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    After being banished, Nightmare Moon finds she is able to talk with Discord, also sealed away. The two despise one another, but talking with a hated foe is better than endless monotony. Over time, the two fall in love, up until tragedy strikes.
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28 Fics in 28 Days February Self-Challenge · 7:54am Jan 31st, 2017

Back at the end of August, I set myself a challenge to attempt to write 31 ponyfics in 31 days.

I failed. Horribly.

Actually, it was more burnout since I wrote 70,000 words in 2 weeks beforehand, but I still managed to get 5 fics done in the first 6 days of August and clear out a chunk of my ideas list, and one of them, To Love is Chaos, even hit the Feature Box and was #1 for about 48 hours.

I intend to do a rewrite on To Love is Chaos, or more specifically, expand it.

Similarly, I intend to do this same challenge in February for myself (and slightly cheat since there are only 28 days instead of 31 days), and clear out some of my ideas backlog. Some of my ideas are pretty well designed to be short and self-contained. That is not the case with others, but quite honestly, getting out a premise with a few thousand words to flesh it out is better than leaving the premise as a 20-word sentence idea on my document list. However, if I have something that takes off like To Love is Chaos did, then I would seriously entertain fleshing out something like that to a bigger story. I'm only one person so I can't just take every idea I have and flesh it out into an epic, obviously, so I'd rather the ones that more people enjoyed.

As I said back in July, I'm highly unlikely to actually do a fic-a-day for the month. If I can do one for even every other day, however, that would knock 14 ideas off my story list.

Looking at my ideas list, a lot of them will be of the melancholic-sad type, though. At least one idea will use clop, though it'll be a sad-romance that happens to have clop in it, rather than clop with a bit of plot attached (I'll probably release a SFW version too).

Anyways, preliminary account statistics for the start of the month:

29 stories
58,387 story views

And I'll try to remember to do an end-of-month blog and compare then.

Day 1: Scootatitle
Day 2: Home and Hearth
Day 3: Glimmer in the Snow
Day 4: The Shortest Displaced Fic Ever
Day 5: Closing Remarks
Day 6: On the First Day of Winter
Day 7: The Fall of Twilight Sparkle
Day 8: The Conversion Bureau: They've Gone Too Far
Day 9: Trix Over the Sunset
Day 10: Missed
Day 11: Missed
Day 12: Star Swirl's Legacy
Day 13: Missed
Day 14: Birds of a Feather Shy Together
Day 15: Her Most Faithful Student
Day 16: Missed
Day 17: Missed
Day 18: The Winter of Our Town's Content
Day 19: Missed
Day 20: Missed
Day 21: The Caped Baldy vs. Lily Longsocks
Day 22: The Bloom and the Wardrobe
Day 23: Missed
Day 24: Missed
Day 25: Missed
Day 26: Missed
Day 27: Missed
Day 28: Missed

Report Emperor · 1,241 views · Story: To Love is Chaos · #FicADay challenge
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Comments ( 4 )

We can remind you if you like.

I wish I could write as much as you. They aren't even 28 short 1k stories. They're long!

Congratz on the success thus far and good luck on the rest of the month! :yay:

4408475 Ha. Well, I am cheating, sort of. Some stories will be shortfics but I'll also use those days to bank words towards longfics so I might only have written 5k of a 10k fic on that day.

But yeah, 22,000 words in the first four days, plus what I have tonight once I publish it? Hopefully I can at least inspire some of you guys into writing too :pinkiesmile:

Now if somebody would just give me an actual comment on my GlimmerDiamond fic and that'd be great, but serious fics seem to be harder to break out than comedic/light-hearted stuff.

Congrats on your success thus far. I had thought about doing a challenge like this myself, but instead I decided to take requests for stories. It will put me out of my comfort zone, and I would have to follow, to a baseline, the requesters idea. It doesn't help that not many know about me. I may do it yet, but later.

I'd like to be able to write that much so... quickly. I get far too distracted. Anyway good luck, and remember to have fun! ^^

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