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Princess Twilight Sparkle receives a letter from Princess Celestia. The letter is simple and to-the-point, but shakes Twilight to the core: Princess Celestia has a new student.

Feeling a little put-out by Celestia having a new student, Twilight goes to talk with her and clear the air.

Takes place post-Season 6. Cover art is an image by keursh29

Day 15 of my Self-Imposed 28 Fics in 28 Days Challenge

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Okay, that's adorable, and you captured Twilight perfectly. I felt that the flow of the story, the situation, and the general fill was on par with what we've come to expect. All in all I certainly give this a ten out of ten.

Well done.


enterprise in equestria becomes canon holy ####

Alright, I'm wanting The Adventures of Earth Shatter, now... :rainbowlaugh:

The cheating on the test... That was a reference to Kirk taking the Kobiashi Marou test, I assume? Also... Is is an unholy sacrilege that I cannot decide which Kirk I prefer? Chris Pine does the role in an outstandingly over-the-top manner, very fitting for the role... But William Shatner... Now we're talking God-tier!

As always, an amazing little Slice of Life. I love stories like this. I concur entirely with Neoarcad; 10.

I feel like this premise would actually work really well as an episode of FiM. It would let us see some good old awkward and uncertain Twilight and give everyone involved a chance to grow in new ways.

Come on season 7, do the thing!

Bravo! and this story makes my "Best Story" list.

"I don't believe in the no-win scenario."

"You cheated!"

"Hey! I don't like to lose."

James Kirk always had his strict personal sense of duty and honour to hold him to the light despite that rather alarming philosophy and ethical boundaries. I wonder if Earth Shatter will be just as firm about using his talents for the right reason or if he will instead become another Sunset Shimmer?

I would like to see something like this happen in season 7

I'm surprised nobody mentioned the parallel here between Earth Shatter's antics and the Kobayashi Maru, given the Shatner/Kirk reference.

That would be this scene, which is as close to actually saying what Shatner's Kirk did.

I can't help it. I think Pine's portrayal of the Kobiashi Marou test was (pardon the phrase) cheap. It did not show what a dedicated and committed officer he was, only that he was flaunting his cheat. A far better (but would have taken more screen time) scene would have been where he actually took on the scenario, passed through it with difficulty, and emerged victorious.

Mid way into the story i said "I bet this colt is a human turned into a pony" and at the end with that note, yep i was right! just not in the way i was thinking, even so this could easily be turned into a "human in equestria story" with a bit of polish and some elbow grease this could work out amazing.

Amazing job on the story telling! you had a good pace too, not to fast and not to slow.

Luna and I will have more than enough time to chat on our own” said Celestia.

Missing a comma inside the quote marks.

Nice story. How many other Trek alumni do you think they can get on the show? Maybe Wil Wheaton can voice a canon Button Mash next? :rainbowlaugh:

7953828 well to be fair that was kind of the aim. Without the events of the timeline occurring like they "should", Kirk never got the morals and character that he would have had his father been around to guide and influence him growing up.

Original Kirk reprogrammed the test so he could rescue the freighter because he didn't believe in no win scenarios. Pine's Kirk did it to more put one over Spock.


Kobyashi Maru, and yes it was.

The Badlands... Equestria's final frontier...
These are the adventures of the pony Earth Shatter.
His mission:
Seek out new friends, new enemies, and to go boldly where no pony has gone before.

I have to say that this is a pleasant little story.

I loved the story. I've added it to my Favorites, not something I bestow on many stories.

7953707 Nobody? Practically half the comments are about that.

Maybe I'm weird, but I couldn't help tearing up a little. I totally got where Twilight was coming from. You nailed all of the characters so well that it's almost frightening! I mean, you could argue you gave Celestia a bit to her personality that wasn't ABSOLUTELY canon (being so in love with teaching), but because she's barely on the show I don't think it counts. Everything just fit so perfectly. Amazing job.

That was a well done story!

I'm still thinking that Shatner will be Tiberius, Luna's pet opossum. It will be a MLP take on 'secret life of pets'

Shatner is going to be in pony?
Well...considering De Lancie became well ...something like Q...
Maybe Shatner will be like Kirk...
Maybe he will be Starswirl
Maybe it is explained he leaves to go and travels the stars?

7951988 Thanks, that's riveting feedback to hear!

7952761 "Earth Shatter would eventually save Equestria multiple times, but that it is a story for another day..."

If I was to go full Kirk, ES would be leaving multiple foals in his wake since pony-pony compatibility is a lot closer than human-alien compatibility

7952723 Definitely Shatner, since that was the reference

7953443 Hah, thanks!

7953382 Thank you very much. Always high praise to hear one of my stories being described as if it felt like/could be an actual episode. The focus on Twilight's struggle over her feeling of 'finality' over no longer being Celly's student is what I was mainly looking to write. A lot of attention over the homage is just a side-bonus.

7956918 Ah, but would he talk like Kirk? :pinkiehappy:

7953601 Well, though it doesn't come across much in the fic proper, Celestia does learn her own lessons from her students, including how to look out for students who might potentially fall into darkness. So there's that.

7953828 Yep. Of course, Kirk-cameo was meant to be a side-thing since he doesn't appear in the fic proper, but it seems his appearance definitely stole the show.

7954176 Ha, thank you! Appreciated. I suppose there's a thought for somebody to write though, an actual HiE becoming one of the Princesses' student.

7954185 Fixed, thanks.

7955746 Ha, yeah. Considering all the students we've seen past and present have been pretty significant, Earth Shatter could indeed end up wandering the Badlands.

7956053 Strong praise. Much appreciated. The homage pony got a lot of attention, but this is what I mainly wanted to do with the fic, and as an idea it's not implausible it could even happen on the show.

Maybe it's because I'm not much of a Trekkie, but the emotion with Twilight is definitely what really stood out to me. I haven't been in her precise situation, but that fear of being replaced... That's something painful. I just loved the way you wrote this and handled this. You had Twilight come around in a realistic AND healthy way, which I really appreciated. That feeling--of being replaced, or set aside, or maybe even being unwanted--hurts so much, and Twilight knew she didn't need to feel that way, but couldn't help it... And Celestia found a way to help her through and get her enthused and on the same page. I just think this story is spectacular.

I am kind of glad, reading this, that Earth Shatter wasn't ramped up to Gary Stu levels. It was fairly obvious that his approach to the test was the classic Kirk/Kobayashi Maru story, but the credibility gap about an earth pony passing the tests (much less getting 100%) was neatly covered by saying he hadn't really done so - and then what could have been a let-down was twisted back to affirmation by reframing exactly what Celestia was looking for, while still making it match up to canon.

I can even see Twilight, at some future point, hiding a smile while calmly explaining to some overenthusiastic unicorn filly that actually no, Twilight herself was not the all-time highest scorer in the CGSU exams - that honor went to an earth pony. Just to see the look on the foal's face.

I thought SunBurst was Celestia last male student?

7964383 They mean the last PERSONAL Male student

Shatner has already voiced a possum in "Over The Hedge" and delightfully so.

Y'know, it's perfectly true that such a relationship never quite fades away, even if it changes shape a little.

I sometimes wish I could still seek guidance from the greatest teacher I had.

Ah ha! I knew that was a Star Trek reference! :heart:

Great story as always. I loved the “twist”, and the banter was wonderful! :twilightsmile:

I'm going to be that stick in the mud probably, but something needs pointing out here. Earth Shatter is Princess Celestia's new personal student and protégé, just like Twilight and Sunset were.

She has many students, having her own school and all. And it's been shown she does teach some times at the schooL But she only has one personal student at a time it seems.

Just thought that needed saying. Love the story. Very few ever do this idea.

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