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I think that this is written in a really interesting way. I hope that you will continue the story. I would like to see what happens next. :)

Nicely done once more man, can't wait to see what happens next. This is looking great!


Thank you for the encuragement, don't worry more is coming soon on this limited story. (In about a day.) And editing will be done within the following two weeks. I'll add Menace of the Mines in the credits as soon as he is done. :pinkiecrazy: (Sorry Menace.)

8021924 Cool! I can't wait to read what happened next. :)

Fantastic, can't wait dude.


First chapter edited by Menace of the Mines. And wow, I see whre the dislikes came from now. :twilightoops:

8026793 Ignore the dislikes. I think the story is really great. Keep on writing it. :)

There's always bound to be some dislikers around bud, just ignore em and keep on writing awesome stuff like this :yay:

8033810 Give about a week, between me editing some of the dialogue, and Menace of the Mines editing the rest, it should take that long. I apologize for the inconvinience.

The next chapter in "The Symphony of Canterlot", and the next chapter here should come out on around the same day.


To those wondering what happened. I deleted the previous version of "Unforgivable Sins" because once I finished the revision and adding of dramatic flare, the second version was much better.

So to all thinking that I took a whole month to update, not really. I just didn't know that deleting the chapter would mean deleting the comments too.

I already apologized to the previous commenters via Personal Message. (Except you Steel Sabre, sorry.)

Please enjoy to fic. :twilightsmile:

Well done work Ash, well done work.

Looking forward to the next chapter, don't have much to comment on tbh other then well done.

Nicely done. I've been wanting to read a good noir or noir-esque story lately.

i will be updated at the same time as the rest of my stories. I hope to cram two new chapters for this one and The Symphony of Canterlot during Spring Break.

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