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Eibon Wanderer of the Void- No Stories So Far
{The Life of Eibon the Hyperboran Wizard and the first Equine traveler of the stars. Circa 26,000 B.C Before Celestia}

Journey Through The East- Single Story not Published yet
{Celestia and Luna's life, apprenticeship under Starswirl the Bearded, journey through the eastern continents and the ocean to reach Equestria, and their early rule of Equestria. Circa 20 B.C. Before Celestia till 2 of C.R. Celestia's Reign}

A Tale in the Red Plague- Single Story not Published yet
{Account of Dr. Ambrosia's efforts to end the Red Plague and the Vampire War in Europa. Circa 930 C.R. till 933 C.R}

Compass Lore:Wizard of Woe- Two Stories not Published yet
{The life of immigrant to Equestria and Celtic unicorn Compass Lore. 933 C.R. till 982 C.R.}

Arcanum Folklore:The Ghost of Urrasan- The Symphony of Canterlot, Of Broken Hearts and Merciful Hooves, The Pink Out of Space
{The adventures, cases, and wars, of occultist, detective, and eventual founder of the O.S.S. Dr. Arcanum Folklore. Circa 983 C.R. till 35 L.R. Luna's Return }

DRAGUL-Two Stories not Published yet
{The adventures, O.S.S. Missions, and the overall legend of Spike Dragul Solaris, the once assistant to Twilight Sparkle. 12 L.R. till 81 L.R.}

O.S.S:Occult Science Service-Stories in the Planing Stage
{Assorted adventures of the agents of the O.S.S. Circa 2 L.R till 81 L.R.}

The Group Page for the Sagas of the H.W.M: The Equestrian Pulp Universe stories. Divided into seven series. So far written by your truly. Disavowed ASH. Future Collaborators to this project of mine are welcome. Not that I am expecting any.

Point of this?

To bring Raypunk Science Fiction, Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction, Dark Fantasy, and Lovecraftian Horror to life... With ponies....

As insane as all of that sounds, I will tell you that insanity is the trademark of trailblazers, visionaries, and that one guy you know that hides in his basement!

So come one! Come all! And welcome to the END OF THE WORLD! PONY STYLE!!! Really..... This world had an eighty-five year after the first season of MLP expiration date. No Joke. When Luna comes back it is the last century of pony kind as the dominant species on the planet and life as they know it.

Yeah! I went there! And not a Fallout: Equestria story on sight! HA! (I love Fallout: Equestria and Project Horizon's but I aim to not be in their shadow.)

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Eh. No. This universe follows it's own loose laws. I have read some of your work, while good, it is not exactly following the same rules that this universe abides by.

So what kind of stories should I write for this and can I post any of my existing stories?

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