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After she and her friends reveal Starlight Glimmer's secret, Twilight attempts to give the ex-mayor of the equal ponies village the same lesson in friendship she gives to every evil being they come across.

With distinctive and significant differences.

Cover art by dm29

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 110 )

I'm willing to admit that that is exactly how I felt when she yelled at Twilight.

Clearly a lesson is to be learned here.
Make Twilight cry, and you'll face the wrath of Team GFB.*

*GET F***** BOI

That 'QUIET' was the best part of an already great opener. But... yeah, you do not cut off Twilight's friendship speech.

Too bad Spike couldn't be there but for the first time ever he had some dude time with Big Macintosh.

One does not simply cut off Twilight Sparkle! :rainbowlaugh:

Well she doomed

As funny as this story is, I for one actually felt a bit of satisfaction and even gratefulness for Starlight's outburst. I've heard the 'Moral of the Day' and 'Friendship is the Greatest Treasure of all' rehearsed speeches more times than I can stomach anymore. Hearing her about to do ANOTHER one, I was thrilled beyond belief that someone actually had the will to put their foot down and just say 'Would you just SHUT THE FUCK UP?!'

As much as I want to make Starlight BURN for what she did, I will forever connect and appreciate that she was the one to just say 'Shut up' and be rid of that stuff.

You made Twilight Sparkle cry!?


What did they do to Starlight?:fluttershysad:


why wasn't this the season premiere !:flutterrage:


Made her listen to Twilight's lecture. Duh.

5832244 if that is all then this whole story isn't very justified now is it?

I would think the consequence would need to be bigger to justified the tremendous drama that was trigger by Starlight refusing to hear the lecture.


Oh my God. :rainbowlaugh: I'm still feeling sorry for Twilight after the premiere! :pinkiesad2:

Comment posted by Harms Way deleted Apr 7th, 2015

That tunnel. That ending.
Y'all know what I'm talin' bout. :rainbowdetermined2:


5832262 Usually, an ending like this leaves the outcome to the reader's imagination
This as my first short fic and I tried not to write as flowery as I usually do

5833897 Got it.

But I should mention, with that being the last note the story leaves me worrying and feeling sorry for Starlight. I mean I would imagine that whatever happens after to be pretty terrible and perhaps more than a little overkill; but I have a wild imagination.

Still that being said the story leaves me to conclude that whatever happens after will be really terrible for Starlight and that I dislike because to me that is a sad ending.

To be clear your story still got my up-vote but I do feel my standards would be considered low as your story would need to make me regret spending any time on it for me to not rate it and do the impossible in order to persuade me to down-vote it as I have yet to down-vote a single story and I have read things that are truly bad.

Just trying to offer constructive criticism here, I didn't find that unspecified ending pleasant not just due to the way it was written but also on its overall interaction and roll with the story.

5832244 I was just trying to explain that I would interpret the story differently since an "and then Starlight listen to a long and boring lecture. The end " just doesn't seem to justify that much drama.

It's okay if you feel differently tho.:twilightsmile:


Hey, Flash Sentry made Twilight cry too, why didn't this happen to him? hmmm?:twilightsmile:

5833994 In my mind, she gets blasted with rainbows and hugged into friendship

5834475 Don't worry, I've expressed my dislike towards that occurrence. I'm actually writing another fic with Flash and Twilight, inspired by a picture by the same artist as this one. But I had to rethink it as making everyone a ninja overcomplicated things since I didn't know much about them


After all the bashing he's taken from the fandom already, would he even notice? :derpytongue2:

5834685 Making everyone a ninja? So, like Naruto?

5834747 You have a point there.

From all of villains that I had seen in this series, I hate Starlight Glimmer most. And I think she and her can't get along.

If I have a spear in my hand, I will poke it into her head after she's yell at me like that.

5834773 *sigh* Eyuup
My brother got me watching it, I wanted to put it in my fic but realized I didn't know enough. 'Twas gonna be awesome

This is what I was thinking the moment I saw the cover.

I kept expecting her to pull out Kool Aid.

Maybe because he was being mind controlled at the time?

5831527 I'm a little upset that he didn't get to have some dude time with Shining Armor as well.

5834680 :rainbowlaugh:now that I like. That would totally work in this story.

(Brief Rant)
That would have being a pitiful way to end the Season five premier due to how many times that has happen already and that it is a deus ex machina to solve all problems causing it to reduce it's impact and leave viewers unsatisfied with it overtime.

But the propose of this story is to be silly and funny so that works great.:pinkiehappy:


"Mane bounce, ear flop, itchy nose, eye flutter, tongue spway, neck spin, achy shoulder, itchy back, pinchy knee, heavy plot, twitchy tail, and shaky hooves. Man, do they know."

This was definitely my favorite part of the story. The "tongue spway" was a nice little detail, too.

5834680 Also I just made a little thing that is relevant.

What do you think?


I love Twilight but that part of the episode had me in hysterics! :rainbowlaugh:

And then Shining Armor finds out that Starlight made Twilight cry.

Hey, Starlight? There are at least 8 different ways that shield spells can actually be used to kill somepony. You'd better hope that Shining doesn't decide to use any.

Who's the Purple Biped?

5837776 Now let's see
Who else wears strange clothes, multicolored furry ears, horns, wings, wigs and tail, occasionally dye their skin a variety of hues, and affectionately stand up for the Mane Six?

5838041 I do not know. All I know is a human. :twilightoops:

Well that escalated but i WANT TO DESTROY STARLIGHT THEN BRING HER ALIVE TO DO IT AGAIN FOR MAKING TWILIGHT CRY on a upside for starlight at least celestia didn't find out a good example of why, this is what happened when she found out that twilight was attacked by a cockatrice

Quoted from the student and the sun by Ponycletian: - ( For just a moment, she seriously considered the idea of incinerating the Everfree Forest. She didn’t intend to evacuate it, or relocate the creatures. She wanted, in that moment, to burn the entire forest to ash for nearly taking Twilight from her.) no joke read it yourself heres the link


Oh, Starlight. That's the sad problem with her - she thinks that she's right and the universe is wrong. Put her up against someone who isn't afraid to admit being wrong, or with whom the universe agrees, and she's inevitably gonna fail.

But getting threatened by a mob of Bronies is a hilarious way to go out.

5838641 Believable
I read Celestia's Tiny Student
5839001 You caught on nicely

5837429 Like creating a shield around her heart and stopping her blood circulation? Or cut her in half by spawning one under her :pinkiecrazy:

At first I thought the "they" were going to be the Princesses. But after you noted it was like a stampede of buffalo I knew it would be the Bronies :rainbowlaugh:.

Swift and powerful justice on all those who dare to hurt the Mane 6's feelings. :moustache:

Nice story :ajsmug:

5839129 Or rendering them unable to breathe by sealing their throat, or crushing them to death...

Well, that was a fun story to read. The way Starlight Glimmer told Twilight Sparkle to be quiet made me go, "Whoa! That mare means serious business!" :twilightoops: Glad to see that she got a little retribution in this story after not listening to Twilight and to the defeated villains and ex-villains.

It was going okay until that part with the things.
Then it fell apart.

5839670 Or creating one inside of her body and then expanding it until she bursts open like a balloon!

Well...that author's note was spot on.

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