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It's coming · 8:36pm Oct 20th, 2015

Yeah so friendship games is out, Sunset's status is I FUCKING CALLED IT BITCHES. But no one is doing fuck all anything with it.

So I'm writing, don't worry, I'm writing. I'll be starting from scratch. Consolidating my ideas, longer chapters, all that good stuff.

So stay tuned for my second try at this.
Rainbow Stairwell.

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Sunset Shimmer is Best Pony! :D


I don't play coy, if I was actively pursuing you, you would know it. You however are pursuing me. So why don't you chuck me a PM and we can actively chat if you are serious.

2174444 Playing coy is unbecoming, you're lucky you're worth it.


Good for you.

2173957 ; )
(I found out how to do the winkyface)

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