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DEI Caboose

At some point you must have thought to yourself "I could break into that house and nobody would know it was me."


To have your life ripped apart, have it crumble around you while you scramble to pick up the pieces.

It can drive you a bit mad. Make you do things.

Even if you have somepony to lean on.

Prequel to Magic Duel.

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Huh, Maud and Trixie pairing? That's one I never would have thought of.:rainbowhuh: This fandom continues to surprise me. (On another note, wonder what Starlight would think?:rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:) This is so going in my favorites list just for the pairing alone, and that's not counting the good writing as you can really feel Trixie's emotions here.

Oh geez, DEI Caboose.

As short as those sentences were, I could feel myself being slapped about by the tag of sadness. With the back hand, too.

I surely hadn't thought of how it builds up to their actual duel-- only merely what happens after Maud meets the equal unicorn.

A fine job. Except you have two typos I see, and I won't tell you where. :twilightsmile:

I loved it. Trixie and Maud make a wonderful couple.

That was good. Trixie felt so sad.

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