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Glen Gorewood

Hello and many salutations, I am a writer/ editor who has been stalking stories here for a few months now and finally gathered the courage to make an account. Cheers!


Prologue teaser two chapter story for a series coming this November or December 2018.

A stallion wakes in a familiar room he has seen many times before, it is a place he wakes in after certain events. He has done so for a very long time. And as he lies in this room upon the bed, he envisions what it looks like, as it always does.

Then he opens his eyes, and sees it for himself.

Temporary placeholder image courtesy of the kauser medical archives.

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Long ago, eons before Equestria; the hope of a long lost planet lands upon Equis. Having traveled from galaxies away, and dealt with a catastrophic loss, it unknowingly causes a tragedy of global proportions.

Eons upon eons pass by, and the horror of that time passes into legend. The hope and the entities within it remain hidden, unknown to any outside their realm.

Until a long presumed lost being from that interstellar hope called a Muse is found beneath an apple tree, and awakens in the modern era. In a land called Equestria.

Now the world is about to change, and Equis, or Eden as those from far far away call it; shall never be the same again.

Sex tag for implications of sex and sexual situations in certain parts of the story, specifically the prologue.
Gore tag because there will be gore in this story.

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In Tartarus, a rather unusual situation unfolds. After being banished to the prison plane of Equestria, an unusual entity comes to a horrifying realization. He should not be here, he’s a good guy!

Sure he caused some havoc, but he was trying to protect trees and forests from development. Yes he crashed a few parties, but the silverware didn't match. Indeed, it was he who stole all the socks that didn't match, but it was an affront and crime against fashion. Okay maybe invading Canterlot in order to deliver a letter was a bit much, but it was an important letter.

After all, he really needed to know who was best princess.

Nothing he did was all that evil, he really was trying to be good. How could he be a villain? Obviously this is just a misunderstanding, right?

(A one off humorous one shot)
Cartoon cover art is a PT test piece about Tartarus I made for physical therapy. I know it’s not that great!

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This story is a sequel to Raining Down

The rain hit Canterlot harder than Ponyville. At least in Ponyville they end at some point, allowing a break if not safety until the next. An intermission between the storms.

But in Canterlot, the rain seems to never end. It’s constantly beating at the walls, resounding through the halls, and pouring in the mind.

Luna tries her best, she has done all she can to manage being the primary princess for over theee years. However like Twilight, it has worn her down. How much so, is yet to be seen. The Rain is carrying something, and what it is does not make the lack of a cure better by any means. In fact, it may mean the future is far bleaker than ever imagined, for more reasons than one.

The Sequel to Raining Down. Told in a journal format. Part two in the series. Luna’s perspective.

Death tag for pony deaths due to the rain carried pathogen.

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The rains came three years ago. It was a normal day when the first storm arrived,and brought with it a horror none could have imagined. Now, three years later, nothing is the same, yet hope remains.
Hope that the rains will end.

Inspired by The Rain tv series on Netflix.
It’s Scandinavian. Cover art at time of publishing is temporary placeholder art. Proper art will be made in a few days of publishing.

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Somewhere in the land of dreams, where mortals cannot tread, the Night seeks a being of legendary dread. A boogeypony many believe is long dead. What is Truth and what is lies? And should it be the dark that is despised?

A myth of the past is sought by the Night, as a long gone terror is freed from its plight. Rumors of ages long gone reappear, whispers of a monster, a boogeypony to fear. But what is Truth, and what is rumors and lies? Time often twists things even if written by the wise.
Is the boogeypony of ancient times as horrid as described, or is the true terror the shining grand light. What is Truth and what is lies? Who is the true monster whose evil does blind?

And what of the ruins sealed far below? The corpses, the shadows, and the sparkling glow? In this tale the answers of truth, will be found within the rumors and a confrontation long overdo.

This is part of another new alternate universe continuum, the world of Dark Shines. Enter a realm of bogeyponies, where dark magic has very real and horrific costs. Where the light and dark are often mislabeled, and where monsters can be found gilded in gold. Where old tales hide real secrets, and rumors are woven to hide the truth. And where actions of old are causing havoc anew.

Glen Gorewood

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Perfect Press, an artist and writer, begins to work on his latest piece. The stallion reminisces upon times recent and past, and a recovery from a condition that almost took his life.

Set in the new “Medical Magical Malady” universe. This is a universe where medical conditions exist that magic can’t treat, and medicines don’t readily exist to treat them either. However in some cases, cures can be found in the most unlikely places.

This is different from my usual work in style and topic. Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy play a minor role.

- One shot short inspired by my own recent bout with a similar situation. First published in this AU, though not part of a series proper.

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What is real and what is a dream? Twilight Sparkle has lost her memory concerning research she knows she spent months on. In its place is a dream, or is it perhaps something else entirely.

What makes something a dream, and what makes it real?
The finite space in time that feels infinite, is it perhaps more than mere fantasy. Is the secret hidden in the smell of seawater and salt?
Or is that merely the thing that binds it all together.

This is a modified version of a story that is not pony related I’m releasing in book form. The version published here is very different, yet in the same vein, as the story it is derived from.

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With Nightmare Night over and the fall Holiday season officially begun, an alarm rings out across the land. For a new Holiday is only a month away, and the turkeys prepare for a siege. For though ponies are peaceful, Griffins celebrate differently.

This is the month when lives are lost, feathers fly, and the great onslaught begins upon Turkey kind. That is, until this year.

Welcome to November and The Gobble Wars.

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This story is a sequel to Trickles

Trickles can always find you, if memories of them you knew. The only way to be saved is to forget, but if you recall they will get you yet. Race fast as you can, maybe your friends will understand. Trickles down the path they go, foothold in you they do know. Wary Shaman heed my words, forget them or there will be worse. They need not feed to take form, by saying this you have been warned.

A sequel to Trickles.

Glen Gorewood

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