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Glen Gorewood

Hello and many salutations, I am a writer/ editor who has been stalking stories here for a few months now and finally gathered the courage to make an account. Cheers!


Hello, my name is Glen Gorewood.

I am a writer who specializes in horror, tragedy, sorrow, malaise, macabre, adventure, and comedy. Because comedy is its own special brand of evil. My inspiration is everything, and I do mean everything, that I learn of or encounter in any way. For better or worse this includes my own life. Which is sorely lacking in romance, so I don't write romance often unless it's tragic.

I also may have an unhealthy obsession with obscure references, and Monty Python, oh so much Monty Python. Chances are you will ask questions concerning my works, and I am always willing to help explain things. Despite the content of my writings, I am quite friendly. It's just that I'm very similar to a certain fellow who is kind of the Master of Horror in that it just comes naturally to me to write terrifying things. With some of my works you are expected to think a little, it's part of the fun of figuring out my hidden messages and hints.

Since I do take inspiration from real life, mostly the obscure and unusual, some of my stories may not make much sense at first. But don't worry, in such cases I make sure to explain the inspiration in my authors note. So please read those, they are important.

As for my fandoms, obviously MLP is one of them. Then there are all the anime fandoms, Stargate fandom, Star Trek fandom, Star Wars fandom, x-files fandom, twin peaks fandom, supernatural (creatures) fandoms, serenity/firefly fandom, far scale fandom, name the sci-fi original series I'm likely a fam fandom, gaming fandoms, Steven King fandom, Monty Python fandom, Mitchell and Webb fandom, movie fandoms, general B movie fandom, pirates of dark water cult following fandom, Slayers anime and manga fandom, cartoon fandoms, Tremors fandom, science and medical fandoms, there are a lot of fandoms.

So besides writing things I also draw things, really nice things actually. In the future I will get a price list up, but for now I'm practicing to hone my skills. I do need to make money off this eventually though. But my styles are pretty varied, and I actually have a hard time drawing FIM style ponies but I can draw everything else, including G3 ponies and Castlevania style artwork. I'm working on that FIM pony art thing, and I'm getting much better. When I get it figured out I'll start charging for my work.

I also dabble in voice acting and the top of my range is higher than the infamous marshmallow from the annoying orange, and my lowest tones vibrate floors and tables. In a prior life I was a Sicilian monk, it's so obvious to me now. Apparently I'm a decent singer too.

Oh and I build realistic replica costumes for fun, because I like special effects.

Not sure what else to put here, I have some medical issues and can't go near dairy or I could actually die. Which means no cake, cheese, milk, or anything from a cow. I'm setting up a Patreon soon, so when I get it up any help would be appreciated. I'm literally starving here, though using my rib cage as a musical instrument is kind of fun.

I suppose I could mention my short story collection I'm working on, it's interesting to say the least and I hope to have it put by mid October. I'm also working on a graphic novel and a comic, so there is that. For fun I search for lost treasure and dig up fossils or risk my life doing extreme sports like free climbing.

Oh and I have a cat, she gets jealous of my computer, tablet, phone, car, friends, and my art supplies.

I'm planning to take story requests in the future, again prices will be up for those at a later date.

So yeah, I'm just a fan of MLP who writes stuff, draws stuff, builds stuff, and has a jealous possessive ninja cat.

Also I like words like Fighter from 8-bit theatre likes swords.

Glen Gorewood

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So for the past month I’ve been dealing with really bad depressive episodes (dysthymia) due to being sick for so long. It’s affected everything in my life, and as if that were not enough my cat jumped on my iPad and my screen crack is now bad enough to warrant repair. Which I can’t do till June.

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https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1017935/new-start Follow my new fimfic profile please. I have authentication troubles with my old one so I'd love to have you follow me again.

Hey how goes the art progress?

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