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The chicken didn't cross the road by waiting 🐔


Rewrites. G'vald · 7:03pm Mar 31st, 2018

I'm going to need to check through Passover in Ponyville. I recently came to the idea that there are far too many characters, so I'm kicking out Kirby and his folks. It was a cute thought at first, but too many hooves to keep track of
I'll start by finishing the next chapter, with Kirby's exclusion, then return to previous chapters to "Forgotten Friendship"-out all the other bits

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MandoBon · 5:12am May 8th, 2016

*le gasp*
I knew there was a reason I wrote Mando connecting more with Bonnie than the others
(skip to 6:35)

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"Before the authors, do not put a writer's block" · 7:16pm Feb 7th, 2016

I'm bumping into these in all the stories people seem interested in
If you're a follower of Destiny Sparkle or Tale of a Tainted Mandolin (or some other one you like), please respond to the notes at the end of the most recent chapter or give me your thoughts here

Help a writer out. I have ideas (or not) and I can't choose

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For FNAF's sake · 8:56am Dec 20th, 2015

So, Scott, you wrote a book. Good on you.

Game Theory, you keep doing your thing. Keep dishing out those FNAF videos.

It doesn't matter. I'm still here, still doing it my way.

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Updates · 6:21pm Jul 18th, 2015

I generally work on all my fics for undefined amounts of time whenever I thunk like it. But I've given some priority over others, namely:
Tale of a Tainted Mandolin
Passover in Ponyville
Secret Agent Mare

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Quick Fic · 6:21pm Mar 21st, 2015

There's a story I've got that I'm trying to finish (or at least the first chapter) within the next two weeks so updates on my other fics may not happen until then.
Unless I crash into the artist's block while riding my inspiration train

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Adding to Beat It · 7:07am Jan 30th, 2015

I was thinking of editing the battles chapters to include more characters. Characters like Nyx from Past Sins, Robert from My Little Dashie, several Doctor Whooves maybe.
What do you guys think?

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[no title] · 12:01pm Oct 8th, 2014

Fictionationality - Equestria's got a new cover pic, featuring Spirit Guide the unicorn and Fang the dragon, drawn by the generous Shira13.
Please tell me whether you want the story to go on normally or see Spirit and Fang's world in the next chapter
Also, keep an eye out for some of the new stories I'm working on

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Updates · 8:36pm Sep 29th, 2014

Destiny Sparklers, the next chapter is out. Hope you enjoy it.

As for followers of Fictionationality - Equestria, don't worry. I've already started on the next chapter. Also, I've got a little surprise I'm going to include when I publish it.

Still haven't watched Rainbow Rocks :(

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How things are gonna work · 4:20pm Aug 27th, 2014

Hey everypony. Thanks for liking and/or following my stories.
As you may have noticed, I'm currently working on two separate stories, Fictionationality - Equestria and Destiny Sparkle. This often leaves me with making a hard decision: which one to work on. Also with vacation ending and school starting I'll have less and less time to write.

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