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Spirit Guide

The chicken didn't cross the road by waiting 🐔


Octavia has places to be, but there's no way she can go outside if she can't find her skirt. But the only one who might know where it is is Vinyl, and she, while being a really cute little unicorn, doesn't speak very much at all.

Not to mention, she loves messing with Octavia.

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Comments ( 34 )

The moment I begin reading this, I'll surely die of adorableness.

This story's cuteness offends me and I demand that it stop now. :flutterrage:


the picture is just adorable and not many things can make me say that but the picture did

Now this was just plain adorable! I love the concept of a human Octavia having a little pony Vinyl as a friend :pinkiehappy:

Now there needs to be a scene where Tiny Vinyl rides on a roomba and this will be perfect!

Yep, this was fantastic. I loved it! :pinkiehappy:

Managed to evoke something in my cold, dead soul.

It is a cute, funny, and entertaining story, although it seems like the description is inaccurate. Once Vinyl is introduced in the story, she seems to talk quite a bit.

Decent in terms of writing, but the set-up felt so strange that it was difficult to get into.

That was fun! :pinkiehappy:
Tavi and Vinyl are too cute. :twilightsmile:
Nice slice of life. Thanks!

Love the conept. Love the execution!

Astounding job Mister/Mistress Spirit Guide, and congratulations on making it on featured stories... My apologies, I can't hold this in.


Did anyone read Vinyl's voice with Nowacking's?

:rainbowlaugh: oh man that is fuuunnny

when I pictured a small sleeping vinyl I couldn't help but go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah so cute I wanna hug it

If only this was a Slice of Life series...

Tiny ponies living with humans? YES! More, please.

Yes please more tiny ponies living with humans

Cute, very cute. :pinkiehappy: Enjoyed the story, Is there any more like this by you? Thanks again for the great story.

I believe a full blown series of this is in order.. all in favor say aye. :flutterrage: AYEE! Motion carried, a series is demanded.
Awesome story

6386180 Sadly not. My stories all tend to be different, good in their own ways I guess

Very nice! :heart:
Love that ending! :rainbowlaugh:

6391411 It's used in all sorts of things, but I couldn't resist doing it myself

6391445 I don't doubt that! It fit perfectly! It's one of those times a "cliche something" has meaning. :moustache:

6387206 Thanks, i'll check out your other stories anyway.

It's possible that it gets annoyingly repetitive for one possibly brief point, but I couldn't possibly put my finger on which point that could be, or why. :scootangel:

Other than that, this is possibly the best fic I've read in the last couple of days. :twilightsmile:

This story was both cute and hilarious.

This story was hilarious

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