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Glen Gorewood

Hello and many salutations, I am a writer/ editor who has been stalking stories here for a few months now and finally gathered the courage to make an account. Cheers!


Prologue teaser two chapter story for a series coming this November or December 2018.

A stallion wakes in a familiar room he has seen many times before, it is a place he wakes in after certain events. He has done so for a very long time. And as he lies in this room upon the bed, he envisions what it looks like, as it always does.

Then he opens his eyes, and sees it for himself.

Temporary placeholder image courtesy of the kauser medical archives.

Chapters (1)
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Thanks, if it wasn’t for you and the others in the thread it wouldn’t have happened at all though so I must thank you as well.
The second part of this prologue story will be out in a day or two. It covers the obvious secondary main character, and goes more into hints of what the “place” is.
This story is a prologue and sampler for the main one coming out later this year.

Glen Gorewood

I look forward to the rest.

Also, sorry to be this guy, but I could use some opinions on my most recent fic (He Was Number One).

It has gotten a little bit popular (51 upvotes, 6 downvotes). I haven't gotten many opinions on it. Just ratings. I feel good about it, but I could still use advice. I have yet to finish it.

Sure, I’ll open it in a new window and read it in the morning and give some feedback by mid afternoon tomorrow.

Glen Gorewood

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