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Glen Gorewood

Hello and many salutations, I am a writer/ editor who has been stalking stories here for a few months now and finally gathered the courage to make an account. Cheers!


Alright so official date for being active again · 7:58pm May 28th, 2019

So for the past month I’ve been dealing with really bad depressive episodes (dysthymia) due to being sick for so long. It’s affected everything in my life, and as if that were not enough my cat jumped on my iPad and my screen crack is now bad enough to warrant repair. Which I can’t do till June.

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Alright, doing better. · 2:23am Apr 16th, 2019

It’s been an insane few weeks, been recovering well.
Still very weak, but by June or so I should be back to ok levels of health.

I’m still working on stuff on the side for fimfiction.
I’ll publish it in June. Recovery is slow but steady.

At least I don’t look dead now.

Glen Gorewood

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So...sickly new year..and sick leave · 1:30am Feb 21st, 2019

Ok so easiest way to explain why I’ve been silent.
Why I didn’t finish my planned works.
All of that?

Apparently after everything I went through last year, here I am in February in a similar though less immediately perilous situation to the one I was in in 2018 and 2017. Though I got a valentine.
It was from my mom..but hey I’ll take it since I’m kind of depressed over this, naturally.

This time the culprit is likely something in my intestines.

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Silence of the Glen is broken · 11:11pm Nov 11th, 2018

So I didn’t do anything in October. Now it’s november.
I still intend to update my sci-fi story, and put the next chapter of the hospital horror prologue up over the next week.

My reasons for not finishing anything were important though.

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Best news, health update. · 1:41am Oct 23rd, 2018

So my blood tests came back.
And my thyroid levels, without supplements, are literally perfect.
So part of the reason I’ve been so sick is because I’ve been taking my usual thyroid supplement, without knowing I didn’t need it anymore, and overdosing thus inducing a hyper thyroid state, making myself very sick on accident.

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Obligatory health update and creative block breakthrough. · 1:47am Oct 12th, 2018

So first things first, I got my MRI results today.
Despite the usual mutant brain bit, nothing has changed. No signs of any long lasting damage, my disturbingly deviant mutant developed brain is still exactly as it was when I last got scanned. So the cause of my health issue is not a brain thing.

I repeat it is not a brain thing! It is not a brain thing! You have no idea how happy I am about this.:pinkiehappy:

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Alright, I’m doing it, I’m publishing a story I wrote awhile back. · 3:27am Oct 10th, 2018

So I’m kinda back, still sick, but back.
And I figure that since I’m still working on other things, and trying to edit the next part of Dark Shines and sort some other works I want completed for October out I decided why not prep for November in October?

My plan for November 2018, regardless of my health, is to make it a sci-fi month. Mostly because of my backlog of sci-fi stories.
Oh and continue the turkey story.

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Health stuff again, update again, October is here. · 1:59am Oct 10th, 2018

So here is the news.
My nose is fine. I had my brain scanned yesterday, and I have more stuff lined up for the next month healthwise.

Story news stuff is I am going to attempt to get some things done this month.
I can’t make guarantees, but I’m going to try to get something out.
Catch is it likely won’t have any cover art. Oh and it might have typos, please let me know if you find any.

Anyway that’s it.

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Health update · 11:14pm Sep 15th, 2018

Appointment on the 24th with a specialist.
That’s all that’s new, I’ll post a blog post that evening or the night after with more news.
I’m getting more fatigued.

Glen Gorewood

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So..the universe hates me. · 9:50pm Sep 4th, 2018

I finally got to the doctor today.
I’m really not in good shape. I’ll know by Friday when, where, and who I’m being referred to.
Hopefully this gets resolved soon. But right now, the exhaustion is the tip of the iceberg of what’s going on.

The reason I’m posting this is because right now, I can’t write.

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