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Spirit Guide

The chicken didn't cross the road by waiting 🐔


One with too much...
Another with too little...
It's time these two ponies helped each other out.

Well that's vague. Time for some inside:

Cover by Charlote Rudzinska

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 4 )

Needs to get brushed off. I just had to comment on this.

she shepherded the magic around Scootaloo and Flurry's wings,

Around Scootaloo or Scootaloo's wings?

7024235 I was torn on that. Wasn't sure if it covered both of them

Should cover both of them just fine, but if you want to be absolutely sure:

Scootaloo's and Flurry's wings.

Somewhat redundant, but it's absolutely clear what you mean.
It's a neat little story as well. Though I feel like some of the writing was maybe a bit too flowery, that's likely just a personal prefrence. It's an interesting Idea, one that you pull off well. A good oneshot.

7024401 I pride myself on detail. The overreaction caused by Flurry's unveiling drove me to write this, as did the thought of several other people doing something similar. I don't know how many of them thought to had Scoot to it, but I doubt it would be much like mine.

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