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It's coming · 8:36pm Oct 20th, 2015

Yeah so friendship games is out, Sunset's status is I FUCKING CALLED IT BITCHES. But no one is doing fuck all anything with it.

So I'm writing, don't worry, I'm writing. I'll be starting from scratch. Consolidating my ideas, longer chapters, all that good stuff.

So stay tuned for my second try at this.
Rainbow Stairwell.

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So i need a new editor · 1:19am Jul 25th, 2015

So basicially, i need a new editor. With my old editor gone i don't feel like going forward on my old path, but i'm not one to give up either. I'm going to take this oppertunity to redo my mistakes.
I'm going to completely reboot SS:EoL as more slice of life and focusing on Sunset's growth into her new role with no looming threat(Which means more Starcatcher, lots more Starcatcher). I'm going to clean out the early chapters which were below par as i got the hang of things.

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On hiatus · 9:10am May 6th, 2015

Bluntly, The chapter i did without my normal editor just felt wrong and unnatural at this point, so until my editor is available you can consider this series on hiatus.

My apologies for anyone reading it.

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Sod editors being slow forever. · 9:29am Apr 3rd, 2015

On the other hand

New sunset shimmer video, Sunset shimmer does have rainbow powers permanently unlike twilight and co confirmed *Fist pumps*
And she can raise the mother buckin sun on earth, like whoah, well have a scene to add to chapter 7 i guess. It needed a stronger opening anyways, and it fits the name!

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Editor Being busy · 4:25am Mar 24th, 2015

Looks like continuing delays on 6 and I'm really sorry about that, i'm going to need to find a backup editor for those chapters.

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So guess who finally stopped being busy. · 10:36pm Mar 16th, 2015

"Chapter 6 - The Fool and The Lovers" has been shipped to ze editor, hopefully it will be up soon. Stuff happens, and things happen, chekovs guns are fired, and Starcatcher gives half answers that let you finish them.

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Embodiment of Light 5&5.5 · 9:35pm Mar 10th, 2015

Well the plot has arrived, that's for sure. I hope you all have been enjoying the ride up til this point! But from here on out while sunset may not know it we have entered the cosmic deep end, I'm wondering how many of you caught the foreshadowing throughout chapter 5 and earlier to your first introduction to our antagonist in chapter 5.5.

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