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Spirit Guide

The chicken didn't cross the road by waiting 🐔


When a young dragon stops acting like a dragon, help is sent from all known sources.
But sometimes, we have to differentiate in both choice and method if we are to achieve anything.

I'm really not feeling the drive for these opening description things :fluttershyouch: :applejackunsure:

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:moustache: well back home to Ponyville did I forget anything?
:duck: Spike did you remember the groceries?
:twilightsmile: and my stuff too?
:pinkiehappy: and my party supplies?
:rainbowhuh: my copy of Daring Do?
:fluttercry: and Angels bunny fluff?
:ajbemused: and my apple jars?
:raritystarry: My Fru Fru Week Magazine?:facehoof:
:moustache: Oh........

Wow. That was a good read! Done in a way that it felt like a folk tale told around a fireplace to teach younglings. :twilightsmile:

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