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Dragon Fruit


Set before season 4 finale
Discord has never been one to let things go as planned, plans are tedious and overall unnecessary. So what happen's when Celestia demands for Discord to adopt our favorite Pegasus Cutie Mark Crusader? Well let's just say, if he's gonna be a dad, he's doing it his way. Add that to some assistance from a cranky Changeling Queen and let's wish our little Scoots good luck shall we?

Warning: High Levels of WTF and randomness

Chapters (3)
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That's frickin adorable! Okay, I have a review for you ^-^ There are some minor spelling errors, I'm not sure if they're intentional or not but it's kinda jarring. They way you use transitions between narritives though is really smooth, I like it a lot and Discord's narrative and dialogue is great! I can picture him saying it! This is so cute and wonderful, keep going!!

Thanks a lot for pointing that out, I'll fix them as soon as I can. When you write you tend to look over spelling errors so it's really helpful when you pointing that out. Thanks

Is it just me or is Discord the perfect father for Scootaloo? :pinkiegasp: Great story, keep going!

4617288 Happy to help! Can't wait for the next chapter!

See, I thought so too, and let's face it, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are Chaos makers in their own rite! :)

And it ends with Discord being impaled and imprisoned, forever, in a very spiky ball of spikes.

W-what just happened?

A What the Buck moment just happened!:derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy::moustache:

I like Chryssie. Can't wait until they really bond and..she hurts the bullies.

this is so fucking funny :pinkiehappy:

wow this story dear i say it bets my most favorite :ajsleepy: i don't like you naw... ha just kiding it makes me like you evin more. making this story my new most favorite is qwiet an acomplishment i tip my hat to you. :twilightsmile:

Thanks a lot! That means a lot! Btw, I checked out that were pony story, you told me about and let's just say...I had a big WTF moment

Comment posted by Flutterfan457 deleted Jul 30th, 2014

4750839 what story

Ps can't wait for more chapters

ok, i get what your trying to do with the 'stream of consciousness' style chaotic narration from discord, but it ends up just being a headache to read. as much as i want to read more and enjoy what looks to be a cute, funny story i'm gonna bow out to save my sanity.

Fair enough, I'm trying to improve upon it to make it a little easier to read

So far looking good! As soon as i saw discord and chrysi were going to be working together, i knew the story would be entertaining and i was right. i'm loving the bantering and the desriptions discord uses to describe the others especially tia. It's really given the reader a chance to see what rambling goes on in his head.

The only thing i saw that i'll bring up is that the way the text is laid out, it's hard to see when one person stops talking and the next one starts or when one stops talking and starts thinking. i know it's shown by ending of quotations but at first it was a little hard to read. i got used to it after a bit. Maybe the random assortment was the style you were shooting for though with it being discord. just a thought.

other than that, anxiously awaiting your next chapter! great job keep up the good work!

and here's derpy for some reason :derpytongue2:

When's the next chapter coming?

good job can not wait for more!

When is the next update? Because this is fantastic!!! I can hardly wait for more of this!!!! :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

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Come on this is too awesome to not finish!

Discord seems perfectly in character. Which means he might not be in character because CHAOS!!!! *Holds arms out like airplane wings and runs away making propeller sounds*

"Queen Chrysalis. Will you do me the honor of being the mother of my child?"

ROTFLMAO!!!! Discord is awesome, I can't wait to see Chrysalis's reaction!!!!

I want to see Discord and Chrysalis do something about Ms. Hannigan. The bitter old shrew is more evil than either of them and needs to suffer for her actions! I think Rainbow Dash would be very upset to learn how she treated Scootaloo and would vouch for Discord going to town on the old Nag. After that living situation, I think Scootaloo will be happy to be with two of Equestria's biggest villains.

Wait... does the Hive mean Scootaloo suddenly has a bajillion or so aunts, uncle, cousins, brothers, and sisters???

Discord's always had a way with words.


Aww, I hope this'll be resurrected eventually, the available chapters rock.


:applecry:all the good stories I'm reading end too early (the updates)

"Well neither can you, you pathetic waste of space"

:rainbowlaugh:tht comeback


I actually kinda expected chrysalis from the way you described the mother last chapter. Nice story btw

you had me partly fooled with the prospect of flutter-mum, until i remembered discord requesting protection for her. Fluttershy is an element of harmony, she may be meek but she wouldn't have to worry about mobs or the royal guard showing up.

agreed for the first part of your comment.

why do potentially good stories with a cool idea break off before they start?

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