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This story is a sequel to Sit Still

Twilight would never harm a book under most circumstances. Twilight would never harm a pony under most circumstances.

Sometimes those circumstances arise, however, and action must be taken.


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There is a distinct chance this story is dedicated to Fiddlebottoms.


Huh. Nice dedication, if it's so.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Dat continuity tho.


I found a Regidar.

I get a gold star! :derpytongue2:

Fiddles would be proud!


Twilight would never harm a book under most circumstances. Twilight would never harm a pony under most circumstances.

Because those who begin by burning books, end by burning others:moustache:

3127014 why?

3127056 I have a few free blocks during school and wrote this during those times.

Well, I wasn't expecting that. It was good short read.

One question: did I miss something in the ending?

I'm sorry but, I have to for this story's awesomely creepy theme and content;


Wow...this ties in rather nicely with two of your other stories... very nice. :rainbowdetermined2:

She was taught by the books, she was bought by the books, she was manipulated by the books

Intriguing. This gets a like from me.



Okay, I think I feel better now... Some grammar errors, but the story was wonderful.

I freely admit that I normally avoid fics with the Dark tag (Sad is generally fine). It's just my nature; I'm much more :pinkiehappy: than I am like any other pony. But every now and then I take a chance, whether on a whim or simply because someone recommended a story to me.

This one was worth it.

I can't say I'm happy to have read it; it's sufficiently disturbing that it more or less prevents that particular reaction. But it's a good story, well considered and well written, and to my mind very much in character for Twilight. I have enough grounding in psychology to understand her not recognizing a once familiar name after going through such mental trauma.

Well done. You have expertly and effectively reminded me why I eschew Dark stories by writing one excellently. I shall now retreat to my haven of heroes, romantic clop, humor, and melancholy-but-with-rays-of-hope. For a while, at least... and when next I venture into these kinds of dark alleys, I will remember how well you populate them, and nod grimly before heading in.

Light and laughter,


Does this have to do with your last story?



Regidar sometimes writes stories that are, if not entirely cogent, funny. Or interesting. Sometimes even thought provoking.

This isn't one of those stories.

3130539 damn right it isn't

3129017 Glad I was able to turn a table or two :twilightsmile:

I feel like it may just be cruel irony, but along the lines of burning the books... I actually just finished reading Fahrenheit 451 earlier today... and also who the hell is Sweetie Belle and why should I care? :unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie:

Somewhere under that trollish exterior is the kind of terrifying ambiguity that writes stories like this.

Jesus, you're going to be one hell of an adult.

3130819 Fahrenheit 451 is one of my favorite books. I've just started re-reading it recently. It's damn awesome.

3131595 cry myself to sleep every night until the age of 21, then drink myself into a stupor everyday and kill myself at 23.
And people say I don't have a plan.

Three questions:

1) What happened in the magic storm with the books?

2) Why doesn't Twilight know who Sweetie Belle is?


3) What happened with Sweetie Belle?

and 1-3b) Is there going to be a continuation of this so that the unanswered questions of this story get answered?

1) they fell to the ground
2 and 3) go here to answer those questions
1-3b) Yes.


Gave both stories an upvote. Although I'm left with more questions than answers, they were both good stories. Are you planing on doing something longer than a one shot that ties this story and that one together?

Seeing the aftermath of Scoots [what I can figure] suicide (as well as the reason for it), why / what cause Sweetie was forgotten, and what ever happens to Twilight with the books. Since both stories are decent ... but they feel like they are heavily open eneded and lack closure. Not saying that they aren't good stories. Since they are, just way to open ended imo.

3142522 I did purposefully write them in the style of Daniel Handler, whose Series of Unfortunate Events Books tend to give more questions with the answers.

Here are three other stories that can help you clear things up. Read them in the order I post them to you to help the experience work for the best:

You Don't Remember
If You Must


Dark, strange, confusing but entertaining. Yep this is a Regidar fic. Another good one. Of course as usual this ribbon can go in the long description :twilightsmile:

it was a good story a little confusing but good


Listened to this while reading. I found it appropriate.

3130631 It provoked plenty of thoughts from me. I cannot say I like it, but it was very good (wrong word), well written, and realistic within the premises of the show. I have favorited it.

I do have a question though: is this the end of the series?
*edit* saw you said there would be more on 3142471 1-3b

:applecry::unsuresweetie: :scootangel:

5160699 I still have to finish Freefall, and after it is done, there will be one more.
I'm glad you liked it!

5160773 somehow, I missed that freefall was incomplete :twistnerd:

While it is easy to see that there can be more to this story, but when I read it, I actually thought it was over.

In particular, the last line made me think it was the end to what seemed to be a surreal dream.

5161328 Nope. Still got a few more chapters to go.

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