and Bellatrix's mother, was. Don't let Rainbow Dash find out about Trixie's true parentage. As it is, I expect Twilight to go all fangirl.
This was definitely an original take on Trixie. You definitely earned this star.

So I basically spoil Trixie being a Princess right in the title, but the synopsis doesn't state what this 'shocking truth' is. I probably lost a good chunk of readers who rolled their eyes at the twist being spoiled right off the bat and didn't bother reading at all, but those of you who clicked in and read all the way to the end should appreciate how fiendishly simple the red herring here is: since Trixie is a Princess, Blueblood is in the character tags and description, and Bluetrix is a semi-popular shipping, she obviously must be married to Prince Blueblood.

I was actually expecting her to be his little sister. Shipping didn't even occur to me.

This was excellent. Both entertaining and tied together very tightly. It works out very well indeed.

Not bad but other than the twist there's not much of interest.

So... much... wut...

Not that I would be surprised if this happened in the show anymore... after Princess Puff's appearance, I have thrown out all expectations of sensible continuity.

Very much an enjoyable twist on her character! :twilightsmile:

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA, That's hilarious.

Well, that is an original take on Trixie, and it fit her personality well, too.

I like that the "magic duel" was essentially a filly's temper tantrum. :pinkiehappy:

Everything...is a twist!:pinkiecrazy:

Well, that's definitely something you don't see every day.
However the Yearling bit I expected after finding out that Trixie is Blueblood's daughter.

Still, a nice little read :twilightsmile:

This is quite plausible...

Very creative. Admittedly not something I would ever have thought of myself.

Don't have a whole lot to say that hasn't already been noted, but I did really like your characterization of Prince Blueblood. Gives a pretty feasible reason why he was so aloof at the gala.

This was a fun read.

Rarity supposed she could emphasise with him

Think you meant empathize m8te; otherwise good story

7076156 Thank you so much for making the Blueblood/Daring Do ship a thing. Again.

It was a fun idea, but that's all it was. It didn't feel much like a full story as it did a proposal to see if it was a good idea for a full story.
That being said, there's not too many places this could go save maybe one or two bonus chapters of things like Twilight being roped into babysitting a night when she tried to arrange a Q&A with the filly.
That'd be fun along with perhaps one of the Pie sisters having found out Trixie's secret and adopted her as their secret best little sister, then going out to search for her and finding her in Canterlot.

Seriously SERIOUSLY! You're gonna end it on a cliffhanger. Come on man, I need more of this. I seriously want to see more of this story damn it.

I saw the A.K. Yearling part the moment I read that his wife was adventures and didn't want attention

I love the set up of this story. I really this story could be exploited a bit more with this Princes Trixie. One chapter seems to small and I would to read an entire Arc purely based on this concept. For it's kinda a refreshing out take towards the Character known as Trixie. :twilightsmile:


I'll roll with that. Nice ship, Daringblood/Blueling (get it)

Heh, very cute story. I liked the twists, even though I guessed the last one based on your first description of the wife.

This will be featured in EqD for sure. :trollestia:


Amusing, but pretty low on the plausibility scale I'm afraid. Among other things, keeping up an illusion of larger size/older self doesn't help you pull wagons better or work harder on a rock farm and tying in A.K. Yearling is, imo, too much of a stretch. I also don't know why Trixie would have titles and why that could just be her name. It's interesting, but the pieces just don't fit together quite right.

I assume she's a princess without wings (i.e. not an Alicorn) and so not a Princess like Twilight, unless I misunderstand?

That explains why a grown mare acted like a child: she was one. Will Trixie grow into an alicorn in the near future.?


Trixie as a foal is adorable!


She is a princess in the same way Blueblood is a prince, of course.

When they mentioned Blueblood's age I'd thought that it would be explained with Blueblood having some alicorn's blood in him and so being older that he look, but maybe that is why Trixie can do that, she is the (very distant) descendant of an alicorn so she could have some earth-pony strength. :pinkiecrazy:

P.S. I'd like to see a second story, abouyt Trixie's reaction to Twilight becoming a princess.

A.K. Yearling

*headsplosion. No, wait, HEADNUKESION!*

Well, this is certainly going to show up in one of my stories. I will of course be giving cred to you Emperor. Unless you wish to prevent me from doing such a thing of course.

now there was a blue filly Applejack and Rarity instinctively identified as being about the same age as their younger sisters.


hnnnnnng :twilightoops:

Maybe Trixie gets her skill of illusions from PB, since he was able to change his cutie mark into three crowns during his cameo in games ponies play

Headcanon accepted!! She may just be powerful at illusion magic for now, but at this rate, she could go on to be as skilled as the current trio of top unicorn-magic users (Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Twilight Sparkle).

:facehoof: I got showed up by a filly...

Ooh! That bit about the Daring Don't episode in the author's notes makes me want to see a sequel of this!

Well done. Headcanon accepted.

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