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One day, Saitama wakes up bored, only to find a portal in his room. Being Saitama, he doesn't investigate it with scientific curiosity: he walks straight through it. On the other side, he meets an odd young female pony who is somehow as strong as he is. Surely the two will come to chat cordially with one another?

Of course they get into a fight.

Cover art by alumx used with permission

Very likely falls within E-rating. T-rating is just to be on the very safe side for a couple of darker lines.

Day 21 of my Self-Imposed 28 Fics in 28 Days Challenge

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An upvote before I even read this, just by virtue of being a hilarious concept.

She would fit well in the One Punch universe.

I would actually enjoy this if it became a series simply because of the halarity alone...

And with that, One Punch Mare was born

This concept gets my love, and I am amused at how it actually played out, without involving Saitama killing a bunch of enemies (unlike almost every other crossover)

7968676 I know right?

Also author-sama.

Don't worry. Saitama would totally do that. He's kind of an apathetic asshole, but more apathetic than asshole.

The first One Punch Man crossover..?!

That was strangely adorable, a bit heartwarming for Saitama to finally have a little fun actually fighting someone, and just plain funny.

Thanks for writing this. It just about made my day.

I'm assuming Lily Longsocks is an OC from somewhere?

Edit: nevermind, apparently she's an actual canon design.

7970193 It's the 4th I've seen.

A worthy addition to the OPM universe.

:ajsmug: Top quality, and oddly enough fits to the sound track. If this continued, I would read it.

Also, Theme of the story

7968630 Yes, yes she would. Just so long as a cutie like her doesn't get heartbroken by the constant civilian deaths that's normally played for gags, anyways :unsuresweetie:

7969064 derpicdn.net/img/view/2015/12/14/1044490.png

7968919 https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2015/10/19/1005502.png

7969723 Yeah, something that was novel was brainstorming things for this, going with the premise Lily was strong enough to match him blow-for-blow. Stuff like that Saitama's actually forgotten what pain feels like and so he doesn't recognise it at first.

Also, the line about Saitama deciding it's not a big deal if he can't eat horse meat because it tastes terrible still kills me every time I read it. One of two lines that made me put it up to T-rating just to stay safe

7969966 Ah, it's good to hear validation that it is reasonably in-character for Saitama then. Thanks!

7970193 Something like the fifth or sixth. To my knowledge, the only (complete) one that doesn't involve Saitama curbstomping enemies and is more of a cute thing instead

7970323 Good to hear. High praise, thanks!

7970775 Ha. Having looked at a few Lily pictures before writing this, that image was an inspiration for one of my scenes.

7970839 That theme always gets my heart pumping :twilightsheepish:


S5E18 involved Diamond Tiara making fun of a filly with girlish twintails who possesses unusual strength.

This was associated with Swedish childrens stories of an extraordinary human girl named Pippi Långstrump, better known in English as Pippi Longstocking.

She was popularized to English-speakers via English-redubbed TV series, movies and at least 1 American movie.

Apparently Hayao Miyazaki wanted to do a Pippi Longstocking movie, but was denied the rights. After his rather... freeform (to put it nicely) adaptations of Earthsea and Moving Castle, I can hardly blame them.

On a related note, happy un-retirement for the 4th or 5th time.

I just have one thing to say to this fic.


I just finished a OPM marathon and I come back to this?! All of my yes!
Edit: Did not disappoint!

7970557 Sounds like Pippy Longstocking to me. Unsure if exaggerated or not.

7971721 That is exactly who Lily Longsocks is based on. From the name, to the mane style, down to her cutie mark (A hedgehog, Pippy had a pet Hedgehog in 2 of the movies)

Emperor: Automatic thumbs up, Lily is one of my all time favorite background characters. In fact in my PVFD story she plays a big (not main) roll as one of the Junior Firefighter Explorers.

sequel please?:pinkiesad2:

7972122 Wait, she did? Which ones cuz I can only recollect her horse and her monkey.

7972283 2nd and 3rd as memory serves me right, during the first part of each, in her house. They make a point of her picking one up and playing with it as she talks. It has been a LONG time since I saw the movies but that part stuck out in my head and when I saw Lily and her cutie mark I was like *DING!*

7972306 What was the name of the movies?

7972309 OH man, it has been over 30 years since I watched them, but I want to say they showed it in "on the run" or "goes on board" during the 69-70 era.

somehow as strong as he is

The story hasn't even started yet, and you already lost me.

7972374 On the run and On the 7 seas? Huh, don't ever remember her having a hedgehog in them. Then again, I haven't watched them in ages, myself. Miss them.

7970839 dangit you beat me to it

I..I don't know how to feel about this.

Great story. Really glad you wrote this. :pinkiesmile:

Now Lily must fight the Storm King!

She'll waste him instantly, but I'll find it glorious!

Le-le-legendary! The Birth of the One Punch Mare! YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

:moustache: This story makes no sense and I give no fucks on virtue of it being fucking awesome. This fic is Rule of Cool in spades, my man. Take an upvote AND favourite, you deserve it.

He didn’t know if his eyes were vulnerable to damage in this fight,

not in the slightest, considering he had his face imbedded into stone with his eyes open and not only was his eyes fine but his irides left impressions of their own.
And even his ears didn't even bend backward also leaving an impression behind.

7968919 I agree with you Maud is a beast as well...maybe a genos/maud

7971551 derpicdn.net/img/view/2016/3/4/1101797.png

7972730 Feel a little bit of pain for the first time in years, maybe?

7973551 Ha, thanks.

7974055 The implication is that since Lily was already strong enough to actually make him feel a bit of pain already, she might be able to do other things he normally hasn't had to worry about, like actually harm his eyes.

Actually, it's funny that there's not only this one-shot, but a continuing story about the same character (under a different name) where she actually becomes a superhero.

I do enjoy a good One punch man mlp crossover.

Orange you glad I didnt try to use the, its a satsuma, I threw it, joke. :pinkiecrazy:

7974060 maud is saitama, boulder is genos.

7974103 ok, it doesn't sit well with me though.

For me the comedy of opm doesn't come from Saitama's strength or his ability to defeat monsters nobody else could, with ease.

No for me the comedy is that Saitama is the ultimate brick wall, the wet blanket, the thing that everything plays off of.
It's not that he can't be beaten or rivalled, but he ins't because that wouldn't be funny.

This is a rule of cool story using a rule of funny character and it doesn't quite work for me.
By creating a character just as strong as Saitama, to me it feels like you've shoved two brick walls together with not even a tennis ball to play off of them.

Finally, I get to comment on one of your stories now! I am relieved to see some love given to Lily; there needs to be a Lily Longsocks tag! :flutterrage:

I have to say that the characteristics of Sytoma was quite accurate (for my taste) and was overall pleased with this story. You gotta love Sytoma insisting his urge to pet Lily.

This story reminded me why I like the concept of Lily. The amount of clay she has for potential character. Thanks to you, I might start up my Lily Longsocks Challenge I stopped doing a year ago. It's just me drawing her every week.

This..... This is fantastic!
A full fanfic of Lily Longsocks just battling it out with a superhero, in a long, epic fight! :scootangel:
I love this, I love this so much, this earns you a fave!
And deep too, Saitama helped her to gain confidence and to get comfortable with her strength! And you included that Twist is her friend, too, awesome that you have such a sharp eye for the background! :scootangel:
Really, I would favourite this fic twice if I could!


In fact in my PVFD story she plays a big (not main) roll as one of the Junior Firefighter Explorers.


That's something I did not know! Put on "Read Later"!

An edit made before even sending off the comment just to create a singularity for fun: And you even thanked me for it before sending off this comment! :pinkiegasp: :rainbowlaugh:


And not only that, there is also Lily Mare Do Well, where she also becomes a superhero and protects Ponyville, although in a different way.


Another fan of the strongest filly alive! Have you read her other fics as well?

Her withers only came up to Saitama’s waist, and standing up, she couldn’t even reach his shoulders. “Please, that’s my ball!”

If her withers came up to his waist, her head would be at his middle to upper chest. She'd be as tall as him when reared up on her hind legs.

Oh Celestia that was a lot of fun. And the characterization for Saitama was dead on. :rainbowlaugh: :yay: Just imagine these two teaming up to fight monsters from Everfree together. Though Genos might have a fit about it.

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