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When the Wonderbolts are brought to Canterlot for a big performance, Rainbow gets to stay in the castle and starts having strange dreams. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to put her in the room right in between Discord and Luna.

Coauthored with DayDrifter75.

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This is going to be quite the enjoyable story. I can't wait to read it.

Hurrah, it's up! 'Twas great fun to write.

2640168 I hope you enjoy.:twilightsmile:

2640189 I know, right?:pinkiehappy:

Scootaloo becomes a ballerina yes my dream come true

woooooott:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: amazing

2640222 no, like I had a dream
that one day Scootaloo would be a ballerina
with all the little black girls and the little white boys
under god, indivisible
with liberty and justice for all

Ahhh shit! Being with one God is bad enough but two? Or rather, as is the case, three. This.....is going to be good:pinkiehappy: The humor in this had me dying, oh yes...I am most certainly ready for much more fun, this just made my day:ajsmug:

2640277 Sweet! Wait till you read the update!:scootangel:

oh my god I can imagin it
scootaloo:scootangel:: I don't need anyponys approval! I have rainbow BAMF dash as my sister and flight instructor! screw you guys im goin home! *dances away*

You get a like, favourite, a cookie, and a moustache. :moustache: Brilliant.

2640757 Oooh, I love cookies! Thanks!:raritywink:

is it bad that I thought of photo finish when I wrote that?
:coolphoto: I CAN VERK DA MAGIKS!

2640788 Not at all.:twilightsmile: I thought the same thing.:twilightblush:

Liquid Dreams - Liquid Tension Experiment

2641228 This sounds really nice.:pinkiesad2:

This seemed oddly really, really rushed, like it was forced which is a great disappointment if it was, it has a large wall of text that it just very jarring and yet, it was still fun and amusing to read, apparently even the Gods cannot fight destiny....it happens, same with Death:facehoof: This, I'm honestly not sure if it's complete or not and really reminds me of a SpongeBob Squarepants episode but this....I give a seven out of ten, just do a little polish, correct some major errors and this story could do wonders, not sure if it's over or not though:unsuresweetie:

2641293 Cool, if a little disappointing, still a well thought of story, great job:twilightsmile: Damn you're fast at repiles:rainbowlaugh:

2641310 Thank you for reading.:pinkiesmile:

Make this into a series and I will love u forever

2641373 I-... I'll think on it, I guess...:pinkiesad2:

I'm following. Just in case of a sequel

2641480 I'm putting that into consideration. I might just decide to continue this if an idea on how to make that happen pops into my head.

jesus fuck that's a lot of groups


I have to say, I got distracted by what I considered to be LUS (Lavender Unicorn Syndrom) so much, I had a hard time following the story. Just to elaborate my point, this was in the first couple of paragraphs before the section break:

the spectrum maned mare asked

up to the cerulean pony

saluted the flaming maned mare

Obligatory thumbs up and fave. This has potential

Here, my like, fav, and some mustaches
enjoy it :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

I was admittedly hoping there'd be a bit more to it than that, but nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read. :pinkiehappy:

Poor AJ. :twilightoops:

2641608 Me and Cozmosus are thinking on posting the bloopers.:rainbowkiss:

2641641 I honestly have no idea how that happened.:rainbowderp: Honestly.


2641665 Yeah, I guess I'll edit those later on.:pinkiesmile:

2641715 Thanks!:pinkiehappy:

2642374 She may never recover.:twilightoops:

2640168 bro? Eh I still can't change my avatar, but now we are unique but are the same :rainbowkiss:


Inside the tear her highness crafted, Scootaloo could be seen still rising from her bed

What tear...? :rainbowhuh:

2642623 The reader should be able to infer Princess Celestia brought forth a portal to view Scootaloo.

The opening chapter IMHO wasn't really needed for the fun and games of the second chapter.

2642650 That part of the story is terribly rushed, like you couldn't wait for it to be over...
And tearing wholes in time/space is not something you should describe so lightly. It's kind of a big deal and definitely not canon. It's not like the reader is familair with 'tearing'.

2642658Hmm...:applejackunsure: I suppose you're right. I'll put this into consideration the next time I use the concept.

2642655 A story's gotta start somewhere.:twilightblush:

2642569 This version is better.

Cute little story, threw me off when it seemed Applejack didn't want to be a farmer, but great twist there. This could of gone longer but keeping it short makes it sweet. Greenthumbed.

2642814 I'm glad you enjoyed it.:raritywink:

2642813 my version is the full aong :ajbemused: yours only has the first minute

Howdy there bro. For some odd reason, I didn't get a notification to your reply.

awww it was so sweet! the thing with blueblood was priceless :rainbowlaugh: mmmhhmmm blueblood wants some of that homemade apple pie :ajsmug: winkwink, anyhoo I really hope you go into more detail about scootaloo, I would really like to see your interpretation on how she finally gets her cutie mark :scootangel:

2643492 I thought about it a few times, actually. Not sure how it'd turn out, really.

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